Saturday, 31 December 2016

Trump praises Putin over response to US sanctions, calls him 'very smart'
Published December 30, 2016

Of course Putin is very smart  He knows that Donnie owes him one for the Russian’s election efforts and, even if Mr Trump does not stay bought, Putin  knows that Donnie does not care if the Russian military attacks and undermines ANY American institution that does not affect the Trumps directly. 

Trump and many of his supporters will not care if Russia tries to bring down American churches or charities (as long as they are not Mr Trump’s own churches or charities), because these are private entities and it is up to them to protect their servers and their data, so  such attacks could never be considered an act of war.   Any attacks by Russian military cyber teams on the NFL or NBA, on CBS or FOX would be similarly sluffed off on the grounds that they are private entities.

They will even  happily turn a blind eye to the hacking and damaging of foreign entities on our soil, such as Barclays Bank or  Shell Oil, the Japanese or Australian governments,  NATO,  the UN or the IMF – unless Trump is trying to do a deal with one of them at the time.      He and his supporters will reason that these entities were not simply  spending enough on defense.

Theresa May Slaps Down US Over IsraelShe should slap down the US - they went and iterated publicly the UK (and Tory) policy on settlements.  No one hates it more than Britain when others stand up for things Brtttons say they believe in or suggests that Britain puts its money where its mouth is. Think Ukraine and the UK's guarantee of their borders.
     PS: Britain voted AGAINST Israel for the proposal on which the US abstained from voting.  
            In May's mind that makes the US more anti-Israel than Britain.

Is The Queen Dead? No, And #MediaBlackout Is Not A Thing
But Huffpo will keep giving it maximum publicity, because hyping fake news sells advertising.

GOP Congressman: Russian Hackers ‘Merely Did What The Media Should’ve Done’
Oh good.  It follows the media should be hacking his personal e-mails and his mobile phone conversations (and those of his wife and children and all of his staffers and their families). 
Does he promise the journalists will face no legal penalties when they do?

Monday, 26 December 2016

84% Oppose Legalising Fox Hunting, League Against Cruel Sports Finds
If they were allowed to vote on it, 80% would ban all horse riding outside the track and the show.
They will continue to feel self-righteous about fox hunting while enjoying their hamburgers and their haddock.   

Brexit To Send UK Econoemy Plummeting Down Global Scale To 8th Place
Gosh! You mean we will slip from being in the richest 3% to only in the richest 4%? How tragic.
That is like saying "temperatures tomorrow will plummet from 85 to 83."

Israel accuses Obama administration of helping craft, push UN censure
How dare they do this? The US is supposed to just keep giving Israel huge wads of money, while keeping quiet about any outrageous behaviour the Israelis might get up to.
 As Netanyahoo would say" Shut up America and do as you are told."

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Sadly correct, but wrong at base. It WILL change politics but changing politics will do nothing to stop terrrorism. No group can defend itself from individuals who wish to kill; especially those who are willing to trade their lives for mayhem.
When it come to jihadi terrorists, there is very little non-Muslims can do. The ONLY people who can stop this psuedo-Islamic terrorism is the Ummah - Muslims rooting out this cancer on Islam: the pseudo-religious moharebbeh of Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban and the rest. Just as in Northern Ireland , the only people who could stop the Catholic terrorists were Catholics and the only people who could stop the Protestant terrorists were Protestants.
Government and politics are powerless in the face of perverters of religion. That will not stop them from tightening the police state. since politicians and bureaucrats take advantage of any opportunity to increase their power.
But, no matter how big-brother they get, they cannot stop a determined killer.

Blaming Terrorist Attacks On Refugees Isn’t Going To Make Europe Safer
Pretending it was not a refugee who committed this attack will not make Europe safer either.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

So-called sacred and scientific clash on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea
In my religion, observatories are sacred sites and it is a sin to block their construction.
This woman is just saying that she wants her god to be bigger than my god.

Column: How avocado mania drives climate change and crime
Yep! It's just like drugs. The demand is the problem: if people didn't want to buy avocados and pot and crack, there would be no market, hence no crime and no global warming. 
        What are the authorities going to do to stem the demand for avocado? Will they make it a controlled substance?

YouTuber Adam Saleh ‘Kicked Off’ Flight ‘For Speaking Arabic’
Disruptive narcissistic loud-mouth, looking for a video piece to go viral, should have been thrown off the plane regardless of which language he was speaking.     Alternatively, they could have let him stay on board if he agreed to surrender his camera and have his mouth taped shut.

