Wednesday, 25 May 2016


‘Brexit’ Campaigners Praised Institute Of Fiscal Studies, Now Says It Does ‘Propaganda’
The type of slander we have come to expect from the Leave group: 
"Anyone who disagrees with me is venal, corrupt, evil or all three."
      American politics comes to Britain. You'd think it was FOX News against MSNBC.

NHS Doctor Issam Abuanza Joins Islamic State In Syria 
Duped my Aunt Fannie. He is moharebbeh and there should be a fatwa of takfir raised against him.

Should Domestic Violence Victims Go To Prison For Killing Their Abusers?
No! Abused women should be able to kill with impunity. 
Similarly, nagged men should be forgiven when they snap.

Swedish Court Upholds Julian Assange’s Arrest Warrant
That is outrageous! A guy who published some leaked documents should be able to perpetrate sexual assault with impunity, shouldn't he?

Weekend Work Emails Are Now Illegal In France
But, presumably, not illegal for the workers to send personal emails during working hours?

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Anti-radicalisation chief says ministers' plans risk creating 'thought police'
Get the mosques to proclaim a fatwa of takfir against ISIS and Al Qaeda, based on their actions in deliberately murdering innocent Muslims and other peoples of the book. Then anyone who joins them becomes an apostate under sentence of death.

Democratic Party Gives Bernie Sanders Bigger Role In Shaping Its Platform
"...concerned the party will ignore Sanders’ progressive policy proposals with Clinton as the nominee."
    Why should the party ignore proposals that most members voted against? It has been good socialism, ever since Stalin, to insist that the party follow the wishes of powerful minorities rather than do what the majority want.

Richard Dawkins Confirms He ‘Absolutely’ Did Not Pray When He Had A Stroke
What? Surely a stroke should have convinced him to petition a non-existent entity that he doesn't believe in.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Nicola Sturgeon Accuses Cameron And Osborne Of Running ‘Fear-Based’ CampaignDear Nikki: If you support Scexit but do not support Brexit, you could be a hypocrite. 
    If the way you support Remain is by running down your fellow Remainers, it could be that you secretly support Brexit as a way of getting Scexit. 
      Indeed the entire referendum seems to be less about Europe and more about jostling for political position and settling political scores at home, with both sides lying their heads off because they think the electorate is too stupid to know the difference between truth and lie. They may be right.

Bill Named After Murdered Girl Fails On House Floor As Her Family WatchesGood. This was a knee-jerk law, designed to please the upset, that would have granted a completely unnecessary increase of police powers.

North Yorkshire council backs first UK fracking tests for five yearsWind farms, solar arrays and nuclear plants draw the same opposition, wherever they are proposed. People just want to USE power; they do not want it to be produced. Completely irrational but totally human.

Female Cyclists Face Sexual Harassment In London Every Day
Catcalls with sexual comments are sexual harassment: women should stand up to it and other men should make it clear to the perps that it is NOT acceptable behaviour.
                   BUT, you need to get over yourself:
Waving is not sexual harassment.
Taking photographs is not sexual harassment. 
Men taking photographs of women is no different than women taking photographs of women - to suggest otherwise would be horribly sexist and bigoted. 
         People take photographs of things and people they see that they might like to remember or that they think helps express their artistic bent. As every phone is now a camera, this has become both easy and common. If you do not wish to be photographed in public, do not go out in public. 

You have a very good point on sexual harassment; one that you damage by including things that are not 
sexual harassment. So you REALLY need to get over yourself.

Judge Finds Baltimore Police Officer Not Guilty In Death Of Freddie Gray
The lynch mob are not satisfied. They don't have the evidence the judge had, but they do have rumours. Based on those rumours, their minds are made up and no amount of facts or reason will change them.
   All exacerbated by racism: the perp was black, the cop was white, so the cop MUST be guilty.

Kanye West’s use of N-word in song is justified, says Paul McCartney
If black people can use the word, white people can use the word.
Anything else is just racism and bigotry.
    I love the use of the word "Urban". I think it means: just like downtown Stockholm or Beijing

Sunday, 22 May 2016


ISIS Calls For Attacks On West During Ramadan
Not yet. These koufar moharebeh will hold off their big attack on the USA until one week before the election.  It will be designed to ensure a Trump victory.

