Wednesday, 31 August 2016

More Than A Quarter Of A Million Girls In Britain Are Unhappy, Report Reveals
Bizarre reporting: we are told that 11% of boys are unhappy about life and 20% about their appearance - but we are never told that the percentage of girls who feel this way is 14% and 33% respectively. For girls, we get only the raw number and the amount of increase since the last survey, but we are not given the raw numbers for boys. So we have no way to compare the two groups.

Does the reporter not understand statistics or does she fear that the percentages are not sensational enough? There IS a link to the report in the first sentence that can lead you to the actual report - the summary
 .pdf is well worth reading.

PS: If you are wondering why this article has a sexist bent - focusing the problems of just one of the genders, it is because the girls' unhappiness numbers have gone up (from 11% to 14% on life and from 30% to 34% on appearance) while boys unhappiness 11% and 20% remains unchanged over the last 5 years. This is mentioned in the article above, but the point is buried a bit by the reporter's odd use of the numbers.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

But not on Putin or Erdogan or Xi. So just an anti-American organization, full stop

EU Antitrust Regulators Order Apple To Pay Ireland Up To $14.5 Billion In Taxes
This is basically just extortion, which the EU admitted when it said that it would lower the amount if other European countries sought back taxes. The goal is first to tell European countries that they do not have the power to write their own tax laws and second to get a bunch of Apple's money paid into various state coffers so they will whine less loudly about the cost of EU membership after Brexit.
     When governments write tax laws to attract companies, the EU says, companies should not be able to rely on those laws. The EU can always come in and say "Okay, country X, now that you have had the benefit of the jobs you attracted, the EU will force you to collect more taxes retroactively, because we do not think your nation's word is worth the paper it is printed on.

Migrants In Calais Should Be Able To Claim British Asylum While In France
Because the French wish to violate EU law and not have these people apply for asylum where they are. After taking them into their country, the French will not care for them and will not deport them because it is easier and cheaper to simply do nothing and let them rot, while occasionally whining that Britain should do something since the French are to mean to help.

Labour To Be Hit Hardest By Boundary Changes: Claims Of ‘Gerrymandering
We don't want constituencies of equal size, we want rotten boroughs wherever they benefit us. 
We also resent 50 people being denied a place at the trough. 
These kinds of cuts to government welfare payments will cripple..... well, our MPs, actually.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Former minister calls for new tax to save NHS and social care
Add 1% to VAT = 7 billion: NHS problem solved.
Small recession, but so what; with Brexit we are already used to those.

Being A Muslim Woman And Wearing A Headscarf Post-Brexit
Actually, no one objects to a head scarf at all.     A hijab does get some resistance, but only because it's a special kind of headscarf, specifically designed to stress that the wearer is part of a separate sect and not part of the same community as the rest of the UK.
      Still, the hijab is not offensive and not disrespectful of local British cultural values.
The burka, on the other hand, is both: deliberately disrespectful of local cultural values and hence highly offensive.

Jeremy Corbyn Says He’s ‘Not Wealthy’ Despite £138,000 A Year Salary
Making 5 times more than the average person is not wealthy, it's just that the others are so poor. This is why Corbyn plans to raise the minimum wage to 66 pounds an hour, so everyone else will be lower middle class like he is.

John McDonnell Calls For Richard Branson To Lose His Knighthood
So we should strip the knighthood or any other honours from anyone who does not support Corbyn? He grows more like Trump every day.
Including the amount of negative coverage he is given by Huffpo.  Sadly, because of the endless tirade we can no longer believe anything Huffpo says about either politician.  It makes us wonder what else in these pages should be discounted as biased campaign rants, as opposed to real news 

Paul Wolfowitz Is So Concerned With Trump He May Vote For Clinton
Sadly, because of their endless anti-Trump tirades, we can no longer believe anything Huffpo says about him. It has become impossible to separate legitimate election news from Huffpo's vitriolic campaign against the Donald. In short, these pages have become untrustworthy
     Hence, we are left wondering whether Wolfowitz really said any of these things and we need to go to Der Speigel to see if Huffpo's report is actually true. 
     Pity. They used to report news, now they are just a partisan campaign rag.
PS: Before any Hilarites jump on me for this comment, I am against Trump and his message and could not, will not, vote for him

Burkini Ban Overturned By France’s Top Administrative CourtOh no! Does that mean wet-suits will be allowed again too?
Will we once again have to put up with these disgusting people who come onto our beaches in khakis, a polo shirt and tassled loafers?

