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Why Egypt Matters: The Implications Of The Protests

Why Egypt Matters: The Implications Of The Protests

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“As the looters come out to play, we begin to see what unstable means: striping the working people of their livelihood­s and the museums of priceless treasures that can be sold abroad for a fraction of their value. Ethnic cleansing is next.”
Obama-Biden Support Mubarak, the Dictator

Obama-Biden Support Mubarak, the Dictator

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“So Mr Grenell thinks the US government should support regime change in foreign countries?”
Davos: Two Worlds, Ready or Not

Davos: Two Worlds, Ready or Not

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“Non-discre­tionary non-milita­ry spending is 12% of the US budget, so it seems pretty clear that no amount of cuts here will do much for our 10% deficit.”

  • Journalists have themselves to blame for the decline of trust: which papers have run their own investigative pieces on phone hacking or other seedy tactics at other papers? Which papers that commonly run stories about the sexual peccadillos of politicians, movie, music and sports stars have also run stories about sexual antics of editors and/or reporters?
  • Well, the position of the "west" is hypocritical whichever side one stands on. The author of this piece obviously thinks the west should have intervened somehow, even if only verbally, but also thinks that nations should self-determine their own system. He thinks that we should have done something about repressive regimes, but not intervened in Iraq.

    Once these "revolutions" have reached their conclusion, it will be interesting to see if they take up the ethnic cleansing that has become so common, and so unremarked, in many "democratic" Muslim states.
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    Mr Kenny is, you know, trying to stand in the way of, you know, the living nature of, you know, language.   He's, like, so 20th century.
  • Rage generally has three sources:observing the commission of a moral wrong, being cheated or feeling helpless. At one time or another, most of our gadgets are guilty of the second two.
Richard Engel, On The Ground In Egypt, Shows Tear Gas Canister Stamped 'Made In The USA'

Egypt Tear Gas Canister Stamped 'Made In The USA'

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“If it said "Made in China" that would be better how?”
Openleaks, WikiLeaks Rival, Launches New Secret-Spilling Site

Openleaks, WikiLeaks Rival, Launches New Secret-Spilling Site

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“Will this organizati­on focus primarily, as Julian Assange has said of Wikileaks, on embarrassi­ng the United States along with the occasional mild swipe at powerhouse­s like Belgium and Kenya?  Or will it also expose the internal documents from China, Iran, Russia, the two Koreas and Zimbabwe?”
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Davos Looks at Trust

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“As the United States has shown, trust is fragile. A 200-year reputation can be destroyed in 2, and it takes a long, long, long time to get it back

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    It's a cultural misunderstanding: b*******d is not a swear-word in Australian.  More often than not, it is used as a term of affection.