Yale’s Renowned Global Justice Professor Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Oh, he was accused, was he? He must be guilty then, innit?

Maths Question Aimed At Six And Seven-Year-Olds Is Completely Stumping Parents
Mostly because the stumped parents can't read.   
However, it is a trick question: It depends on how many got on and off between stops.

David Cameron Says He’s Not ‘Posh’, And Says It’s An Old Empire Shipping Term
What? The plebs didn't know that POSH was a travelling-to-and-from-India term? 
SOPH would mean your only view was of the sea.
PS: What is the difference between calling someone posh and calling someone a pleb?

Unmarried Woman Jakki Smith Begins Legal Fight After Being Denied Bereavement Damages
‘So many couples don’t want to get married, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated the same.’
True. Just because someone is not a veteran, doesn't mean they should not get veterans benefits. 
Just because someone didn't have a baby doesn't mean they shouldn't get maternity leave. 
People who do not want to look for work should still get job-seekers allowance.

Britain's first water cocktail bar to open at top London department store
Some people have more money than sense and there's one born every minute.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lawmakers urge Obama to address human rights on Vietnam trip
Vietnam's president is also under pressure to discuss America's human right's record.
It is a close-run thing as to which country has more to be ashamed of.

Money pouring in to Wasserman Schultz-Tim Canova primary contest
And most of this money is coming from outside of the election district, contributed by people who are not satisfied with picking who shall represent them in congress, they also want to be able to pick who represents you.

sex offender's victims meeting with feds to try to settle victims-rights lawsuit
The case seems to be about the right of victims to have a trail by media if they do not agree with the professional judgement of the state.

UN asks government to explain two-child cap on child tax credits
SNP raised concerns about ‘medieval’ clause that only allows exemption from cap for children conceived through rape
       I did not know they had too many people on the planet in Medieval times, nor that government policies were designed to not encourage the selfish back then.
       Of course the Selfish National Party is against anything that might be a drag on selfishness, which is why they think we should just take folks at their word: they like to pretend that people never lie when there is money involved.  (It makes the system and the government easier to scam.)
Where’s the fire and idealism? This Europe debate is flat and tawdry
Yes, Alex, and the Selfish National Party is the epitome of why the debate is flat and tawdry: it is all about me-I-my-mine, not about ideals. Scexit or Brexit: the arguments are the same. If you are for one and against the other, you could be a hypocrite.
The Observer View on the GM Crop Debate
Europe can no longer turn its back on the benefits of genetically modified crops
Like climate change deniers, GM benefit deniers think that science has no place in a political debate.

EXCLUSIVE: Evangelical leaders to quiz Trump on faith and values
Trump has faith in the gift of the gab, and in nothing else.
 He values Donnie Trump and nothing else.
The sooner "evangelical leaders" realize this, the less they will be dupes.
        If they ask him his positions, he will tell them what they want to hear and have absolutely no compunction about abandoning them 24-hours later.

Donald Trump sees political gain in Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs
Well, that tells you what he thinks of the American electorate, doesn't it?

NRA facing member backlash over Trump endorsement
NRA backs lying xenophobic blowhard bankrupt. 
Why? Because they think he is more scared of them than the lying scofflaw is. 
What the poor NRA dupes do not realize is that Trump has NO intention of keeping those pledges. 
He will change his position as soon as he is elected: he likes to pander to the majority.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Frozen Custard Shop’s ‘English Only’ Policy Causing Heated Controversy
Outrageous. I should be able to order my ice cream in German like any other tourist. 
If they do not cater to my language, they should not cater to other languages. 
Wouldn't be that be racism?

Labour’s Tom Watson Says ‘Selfish’ Boris Johnson Has ‘Hijacked’ EU Referendum
And a good thing too. Most Britons do not understand what stay or leave actually means for themselves, the country or the world.  A personality contest: "Do you like Boris or David & Jeremy?" is something the electorate can get their teeth into.

Congress Is Using Zika To Weaken Truck Safety
Well if you are going to save some lives, you have to arrange to lose some. It is called 

Next James Bond Could Be A Woman
I think it is a good idea - it could start a trend: the next movie about suffragettes could see the Emily Pankhurst role played by a man, while the next Jungle Book would have Kim played by a 60-year-old and the next film about the underground railroad has Harriet Tubman's role played by a white.