Clinton team used special program to scrub server, Gowdy says
Oooooh! Not just a program, but a "special" program? That is super evil, innit?
Only disciples of Satan ever use "special" programs.
Let’s Call The Conspiracy Theories About Hillary’s Health What They AreUh Oh. We're not playing the "sexism" card already, are we? 
The campaign still has a way to run. 
Shouldn't we hold our best whining in reserve for when we need it?

Obama creates largest ocean reserve, takes heat for new federal decreesGood for him. I certainly hope fishing jobs are in peril.
They have been putting my fish stocks in peril for decades
It's about time they got some of their own back.

Depraved new ISIS video shows child executioners gunning down Kurds
These moharebbeh perverters of Islam are enemies of Allah .  I demand a fatwah of takfir against them.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Trump says government can 'work with' illegal immigrants
Tell them what they want to hear, play to their fantasies, then close the deal - you can always go back on it later.   Trump, D, The Art of the Deal, 2004

French burqini bans face legal challenge as tension mounts
No problem with this burkini ban if wet suits and nun's habits are also banned at the beach - and no fully clothed men or women are allowed on it.

Sadly, Brexit will not achieve most of its targets: Society will not turn white again, gays will not be put back in the closet, government interference in day-to-day life will not lessen, people will not gain more control of their body politic, neither silly regulations nor immigration will fall and the economy will not pickk up.
Other than that, it'll be alright on the night.

U.S. Soccer Suspends Hope Solo For ‘Coward’ Olympics Comments
She should be suspended: it is always a crime to tell the truth about an opponent.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Erdogan: US Has ‘No Excuse’ To Hold Onto Gulen
Just because Erdogan has torn up the rule of law in Turkey is no reason for others to do the same. 
The US is not "holding on" to Gulen. 
Extradition requires more than one nation saying "gimmie, gimmie" to another. 
        The US-Turkey extradition treaty clearly says that Turkey must show the alleged offense is against the laws of both countries and, in this case, Turkey must prove that Gulen's offence was "committed or attempted against a Head of State or a Head of Government". 
The US has yet to see any evidence against Gulen for any offense, much less this one.

Tony Blair: My Type Of Politics Might Have Had Its Day
Possibly so: Trump and Corbyn supporters like their man to ride the anger and don't really care if the proposed solutions range from improbable to impossible. As long as Trump and Corbyn whine loudly enough, they will have many, many followers,

It does not matter. Like Trump, the more lies Corbyn tells the more his supporters love him

At what point are women allowed to look their age?
Although there are trans-agers: those who identify with a different age than the number of years they have been alive, women ALWAYS look their age not matter how hard they try. PS: they are "allowed" whenever they allow themselves.

BIAS ALERT: Professor says Trump is so bad, class doesn't have to be balanced
FOX News has been doing exactly this with Obama for 8 years, with the strident support of a large segment of their audience, so why are they upset now? Or is it just: It's okay when I do it, but don't you dare?

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Virgin Trains Might Be In Trouble For Releasing CCTV Of Jeremy Corbyn 
Of course they are in trouble: catching a politician lying and cheating can't go ahead without some kind of backlash. One of the reason for the data protection act is to prevent people being caught doing something wrong in public

Corbyn’s Train Spat With Branson ‘Shows Establishment Is Petrified’, Says Campaign
Why would anyone be scared of a liar and a cheat? 
Are they scared that Corbyn will lie and cheat in other politics too?

While there were some available seats he had not been able to sit with his wife
Well that's what people do. If they can't sit next to their spouse, they sit on the floor and whine. 
Whining is so much easier and more comforting than reserving two seats together
Olympics Sexism Revealed: The 9 Most Depressing Moments Women Athletes Faced
Aubrey Allegretti's Sexism Revealed: Huffpo Journalist's Article on Sexism Covers Only Women.
Not a single example of stupid and sexist things said about men during the coverage. 
Egregious bias exposed!
Most sexist article about sexism at the Olympics yet.

