Thursday, 4 August 2016

This Popular Math Class Is At The Heart Of The STEM Gender Gap, Study Suggests
There is only one reason why many girls are worse at math and science than boys: they have been given permission.     When the going gets tough, most kids pull a Sarah Palin and quit. The solution is not to try to make calculus easy: it is hard because it has concepts that are tough to get your mind around.   The solution is help them work their minds through it.

Extra Armed Police And Islamist Extremists Compared To Historical Terror Threats
"Yet" and "despite" and other sour contrarian words show that huffpo takes its job of trashing the government and the police whenever possible and opposing any actions that they take. (Think about it: when was the last time you read a Huffpo article praising the government or our police, or even reporting some good that they did?)
      Of course, if there IS a terrorist attack and it takes 15 minutes for armed officers to respond, Huffpo will be the first to excoriate them.

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