Oklahoma Introduces Measure To Impeach Obama Over Transgender Bathroom Rights"State Representative John Bennett, a Republican, said in a statement the White House directive was “biblically wrong,” 
I just can't find the passage in the bible that talks about gender and toilets? Can someone help here?
"Transgender Bathroom Rights"?
There is now a RIGHT to be treated specially, one that is denied to 99.7% of Americans? 
Isn't that the definition of a privilege, rather than a right? 
    Trying to phrase this "right" so that it applies to all Americans is tricky: American citizens shall have the right to use the toilet/shower/sports facilities assigned to the gender that they identify with. This seems fine until we try to define "identify with."

Whoever Wins The Democratic Primary Is Responsible For Party Unity
Losers should have no responsibility to be magnanimous in defeat?
Why is that, Jason?

Refugees Being ‘Forgotten’ Just As Their UK Asylum Applications Are Granted
Oh, poor babies. They have been allowed to settle here, but they should not be left to get on with things like the rest of Britain: they should be coddled and supported with other people's money for as long as it takes them to make them feel all warm and fuzzy, no matter how many years that takes?

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Labour’s Shadow Europe Minister Pat Glass Calls Voter In Derbyshire A ‘Horrible Racist’
This guy made comments about a Polish family, whose race is caucasian; the same race as both the voter and the minister.  She obviously doesn't like her own race being denigrated, even by her own.

Tory Civil War On Europe Reignites Over Queen’s SpeechWell of course it does. 
They would all rather whine than actually do anything.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

House oversight chairman moves to censure IRS chief, strip pension
I think that's what used to be called extortion.
Let's just waterboard him until he says what we want him to say.

GOP Senator Tries To Take Zika Money Hostage Over Obamacare Cuts
Is this good for American babies? Who cares?
Repealing Obamacare is much more important than American babies.

Hollywood considers rechristening city street named for KKK founder
We do not want our citizens to know anything about this dark part of our history. 
Cover it up now!


George Osborne Letter ‘Exposes Rank Hypocrisy’ Of Chancellor Over Tuition Fees
So when he wasn't in power and didn't know either the true costs nor the budget constraints he had a different view than when he actually knew the numbers? Whodda thunk it?

Number Of Vegans In Britain Soars In Past Decade 
Oh, I am so sorry. 
How is it that so many people have gone against nature?

Boris Johnson Lacks The Judgement To Be Prime Minister
Well of course he does, but why is this news? 
He has demonstrated it every year for the past decade.
Oh, it is news because Tarzan has finally woken up to the bloke?

The Sun’s Editor Defends ‘Queen Backs Brexit’ Headline, Despite IPSO’s ‘Inaccurate’ Ruling
We not only tell lies, we stand by those lies when anyone disputes them

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


UN Urges Greece To Stop Detaining Migrant And Refugee Children
How many of these kids has the UN offered to take?

Iranian Models Arrested For Posting Instagram Pictures Without Headscarves
How dare they express themselves?
What right do they have to decide how to dress, they are only women? 
They should be kept in bags so they know their place.

Shami hit out at the Tories for not staging their own investigation into Islamophobia.
Did she also suggest that the Muslim Council of Britain investigate Westophobia among their communities?

Monday, 16 May 2016


Former Top Lawyer Undercuts The Benghazi Committee
"The military accused the committee late last month of demanding increasingly frivolous interviews from irrelevant service members..." 
  That is what congressional investigations are for! Frivolous and irrelevant is designed to take attention away from the fact that congress has done NOTHING for their constituents for the past 3 years

Boris Johnson Says EU Is Trying To Emulate Hitler’s Vision For Superstate
With intolerant petty aristocrats like Boris in power, Hitler has already succeeded. 
Staying in the EU is probably the only brake to slow progress of obnoxious people like Ken and Boris. 
A vote for the EU is a vote to get Boris to shut the F up
Boris Johnson Defends Hitler European Union Comparison
Boris, the Hitlerian blowhard should know: it is the way he likes to run things. 
What is key for Boris is to seem to be a big deal. 
The only way he can get that is to make the place he operates smaller.