British Empire Medal Table Tweeer Wheeler Defends Post As ‘Tongue In Cheek
The EU tally was created by a German as a bit of fun. The Empire one was fun in a similar vein. HOWEVER, if the media work really, really hard, they can get some people to dislike each other over this. Remember: hatred and conflict sells advertising!

Gender Pay Gap For Mothers Widens After Having Children, New Research Finds,
Gosh, you mean people with less seniority get paid less?
People with more skills get paid more than people with fewer skills?
And people willing to work full-time get more than people who will only commit to part time?
Whodda thunk it?

CCTV Shows Seats Available When Jeremy Corbyn Sat On Floor In Nationalisation Video
What? You expected truth when there was a good lie available? You don't know Corbyn.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Olympics Sexism Revealed: The 9 Most Depressing Moments Women Athletes Faced
These were SO much worse for women than than coming last in an event.
1. Of course she wore blue nail polish so no one would notice it.
2. Since Ledecky is so much more well known than Phelps, her win should have lead.
3. The deep cleavage dress was not designed to draw attention to her breasts. No, really.
4. If he had said dog fight it would have been okay?
5. The correction was not nearly grovelling or whiney enough
6. Had it been a male cyclist, Betancourt's behaviour would have been just fine?
7. Mocking the K-Mart-style uniforms and chocolate-coin medals was obviously "sexist" because the athletes were female.  Had they been men, the comment would have been just fine.
8. Inverdale meant first Brit, but excellant save by Murray!
9. Commentator suggested Kenny might be THINKING "what's for tea" NOT asking Trott this.

       In short, one has to reach pretty far and hard to make many of these even seem sexist but there are plenty who will make the stretch: one gets press coverage from alleging sexism, because allegations sell advertising.   
Does it make people unhappy with themselves and with others?  Who cares?

Guy ‘Mansplains’ Cycling To Olympian Annemiek Van Vleuten After High-Speed Accident
The word "mansplain" is a sexist epithet. Accusing a male of "mansplaining" is a hate crime..
What word is used when a woman does this: Matronizing? Missdissing? Or just nagging?

Authoritative Guide To WTF Is Going On With Trump Campaign
   Could we have a guide to WTF is going on with Huffpo reporting. By giving Trump 4 times the coverage granted anyone else, they certainly are helping his campaign and his candidacy     Is the supposed anti-Trump stance of Huffpo a journalistic feint - and they really want him to win?

Oooh! Graffiti is now a war crime. Kiilroy should have served time in jail.
Billy Loves Suzie to face the International Court Of Justice in Den Haag, or just a court martial?

Not only "fair and humane," but "to each his own" and "work shall set them free."
We shall have one people, one country, one leader!
Trump command, we shall follow you.

Racism After Brexit Jumped Sharply On Railways, British Transport Police Finds
Polish is not a race.
Nationality is not a race.
Is it consensus that the term "racism" is so demeaned that it now only means "dislike of any identifiable group" regardless of their race?"

Scottish Labour leader backs Owen Smith against Jeremy Corbyn
Another one that doesn't get it:
Corbyn supporters do not want to win.
Like Brexiteers, they do not want ANYONE in power.
They think those in power, regardless of party, do not have their interests at heart.

They just want someone who will publicly rant and rave at the establishment.

Why has women’s fitness become a beauty contest?
I agree with the author. No one should ever compliment a woman for her looks or comment positively on her looks or clothes. All positive references to female beauty should be forbidden.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wearing face masks is disrespectful and offensive to the local cultural values of the west. People who wear them in western cultures are being deliberately ill-mannered or pig ignorant. It is the equivalent of a western woman entering a mosque bare-headed, in shorts and a tank top. 
     That said, I am not sure it is the role of government to tell people what to wear or to police good manners or cultural sensitivity. The west generally thinks people should be free to be as offensive as they like in words or in dress, as long as there is no nudity, obscenity, hate speech or incitement to violence. 
    What worries me is that some (small) segments of Islam think that it is wrong for westerners to be offensive to Islamic culture but perfectly okay for Muslims to be offensive to western culture.