Satanism causing free speech debates in Boca Raton
If Christianism and Judaism are allowed, why not Satanism? 
The god of the old testament is a vile sadist - not the values we want to be instilling in our kids.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Nigel Farage Says West Must Stop ‘Provoking’ President Putin
True Nigel! We should not provoke him by criticizing the rolling over borders that Russia (and the UK) guaranteed.
We should not provoke him by criticizing his bombing of civilians and hospitals in Aleppo. 
Instead, we should all shake in our boots whenever Putin speaks. 
If we don't he may rig the next election to give UKIP a majority.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

CIA report of Russia interference in 2016 race divides Republicans
Of course the Putin puppet would say "ridiculous" and "move on"
Then appoint the Kremlin's hand-packed Secretary of State in a quid pro quo.
Will the CIA be able to tell us who Trump's handler is in Moscow?
They must be so proud of their sleeper.

Labour MPs Threaten Jeremy Corbyn With ‘Work To Rule’ In Row Over Momentum
Corbyn is threatened with what exactly? 
Clearly "work to rule" is some kind of code, as the article never explains what this means for an MP.
    Still, if Labour is going to reselct each candidate on a one-man-one-vote basis, it is time for even more Tories and UKIPers to join the Labour Party and help pick unelectable wing-nuts

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Bombshell Secret CIA Report Says Russia Aimed To Steal White House For Trump
Interesting wrinkle: if the Donald doesn't want something to be true, the he simply refuses to believe it and attacks the source.  
It is a very modern reaction: it is what the authors and audiences of FOX and Huffpo do, but it's a scary inkling of how intelligence reports will be dealt with in future.    
    No wonder Trump does not take daily intelligence briefings.
PS: Pretty stupid headline for a report so widely written about, hence not very secret at all.

TFL Staff did NOT mock a trans woman
The remark merely stated a fact, but truth and fact are perceived as ridicule by some.
However, I agree about the train announcements: in keeping with modern manners, they should start "Listen up, people" or just "Oy, You!"

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Perhaps it is time for Democrats to relax about Trump, as he seems to want the same things they do:

He wants to follow Obama in using government action to create new jobs and reduce unemployment, while Carrier shows he is willing to use tax dollars to buy jobs

“Well, sometimes you have to prime the pump...” 
Another borrow-and-spend Republican who will continue the Democrat's stimulus line of the past 8 years.  Question is: will Ryan and McConnell fall in line and drop their opposition to more debt and bigger deficits?

The top priority he listed for voters was “protecting American jobs here at home.”
 And he wants to do this by giving Trade Unions the protective tariffs they have been whining for these past 65 years and by having big Washington government interfere in the decisions of private businesses.  Can he reverse Republican support for free trade?

"I’m going to bring down drug prices..."
Will he do it by allowing Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate drug prices?  If so, their solvency is guaranteed for another two decades.  But can he overcome Republican opposition to the free market in health care, when big Pharma gives so much in campaign funds?

Finally, he express support for letting Dreamers stay,
Perhaps it is time for Democrats to get behind Trump and help him push through your agenda.
As for Republicans, what can I say?  Perhaps Hillary was more like you than Donald is.

Is the USA a Democracy?
We are not a democracy at all.
When a Wyoming citizen's vote counts 3 times as much as a Californian's.
1) It's what England used to call rotten borough.
2) It's what Democrats call anti-American
3) It's what Republicans call "Phew, and a good thing, too."
4) It's what Independents call "WTF?"

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

BBC Staff Reminded Of Impartiality Rules After Producer’s Britain First Posts Revealed
Were there any producers with Labour or Tory Party posts on their facebook pages?

Casey Report Slammed For Neglecting Role Played By White People In Segregation
Mr Kaufman's problem is that the report is not racist enough? 
It needs to be more anti-white and Brittonophobic?

Lydia Polgreen Named Editor-In-Chief Of The Huffington Post
Does this mean it will stop being solely a blog for anti-Trump diatribes and return to being a news site?

