Tuesday, 3 May 2016

GLAAD Report Sees Disney, Paramount And Warner Bros ‘Fail’ At LGBT Representation 
The RF (rubber fetish) and SM (sadomasochist) communities are also horribly under-represented. Until Hollywood corrects these imbalances, it is rampant discrimination against the LBGTRFSM communities.   The only group that is currently over-represented is the O (onanist) community: there are many more wankers, both behind and in front of the Hollywood cameras than there are in the general population

Shah Hussain, Suspended Labour Councillor, Defends Comparing Israel To Nazi Germany
It is NOT anti-semitic to say that the State of Israel acts like the Nazi state. Stupid, perhaps, but not anti-semitic.
Otherwise, saying the Nazi State was an horrendous racist murderer would have to be considered Germanophobic.

‘Family’ Group Says It’s Now Sending Men Into Target’s Women’s Restrooms
That makes perfect modern sense:
They do not want men in womens toilets, so sending men into women's toilets is the only logical thing  to do. Doh!

Over 100 Killed In Migrant Shipwrecks Between Libya And Italy Over Weekend
This horrible Libyan refugee crisis is getting out of hand.
The Inrternational community should press Libya to stop human trafficers selling these people the means to set sail from the Libyan coast.

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