Sadiq Khan Says Jeremy Corbyn Will Lead Party To Defeat
Kahn is one more who just doesn't get it. Corbyn supporters do not want Labour to be in power. 
They do not want ANYONE to be in power (much like brexiteers in this regard).
They just want someone to listen to them and repeat their concerns in the media.
(They feel it does not matter who is in power since the powerful, of any and all parties, have not and will not listen.)

Trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants
His advisors want him to become a normal politician:
    tell people whatever they want to hear in order to get their vote, 
    flip-flop on any issue that polls negative
    say opposite (contradictory) things to different groups of voters.
He wants to win, so he will comply.
Once he does it becomes a race to be the lesser of two very serious evils 

That said, I am not sure it is the role of government to tell people what to wear or to police good manners or cultural sensitivity.  The west generally thinks people should be free to be as offensive as they like in words or in dress, as long as there is no hate speech or incitement to violence.

What worries me is that some (small) segments of Islam think that it is wrong for westerners to be offensive to Islamic culture but perfectly okay for Muslims to be offensive to western culture.   

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Black Lives Matter UK Vows More Protests Until End Of ‘Racist Crisis In Britain’"
... young black people are over represented at all stages of the criminal justice system."
Even if that over-representation includes the commission of crimes, blacks suffer 3 times more arrests than their proportion of the population would predict and 6 times more stop-and-searches (not 17 times as claimed above). While it is conceivable (though not very likely) that blacks commit 3 times more arrestable crimes than whites, it is pretty darn certain that they are not 6 times more likely to be up to no good on our streets.

hite       Black    Asian       Mixed      other/unk
Population aged 10 and over (2009)   88.6%      2.7%     5.6%        1.4%          1.6%
Stops and searches                             67.2%    14.6%     9.6%        3.0%          5.6%
Arrests 2009/10                                   79.6%       8.0%     5.6%        2.9%          4.1%

Hence, the numbers arrested were   955,200   96,000    67,200      34,800      49,200
(arrests for notifiable offenses = 1.2m)

However: beware of number-based arguments: police could easily remove the "racist crisis" in stop-and-search by simply stopping more whites - briefly and politely. It could even bring positive PR: nice to see the bill is on the job.

“Less than 40 per cent of White British and Irish inpatients were subject to detention under the Mental Health Act but over 60 per cent of inpatients from the Mixed White and Black African, Caribbean, African and Any Other Black backgrounds were subject to compulsion." Difficult to know what this means: is it possible that blacks are less likely to go into residential psychiatric institutions if they are not forced to do so?

Josh Brown, New York Giants Kicker, Suspended One Game For Alleged Domestic Abuse
What is the matter with these guys in the NFL? 
Don't they realize they are supposed to be the harsher part of the criminal justice system?
When the police and the DA drop charges against one of their players who is accused of something, the NFL should jump in to try him and convict him on the basis of guilty until proven innocent.
Or perhaps just sentence him without bothering with a trial. 
Accused means guilty in America now, doesn't it?

Private Landlords Got £9.3bn In Housing Benefit Last Year As Taxpayers Foot Bill
These landlords should be forced to let folks live in their properties free of charge.
What else is slavery for?

Outrageous! This scheme not helping subsidize the rich who can afford to buy houses in the way it was supposed to. The whole idea was to make buyers better off than renters, paying for the 3k subsidy out of the taxes paid by folks who can only afford to rent.

Anjem Choudary Has Been Silenced - His Followers, Not So Much

Why are these people not being prosecuted for hate crimes: Christianophobia, Algophobia and Occidentophobia

Friday, 19 August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Refuses To Back Nato Standing Up To Putin’s Baltic AggressionWell that is consistent: the UK did nothing to help the Ukraine when Russia invaded, althgough it was one of guarantor's of its territory. Corbyn is merely reiterating that Britain's word is not worth the paper it is printed on.
    Still, it is good to know that, if Russia starts shooting down UK warplanes and navy vessels, Corbyn will not expect NATO to lift a finger beyond sending Putin a note saying that Nato nations "don’t need to go to war, where there is no need for it. "

Olympic Medal Table Showing The EU As A Country Has Left Some People Rather AnnoyedWould be interesting only if the US were also allowed a separate team entry for every state (50 teams), and China for every province (34).