Monday, 5 December 2016

After Carrier deal, Trump vows tax of 35 percent for US business going overseas
He is finally giving the Trade Unions the tariffs they have been whining for these past 60 years.
     Now American products, however shoddy, will be able to compete on price with products from overseas that are both better quality and cheaper. The only losers will be the American consumer

Paul Ryan On Donald Trump Tweeting Lies: ‘Who Cares?’
Another fake news story spun by Huffpo. What Ryan actually said was: "Who cares what he tweeted, you know, on some Thursday night, if we fix this country’s big problems?”
    Huffpo would rather concentrate on what is tweeted than on fixing problems.
    Focusing on the tweets helps Huffpo in its campaign to get us all to mistrust our politicians.

Journalists Are Enabling A Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison
The ADL's action and the press reaction seem to confirm what Mr Ellison said about outsized influence.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Subject: Re: How will Obama be remembered?
Yes, Michael, I already said that you are probably correct.

America today (whether left or right, progressive or reactionary) disagrees with any fact that does not support their pre-conceived notions.   Thus, much of America will disagree with the indisputable facts I have listed abut Obama below.

Hillary lost because most Americans cannot stand her as a person.
The Democrats knew this from their own polls, but ran her anyway.
That was not mere arrogance, it was hubris.

Trump won because, no matter how disgusting a pig he is, he was not Hillary.   Millions did not care that he is a nigger-hating, Muslim-baiting, Mexican–bashing, pussy-grabbing, lying blow-hard bankrupt without a sensible policy to his name – as long as he was not Hillary.

Millions more were willing to take a chance on his lack of sensible policies because they knew that Hillary was offering the same old policies that got us nowhere for the past 40 consecutive years.  If Trump’s stated policies were stupid or impossible or just plain lies, voters reasoned, they couldn’t be any worse than the Democratic policies, which they knew were mostly lies already.

Obama could not help Hillary because 8 years of his presidency did little to change the source of malaise in our country: the fact that the rich are getting richer while the middle and working classes are getting poorer.    The feeling of “left behind” does not stem from inequality of wealth, it stems from inequality of opportunity and from resentment of a system that is set up to transfer wealth and opportunity from the less well off to the rich. 

Why the left-behind felt that they might be helped by someone who is on the receiving end of those transfers is difficult to fathom.  But, hey, Hillary is also one of those on the receiving end, so perhaps that did not figure very strongly in the equation.

Finally, there is foreign policy:  voters can see that America no longer has the power to shape world events that it once had. Small nations no longer quake at our gun-boats and larger ones no longer clamber to get onto the bandwagon of whatever we are selling.  Although the rational mind may know that speaking loudly and shaking a big stick is unlikely to change this, they have seen that neither the voice of reason nor the surgical application of force have changed it either.   The emotional mind may grasp at straws of hope that the rational mind knows are unlikely to help.

Anyway: it is what it is and we are where we are.  Now we can only hope that the next four years will not be the catastrophic disaster I predicted they would be regardless of who won the election.

From: Michael Master
Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2016 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: How will Obama be remembered?

how did the Democrat party under Obama?  America disagrees with your assessment.  

i.e.  maybe exports increased, but imports increased even more.   you need to compare exports to imports.   the trade deficit increased to 800 Billion (5% of GDP).   that is a 5% leakage to our economy.   

America disagrees with your assessment.  Hillary lost even with all that Obama did to help her.   
-----Original Message-----

From: Michael Master 
Sent: Sat, Dec 3, 2016 3:17 pm
Subject: FW: How will Obama be remembered?
Subject: How will Obama be remembered?

You are probably right, Michael.
Obama certainly will NOT be remembered for things such as
  1.       A stock market rise of over 240% (DJI from 7,850 to 19000 and change)
  2.       Cutting the deficit by 2/3rds (from 1.4T to 0.44T) and by more than 2/3 as % of GDP
  3.      Cutting unemployment roles in half (from 10m to less than 5m)
  4.       Increasing US exports by a third
  5.       Increasing domestic oil production by 85%
  6.     Increasing manufacturing jobs (largest sustained increase since 1998)
  7.      Increasing new car sales from 13.2m to 17.4m (an all-time high)
  8.     Improving Fuel Efficiency Standards
  9.      Getting health coverage for 17 million uninsured Americans, including 4 million children
  10.     Reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering the US
  11.     Increasing the number of illegal immigrants being deported.
  12.     Eliminating Osama Bin Laden
  13.     Stopping US torturing of prisoners 
  14.    Increasing support for US veterans
  15.     Signing a new START treaty to reduce US & Russian nuclear weapons
  16.    Helping to stop (or at least delay) Iran’s nuclear weapons program
And that’s just a few.   You can see some 400 accomplishments he will not be remembered for at

From: Michael Master
Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2016 12:03 PM
Subject: How will Obama be remembered?

for posting and circulation:  

Title:  How will Obama be Remembered?             December 3, 2016 
By Michael Master (author of Save America Now, Rules for Conservatives, The Birth Famine)  

So how will Obama be remembered?  Certainly as the first black president.  But was that a good thing or a bad thing?  Will he be remembered as all that is wrong with affirmative action or as a failed president who happened to be black?  