Chancellor Accuses Leave Campaign Of Being Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists
The world has an interest in a stable Europe. 
Brexit will make Europe less stable - even Leave folks admit that.   
So the ultimate question is: do you want to be on the side of the world or on the side of balkanization, like the Selfish National Party, the Catalan, and all the others who want to chop us up into ever smaller ethnic identities. 
     PS: Both sides seem to be paranoid conspiracy nuts, Chicken Littles who will tell any lie to support their position. Don't worry, this question will NOT be decided on facts, it will be decided on personalities. 

 Report: GOP mega-donor Adelson to give Trump up to $100 million
Well of course he will: the 1% stick together.
They both want the deck firmly stacked in favour of the rich and against the average American.
Addleson knows Trump will maintain laws and policies that take from the middle class and give to the rich.

Shark bite in Boca Raton:
Headline should read: "WOMAN POISONS SMALL SHARK"

Friday, 13 May 2016


Administration Warns Schools To Allow Transgender Access To Bathrooms
"Under Title IX, a school must treat students consistent with their gender identity even if their education records or identification documents indicate a different sex,” “...transgender students must be allowed to participate in such activities and access such facilities consistent with their gender identity...” 

The problem for trans people comes from the segregation of genders.  There are two solutions to the trivial "toilet problem": 1) stop separating mens and womens toilets, as they already do on airplanes or 2) label toilets, showers and locker rooms "penis" and "vagina" rather than "men" and "women"  

If it seems excessive to make everyone endure such a disuptive change, just to accomdate 0.3% of the population, then simply allow anyone to use whichever facility they feel like using.

More importantly than toilets, the trans interpretation of Title IX also applies to "activities" (read sports). Under it, native males can compete against females in sports if they "identify" with the female gender.  That seems to defeat the "fairness" purpose of segregating sports by gender.

Accomodating trans people also seems to be discriminatory on its face: some genetic males (or females) are prohibited from doing things that other males (or females) are allowed to do, based solely on self-report of what they believe.

The enire transgender issue has risen considerably with the entitlement generations: people are no longer told: you can't always have everything you want. We are now told to ignore reality, as reality should bend to our will.   Never mind what you actually are; the only thing that matters is what you "identify" with.

Next, I suppose, trans-age children of 14 will be allowed to leave school because they "identify" with the age of 18?

Taking children on holiday in term time
These kids have been sentenced to school and must do their time or pay the fine.
      Besides, isn't it discrimination to penalize trans-time kids who truly feel that they have attended more school days than the calendar indicates?

BBC White Paper 2016 Statement: Changes Public Broadcaster Will Face
Well, who better than a government to make programing decisions? 
Why would we want to leave these to professional broadcasters?

Vote Leave source to ITV: “There will be consequences.”
How dare these media outlets have editorial opinions? 
Should they argue or advance things that they think is good for Britain?
Why can't they stick with strring up conflict and trying to demean, belittle and embarrass people?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Queen CAUGHT On Camera Calling Chinese Officials ‘Very Rude’"
The use of the word "caught" is telling. This story along with the corruption conversation tap on Cameron, says the media, huffpo included, are now mounting a campaign of eaves-drop spying with the specific intent of embarrasing our leaders and thereby damaging diplomatic relations with other countries. Does this hurt Britain? Of course it does, but it also sells advertising and the media have to keep thier priorities straight.

NASA Discovers A Slew Of New Planets
9 possibly earth-like (habitable) out of 150,000 systems examined. With some 100 billion systems in the galaxy, I make that 6 million possibilities.

GOP Senator Wants To Know If Facebook Is Biased Against Conservatives
None of his business. We do not want big government interfering in our media, telling FOX and MSNBC what kind of biases they can or can't have. We have become accustomed to completely biased media and would be lost in the face of objectivity.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Clinton and Trump, two intensely disliked candidates, begin their face-off
We knew that congress was broken, but it is now clear that party-politics is also broken. If these two are the best that the parties can bring us, it is time to totally revamp primaries. 
1) Open the primaries to all voters, not just party members 
2) Use preference voting

Rubio: I don't want to be considered as Trump's vice president
That's good, Senator, because you were not going to be considred. Sounds like a win-win

Key Stage 2 English Test Accidentally Published Online
If you plan to use a test for accountability, of course they are going to leak it.