Thursday, 18 August 2016

This is horrible: a billionaire who was attacked struck back. How dare he defend himself?
Doesn't he know that once you make a lot of money, people should be able to attack you at will, regardless of the truth or of any right to privacy? If websites can't invade the privacy of the famous, how do you expect them to sell advertising?

Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks
This seems to be a house of cards, a compendium of hearsay.
I don't like the Trumpenfuehrer but this accusation seems a cheap shot with little basis.
Why does modern political discussion feel the need to invent lies about the other side, when there is so much real, factual ammunition easily to hand?

Bringing Back Manufacturing Jobs Would Be Harder Than It Sounds
We will bring back manufacturing, but not manufacturing jobs. The jobs went overseas because labor was cheaper and often better or more responsive. Automated manufacturing can be cheaper even than 3rd-world labour. When a company switches to robotic manufacturing, they do will it here, rather than overseas, to shorten the supply chain.  Out of 10 jobs that went overseas, 1 will come back - to manage the automated processes.

Tulip Siddiq Says She May Vote Against Triggering Article 50
Not using Article 50 sounds like the worst of both worlds: take the economic hit in the markets and convince Brexiteers that there really is a democracy deficit.
    Still, you can see her point: if her constituents voted to remain, she must vote against Article 50 - anything else would be ignoring the clearly expressed democratic will of the people.
    If all MPs follow suit (and their constituents), the vote would be around 421 to 229 in favour of triggering Article 50 and Brexit.

Report On Anti-Muslim Abuse Descends Into Row After Man Makes Islamophobic Comments
This guy may have made Islamophobic comments, but none are reported in this article. 
(The article makes it clear that he was a boor, but nothing quoted or filmed here is Islamophobic.)
     “I don’t really think that me condemning these kind of attacks is going to change people’s opinions.” That is what the Protestants and Catholics said in Northern Ireland, allowing the violence to continue uncondemned for decades. Actuually, it will change people's opinions, especially if the entire Ummah condemns each and every vicious act done in the name of Islam - and calls for fatwahs against the perpetrators there of.

Donald Trump Wants To Be Called ‘Mr Brexit’ And No One Knows The Hell Why
Jack Sommers use of "the hell" certainly raised the intellectual level of this piece; from 3rd grade to 6th. How brave and sophisticated of him to use a swear word in place of an argument.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Turkey To Release 38,000 Prisoners To Make Space For Alleged Coup Plotters
Because thieves, robbers, rapists, murderers and similar thugs are nowhere near as dangerous as people who disagree with Erdogan

Jeremy Corbyn Fails To Identify Ant And Dec
Not recognizing Dant and Eck? That is an unforgivable and heinous crime!
    Anyone who does not recognize Dant and Eck shoud not be allowed out of their house until they have watched 1700 hours of television.

Blair Targeted By Lawyers Combing The Chilcot Report For Grounds To Prosecute Him
And not just Blair: the 64% of Britons who were in favour of invading Iraq should also be prosecuted.

Rise In Teenagers Seeking Counselling Over A Level And GCSE Results Stress
We need to do something about the PTSD that results from kids being asked to demonstrate what they have learned.

Owen Smith Says West Should Negotiate With Isis
He is right, we should negotiate with these apostate enemies of Allah. We should try to bring them back to Islam instead of letting them spit on that religion and everything it stands for.

Kristen Stewart Reveals Why She’s Not Willing To Talk More About Her Sexuality
Yadda, yadda, yadda, I don't want to talk about....yadda, yadda yadda. Blah, blah, blah.
I don't want more publicity (look at me, look at me).
Dear Kirstin: no one cares. Your sexuality is your own business; please keep it that way.
Anjem Choudary, Notorious Hate Preacher, Convicted Of Supporting Islamic State
Good that he gets jail for supporting enemies of Allah and perverters of Islam, but sad that he gets nothing for his Christianophobia.