Liberals claimed that opposition to Obama was because of race… that only bigots and racists opposed Obama.   The truth is that Obama is the only president to not have any executive experience prior to being elected president (no military, no government, and no business).   Lawyer is not executive experience.  Legislator is not executive experience.  Community organizer is not executive experience.  Professor is not executive experience.  While being president is an executive position.   

My opinion is that Obama failed because he is the only president to lack executive experience.  His race was not the issue.   His experience was.  

“Bigot” is a word used nowadays by bigots for everyone who disagrees with them. --  Sir Roger Scruton           

When Obama assumed office on January 21, 2008, Democrats controlled the House and the Senate.   Obama toured the world to apologize for the actions of the USA.  Obama did whatever he wanted.  Democrats passed Obamacare without one Republican voting for it, without any compromises with Republicans.   Obama was not inclusive.  He did not compromise.  He represented the “alt left.”  Since then, Democrats lost more than 900 state legislative seats, 14 governors, 13 US senate seats, and 67 US House seats ... more losses to the Democrat party than at any other time in history.   

As the head of the Democrat Party, Obama was a failure.    

Since Obama took office, the wealth gap between the rich and poor grew to its largest since 1930, the stock market increased more than 100% while net wages for working people decreased, unemployed black men in inner cities grew to 40%, job participation is at its lowest level of 62% since the Great Depression, 94 million Americans are out of work (more than any time in history),  home ownership is at the lowest percent in 70 years, crime increased dramatically in inner cities, 75% of children born in inner cities are born out of wedlock (a 500% increase in 40 years), the GDP only grew 14% in 8 years (the least amount over any 8 year presidential term, including during the Great Depression) while the national debt increased 100% (debt increased 7 times faster than GDP revenue) and inflation was 20% (14 - 20 = - 6% loss in purchasing power for the average American), healthcare costs and insurance doubled, the annual trade deficit increased to $800 billion per year (5% of GDP), the military became sorely depleted, ISIS,  Benghazi, Afghanistan, US withdrawal from Iraq, Iran deal, DACA, TPP, WTO,  manufacturing left America and took 20 million high paying manufacturing jobs with it, the USA replaced high paying manufacturing jobs with low paying service jobs, abortion, late term abortion, black lives matter vs blue lives and/or all lives, persecution/killings of Christians in Muslim countries and Africa without any tangible reactions from Obama, and America is more divided now than at any time since the Civil War.  Obama put globalization ahead of America.  

As president of the USA, not the world, Obama was a failure.  

In departure form generations of presidents, Barack and Michelle campaigned vigorously for Clinton to maintain his policies, executive orders, and legislation.  

Clinton offered more of the same Obama policies while Trump offered to make America great again.  Trump beat Clinton by 306 electoral votes to 232.   The states where Trump beat Clinton represent about 57% of the population of the USA.   While Clinton won the popular vote, Trump won the actual population 57 to 43.   The popular vote was spiked for Clinton by huge differences in NY and California and Massachusetts.  Trump chose to not campaign in those states and was able to win the presidency by spending less than a $100 million on his campaign while Clinton spent a billion dollars (10 to one).   Trump did what good businessmen do.   He focused on the markets that mattered.  He maximized his investment.  He demonstrated what he will do to make America great again… be a great executive… maximize USA investments for the USA.    

Now, how will Obama be remembered?   As all that is wrong with affirmative action or as a failed president who happened to be black?  You be the judge.  

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Fake news detector for Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, former head of Facebook, is dead at 32.
He once claimed that fake news was not a problem for his organization

Trump Supporters Move To Block Vote Recounts In 3 States
They allege voter fraud and illegals voting. Here is a chance to find out if there was any voter fraud or illegal votes without Trumpettes or the taxpayer paying a dime to find out.
What are they afraid of?
No, Sarah, it is not crony capitalism, it is pure socialism.
Not even in office yet and already Trump thinks big-federal-government in Washington should be able to interfere in private business decisions, using our tax dollars to buy them off.