More Than 100 United Methodist Clergy Come Out As LGBT
I'd prefer clergy who define themselves by something to do with god or christ or christian spirit, rather than by who they want to have sex with.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Tells Labour MPs To Stop Arguing In Public Too right! 
Stop disagreeing with Jeremy and do as you are told. 
Only speak about the topics he wishes you to speak about.
Why can't you see that this is democracy.

Dan Savage Has A Brilliantly Gross Idea To Protest NC’s  Law
Okay, we buy that Mr Savage is gross and uncouth. 
Why should we care.? How much is he paying Huuffpo for this publicity?
     This is such an non-issue: just let everyone use whichever toilet they like. 
There once were separate restrooms for white and black, time for men and women to disapppear too. There is NO reason to treat Trans people as if they are special: they are not, they are just people.

Students At This University Are Being Forced To Study Exorcism

Wow! Being forced, eh? At gun point? With thumb-screws? Being held in place by two large monks? What is the precise force being applied?

9 Famous People Who Congratulated Sadiq Khan Before Cameron

Since there was no public statement of "I love you" it must mean that Cameron hates him and is therefore an evil person. Anyone who has not congratulated the new Mayor publicly must be an Islamophobe.     That includes you.
   Stilll, it was nice to know that some famous sychophants were trying to jump on the bandwagon.

North Korea might respond better to a less confrontational west
Trrue, Mary. Bullies usually respond well to people who do not confront them.

The choice for Europe: rescue Greece or create a failed state
It is time to step in and give Greece more of other people's money.
They have spent all theirs on maintaining a neat lifestye while refusing to pay their taxes.
Question is: should they get away with this or we make sure that taxpayers in other countries continue to support their profligacy?

Quizzing the prime minister on Lineker’s pants – this is how democracy dies
True: unless politicians are 100% serious 100% of the time it will be the death of democracy.
No politician should ever be allowed to tell a joke or try to lighten the mood. Ever.
The steady drip, drip, drip of humour will destroy Britain.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


'House Prices Would Fall Significantly Under Brexit'

Nonsense.  If you believe that, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy.
"Gove claimed the UK could enjoy a relationship with the EU that had “all the advantages” but “none of the payouts” by forging a new trading deal. The Justice Secretary said the UK should leave the single market but would be able to agree to tariff-free trading with the remaining EU members."
    Exactly the kind of lies Salmond told when he was trying to sell Scexit: Scotland can keep the pound, stay in the EU, keep the submarine fleet and defense contracts, etc, etc, etc.

Nicola Sturgeon Confirms SNP Will Relaunch Independence Campaign
Scexit, Brexit; same arguments. 

Why not? They bully him. And his party. And anyone else in a position of power or respect. The BBC, indeed all journalists, seem to have decided that they should perform the roll of the opposition, rather than that of reporters. 

Conservative Muslim Forum Chief Says Zac's ‘Smear’ Campaign Increased Isis Attack Threat
What an idiot! Still, he does help the media (including Huffpo) try to sell the world as a dangerous place where everyone should be afraid of saying anything at all.   
       And, I suppose, Mr Mohammed Amin's comments, coupled with the wide reporting of them, make an ISIS attack here much more likely

Dan Savage Takes On Ann Coulter Over Transgender Bathroom Rights
Who takes on who?  Who are these people?  Why should we care what they think?
Transgender people should be treated equally: just like everyone else in our society.
What? The only way to treat them equally is to give them special privileges that no one else has?
Oh.    Sorry.     Never mind.
(See, those of us who have flown in a commercial airplane still really don't understand the issue.)

Benghazi Committee Turns 2 Years Old, But Still Isn’t Done
Not by a long shot. This still has 18 years to run..

Katie Hopkins To Run Naked In London With Halal Sausage Up Her Bum
So? Why is this news? 
How much is Hopkins paying huffpo for the publicity?