BBC Commentator Suggests Jason Kenny Might Be Asking Laura Trott ‘What’s For Tea?’
Of course the commentator suggested no such thing.
Ellen DeGeneres accused of racism over Usain Bolt tweet
These comments are racist and sexist in the small minds of hateful people.. Anything that can possibly be interpreted as negative, no matter how far the flight of imagination needed to make it seem so, is racist or sexist and, therefore, news.
     Usain Bolt or Laura Trott doing good at the Olympics is boring, but if we can make people feel bad about themselves or about others, that always sells advertising on Fox and on Huffpo. Let's call for a lynching party!

Why are early childhood educators struggling to make ends meet?
Because we do not care about kids: they don't vote. 
And we don't care about women, who are the overwhelming majority of early educators

Rise In Teenagers Seeking Counselling Over A Level And GCSE Results Stress
We need to do something about the PTSD that results from kids being asked to demonstrate what they have learned.

Monday, 15 August 2016

'Brutal but effective': why Team GB has won so many Olympic medals
Britain Smashed The Olympics Medal Table On ‘Super Sunday’
Five golds is Team GB’s best ‘away-day’. 
Why do they keep saying Team GB? 
Has Northern Ireland simply not sent any athletes this year?
Or is Northern Ireland competing as part of the Ireland team?
Is it really Team UK or is it only team GB?

New Forest being destroyed by growing number of ponies, says Chris Packham
Having spent this week-end in Brockenhurst, driving down though Lyndhurst and back via Beaulieu, I think he is absolutely right! 
A cull of both horses and cows is desperately needed.  
In addition to the damage to other species and reduced biodiversity, there is now so much manure in the pastures that the horses and cattle will soon begin sickening.

Andy Murray Called A Hero For Correcting John Inverdale
"Inverdale was presumably referring to the fact that Murray is the first man..."
Probably a false presumption.
Inverdale probably meant Murray was the first Brit to score two tennis golds.
       What? That can't be reported because then there is no controvesry, no one is supposed to feel bad
       and we can't create any ill will toward anyone? Oh. Sorry. Never Mind.
Still, it was very nice of Andy to remind us that the Williams sisters are also Brits.
Right! And stores should not sell colanders to non-Pastafarians.

Race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, colour, hair type, gender, political views : why don't we just make ANY negative opinion about anyone a "hate crime" and put people in jail for uttering any words that someone else does not like or may feel offended by.

Parents Share Experiences Of Gender Stereotyping
It is outrageous!  Ban all single-sex stores now!
All clothes should be mixed together, not separated by gender, regardless of the age. 
It is sexist stereotyping to assume that a man might not wish to buy a dress or bra, or a woman not want to buy a tux or jock strap. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Machete-Wielding Man Shot Dead After Injuring 2 Belgian Officers
I wish the media would relate what awaits these perveters of Islam, these disobeyers of of the teachings of Mohammad and the Quran: "Those who reject Faith, and die rejecting,- on them is Allah's curse, and the curse of angels, and of all mankind. They will abide in Jahannam: Their penalty will not be lightened, nor will they receive respite"
Trump endorses Ryan, McCain and Ayotte after initial reluctance
Lilly-livered little creep. Does not have the courage to stand by his convictions.
What a great president he will make: whine, bluster then cave in to any strong opponent

This is the "Actual CIA" as opposed to the "Provisional CIA" or the Real "CIA"?

Here’s An Obama-Era Legacy No One Wants To Talk About
Government employees under Bush: 22.6 million, Under Obama 22.4 million

Thursday, 4 August 2016

GOP Congressman Wonders Whether Obama Is A Secret Agent For ‘Some Other Team’
He IS, Lee, he is.
He is an agent for the American people. 
You should try it for a change. You might like it.

Burkini Only Day At French Waterpark Receives Warm Support
When they come to our counties, we should respect their culture.
When we visit their countries, we should respect their culture.
When is it that they respect our culture?

Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger Is Basically A Mini Donald Trump
Yeah! And Jews too. And Sikhs
Once Nehlen is elected, we can start on the final solution.
Trump Heil!
This Popular Math Class Is At The Heart Of The STEM Gender Gap, Study Suggests
There is only one reason why many girls are worse at math and science than boys: they have been given permission.     When the going gets tough, most kids pull a Sarah Palin and quit. The solution is not to try to make calculus easy: it is hard because it has concepts that are tough to get your mind around.   The solution is help them work their minds through it.

Extra Armed Police And Islamist Extremists Compared To Historical Terror Threats
"Yet" and "despite" and other sour contrarian words show that huffpo takes its job of trashing the government and the police whenever possible and opposing any actions that they take. (Think about it: when was the last time you read a Huffpo article praising the government or our police, or even reporting some good that they did?)
      Of course, if there IS a terrorist attack and it takes 15 minutes for armed officers to respond, Huffpo will be the first to excoriate them.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Donald Trump Has Offended Most People This Week And It’s Only Wednesday
And Huffpo keeps giving him free press coverage every time he does it. 
Given the amount of slavish coverage, methinks Huffpo protest too much about not liking him.
     PS: When Huffpo are so inaccurate abut the Purple Heart medal they are discussing, one wonders what else about their coverage is ignorant, ill-researched or simply wrong.

Steven Woolfe Excluded From Ukip Leadership Contest As Party Thrown Into Chaos
So what? After the UK leavs the EU the party will have accomplished its only goal. 
If they do not disband, we will know they are only hanging on to feed at the trough.

If Apple’s Diversity Is Meh, Silicon Valley Is Failing Miserably
We need to know the percentage of qualified applicants from a given group versus the percentage of appointments. That will tell us whether it is Apple and the Valley who are failing because of sexism/racism, or whether it is a failure on the part of a gender or an ethnic group to apply.
    What? It can never be the responsibility of an individual or a group to succeed, only companies can be held to account, not people. Oh! Sorry. Never mind.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Khizr Khan Financially Linked to Saudi Arabia, Clinton Foundation
Yeah! THAT'S the way to trash the reputation of the families of our soldiers.
We don't owe Captain Khan any gratitude - because he's a blinking Muslim.
If he hadn't already died defending us, we would cheerfully kill him now for being a Muslim and because his dad doesn't support Trump
     These Muslims are just like the Jews in WWII, who didn't support Hitler.
Once Donald is elected we can start on a final solution
      Trump Heil! Trump Heil!  Trump HEIL!

Sarah Palin’s War Hero Son-In-Law Slams Trump’s Attacks On Khan Family
This will be interesting: will Trump and the TeaParty now trash a Medal of Honour winner and Sarah Palin?
Try to destroy their reputations like the Khan's?

Monday, 1 August 2016

Khizr Khan Smeared As A Terrorist For Speaking Out Against Donald Trump
Alan West and Sandy Rios sounds like Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann.
Trump Heil!

Byron Burger Protest Activist Says Firing Staff A Better Option Than ‘Booby Trap
True. When being defrauded by someone who disobeys the law, the best practice is to turn a blnd eye to their actions.
      Our laws should only be obeyed when they are convenient and people who break laws that they do not like should never be turned in to the police.
      Just because they are willing to defraud you and make you and your business into criminals is no reason that you should return the favour.
      Instead, you should always abet them in their crimes

Joseph Rowntree Report Shows How Failing To Tackle Poverty Is Costing Us The Earth
Extremely inefficient. There are, according to government data, 13 million peoople in poverty in the UK. Simply give each one of them £6000. Problem solved, with no additional expenditure needed.
      (Of course, the whingers would say those at the bottom are still "relatively" poor.)

U.S. Judge To Weigh Blocking North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law
Good for him. Big government has no business telling people where to pee - they can sort these things out by themselves. Leave the LBGTRF folks to negotiate this with their neighbours.

Pope Francis Says Violence By Catholics Shows Why ‘It Is Not Right’ To Say Islam Is Violent
Of course it is not right. But the umma could help: every congreation should issue a fatwah of takfir against the moharebbeh ISIS and all of their supporters. Our media could also help by ceasing to use their propaganda: ISIS is neither Islamic nor a State and we should stop helping them pretend that they are by using that name.