Obama Urges Howard Graduates To 'Be Confident In Your Blackness'
And so they should! Nothing wrong with Black Power.
     The problem is that if Trump told a different ethnic group of college students to "be confident in their whiteness," it would be considered racist. What actually IS racist is that one race can say something that another race cannot

Passenger Fears Professor Doing Math Is A Terrorist, Delays Flight 2 Hours
When people panic, they get irrational and the media have been working very hard to get people to panic about terroists - who kill fewer people in America than toddlers do.

Saturday, 7 May 2016


Muslims Put Off Politics By Campaign Against Me, Sadiq Khan Says
Awwww. Poor babies Step up to the plate my Muslim brothers and sisters. You can't change things by hiding or running away (nor, misguided kiddies, by violence).
        You can only change things by taking power. To do that you must capture the center, win the vote and then lead us to greater and better things.
        Khan has done the first and second. Let's see how he does with the third.

Way Too Many Tourists Are Dying In Hawaii
Hawaii should be punished for the stupidity of these tourists! 
How dare the state allow people to enjoy themselves and take their own risks and responsibilities? They should insist that no tourist goes into the water without at least one lifeguard within 3 meters.

Boris Johnson Branded A ‘P***k’ By London Cyclist
and this cyclist came up and went ‘prick’. “It is absolutely true - that is the job of Mayor of London.”
See, even Boris admits that it is true: he I a prick.

Michael Fallon Defends Zac Goldmsith’s ‘Racist’ London Mayoral Campaign
Xenophobic yes, racist no! Muslim is NOT a race.
People who use racism when they mean xenophobia (or islamophobia or anglophobia) cheapen the term.  Perhaps that is the goal: they want to take the heat and sting out of "racism" until it just means "I don't like one group or another." EVERYONE is then a racist and the term has no more critical power.

Australia’s Hidden Migrant Crisis
They won't stay and fix their own countries, they simply want to run to another whose citizens have created a better culture than their own. Understandable, but horribly selfish.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

IDF military chief backtracks after appearing to compare Israel to Nazi Germany
What's this? An Israeli General who is anti-semitic?
Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is only anti-semitic if the speaker is not Jewish?
Oh. Sorry. Never mind.

Legal High Ban To Come Into Effect On May 26, Government Announces After Delay
With booze, coffee and pain pills exempted, I guess we are saying "unless you get high the way we want you to get high, you're going to get arrested."
Still, we do know how well prohibition and the war on drugs worked, so we can expect similar success.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

In other words, par for the course for most political parties.

Cameron Won't Apologise To 'Stupid, Divisive And Wrong' Trump

Good for him. Nice to see a politician with cojones for a change

Cameron U-Turn On Child Refugees

Yeah! We all know that Europeans cannot look after children.  Bring them here where they can be physicallyand sexually abused like the UK kids placed in care with UK. social services.

The most worthwhile thing the juddering fool did was to get stuck on the flying fox.

Big Banks Just Claimed A Constitutional Right To Free Taxpayer Money
If oil, gas, coal, agribusiness, airlines, Walmart and hedgefunds can get corporate welfare subsiidised by the taxpayer, why shouldnt the banks want to get in on the gravy train?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


GLAAD Report Sees Disney, Paramount And Warner Bros ‘Fail’ At LGBT Representation 
The RF (rubber fetish) and SM (sadomasochist) communities are also horribly under-represented. Until Hollywood corrects these imbalances, it is rampant discrimination against the LBGTRFSM communities.   The only group that is currently over-represented is the O (onanist) community: there are many more wankers, both behind and in front of the Hollywood cameras than there are in the general population

Shah Hussain, Suspended Labour Councillor, Defends Comparing Israel To Nazi Germany
It is NOT anti-semitic to say that the State of Israel acts like the Nazi state. Stupid, perhaps, but not anti-semitic.
Otherwise, saying the Nazi State was an horrendous racist murderer would have to be considered Germanophobic.

‘Family’ Group Says It’s Now Sending Men Into Target’s Women’s Restrooms
That makes perfect modern sense:
They do not want men in womens toilets, so sending men into women's toilets is the only logical thing  to do. Doh!

Over 100 Killed In Migrant Shipwrecks Between Libya And Italy Over Weekend
This horrible Libyan refugee crisis is getting out of hand.
The Inrternational community should press Libya to stop human trafficers selling these people the means to set sail from the Libyan coast.

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