Saturday, 22 November 2014


Britain's Prince Charles To Make 'Heartfelt Interventions' As King
An anti-royalist beat-up composed of unatributed hearsay and some real quotes from an anti-moarchy group. In short, this is not a news story; it is a Charlotte Alfred Op-Ed piece pretending to be news. 
  I do not have a problem with a news outlet printing the opinions of journalists, but I think they should be honest and label them as such.

Vince Cable 'Trying To Hide George Osborne's Abject Failure' On Exports
Nice Op-Ed piece, Mr Bennett.  Why do you try to pretend it is a news story?

Occupy Protesters Converge On Central London To Set Up Camp Outside Westminster"Pro-democracy protesters"?
Not exactly what I would call objective reporting. 
Who are the anti-democracy folks?

House Intelligence Committee's Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories
Well, there is truth and then there is politics - and the first rarely helps the second.  
Expect this report to be de-bunked (or trumpeted)  by those who don't mind using dead American diplomats as a way to score point on the opposition.
        PS:  "Torches"?  is that what passes for objective journalism these days?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Life-saving Cancer Drug Fund medicines could be too costly to prescribeIf a drug is certain to prolong life by 5 years, should sufferers have it if it costs £5 billion per person?
How about £5 million per person?
Okay, we have established what we are, we are now just haggling about the price. 
Later, we will ask who will put up the money.

Rochester byelection: a civil war on the right fuelled by immigration and elitism
Oh dear "a civil war!"    How many dead so far?

Conservatives Threaten Budget Showdown Over ImmigrationQuite right, Mr Sessions. If it looks like the government might actually get something done, cancel the funds immediately. Your campaign contibutions depend on the government not doing anything - the less you get done, the more money you get.    Okay, sthutting down the government wll hurt all Americans, including your own constituents, but what is that compared to a full war-chest?

Russell Brand And Jeremy Clarkson Are 'Negative Influences On Politics', Say VotersBrand is a nasty little self-publicising multi-millionaire who thinks his opinions should matter more than anyone else's. Of course he is a negaative influence on politics and on the lives of any people he comes in contact with.
       Clarkson is a caricature clown with barely a poltical bone in his body. He is silly, irreverant and fun, in a juvenile nudge-wink sort of way. Mostly harmless; people laugh more at him than with him - but at least they laugh

Obama To Announce Immigration Action Next WeekSending a clear message: it is okay to break the law if you find that law inconvenient. 
After all, freedom means freedom from obeying laws.
Remember: Your convenience is more important than the country you wish to be part of.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Assisted dying will be made legal in UK ‘within two years’
About time! We need to put an end to the stituation where the only choice for those in pain is: 
     1) be tortured to death or 
     2) be drugged to eyeballs so they are no longer themselves, then wait for the body to shut down.
"Palliative care" is a boon to many, but for others being kept so high that one is not compos mentis seems worse than dying

Two things went wrong: 
   1) poor leadership in the white house, the congress and the senate
   2) an inability to get anything done.
Whining about 2) being someone else's fault didn't help

UK rights groups reject official inquiry into post-September 11 rendition 
Indeed, ANY inquiry that does not find what I have already decided is the case will be a whitewash.
     This is why the victims in the 40-year-old sex abuse inquiry have asked to be allowed to pack the panel with people who already agree with their conclusions.

US Airstrikes Hit Convoy Of IS Leaders, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi May Have Been InjuredCouldn't happen to a nicer guy.   
However, when ISIS starts bombing American cities, don't ask: what did we ever do to you?

National Trust 'abuses goodwill of employees,' claim unionsHow much is Prospect willing to contribute to the trust employees' wages?

Rainbow List 2014: Introducing our annual celebration of the lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender people who make a real difference
Dear Editor:  Thank tyou for publishing the self-referential Rainbow list.  
When will the list of 101 Heterosexuals who make a real difference be published?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Reince Priebus Softens Push For Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Well of course he does. The overwhelming majority of the American people want immigration reform. 
The overwhelming majority of Republican primary voters do not. 
Guess who this congress will serve.

This Is What Tolerance Looks Like
Women who "choose" to cover their face offend local cultural values; as rude as entering a mosque wearing a bikini.
         America does not believe there are people so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face. 
         Americans consider it sexist to say "one gender may look upon my face, but another gender may not." 
Wearing a burkha shows either a deliberate desire to offend the local culture or pig ignorance.

Farage ‘Snubbed' For Remembrance Sunday
Oh poor baby. Were hisums wittle feelings hurt? 
It is sad when other people do not share one's inflated view of one's own importance.

CPS Pursued 'Vulnerable' Daughter Over False Rape ClaimWell, if she was "vulnerable" then what is the life or reputation of an innocent person compared to that - or a hundred inncoent people? If she is vulnerable,sShe should be allowed to destroy anyone she fancies destroying, innit?

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Vatican Slams Terminally Ill Decision To End Her Own Life As 'Reprehensible'Carasco de Paula, although reprehensible, is understandable. He reasons that if his god choses to torture a person that person is obliged to put up with it because it is what god wants to happen. Wouldn't want to offend a sadistic god.

Feminist T-Shirt Sweatshop Report Fiercely Denied By Fawcett SocietyThe Fawcett Society evades like a politician: the government-mandated minimum wage in Mauritius is 62p an hour, just as the rag reported. The resulting weekly pay of £27.90 is actually less than 1/4th of the average wage in the country, but if the sweatshoppers work for more than the required 45 hours (say 60 hours or more), they may get their wages up to 1/4th (or £37.50 a week).       In the age of the internet, when these figures are readily avaiable on local government websites, it amazes me that spinners still give out this kind of waffle.
             I still cannot understand why Cameron refuses to have his dress dictated by a for-profit magazine that has co-oped a feminist campaign so it can sell more advertising.      On the other hand, his refusal has given them so much publicity that they must be over the moon.

Million Mask March Expected To Put London In Lockdown We are against covert surveillance and for more transparency, which is why we wear masks.  That is, we are for covert surveillance and against transparency for us, it is just for other people.

Do Migrants Really Cost Britain £120 Billion?"Immigrants from outside of the European Union, who already live or moved to Britain over 1995 to 2011, did pay in £118 billion less in taxes than they took out in benefits,"
        That is, immigrants from outside the EU are a drain and a burden - tell me again: why do we let unskilled non-EU folk in? Send us your best and brightest, you can keep your lazy and indigent.

"but this is massively dwarfed by the £591 billion net cost for the UK-born population."
No wonder the country is in debt, if the government pays out more in benefits than it takes in. (Something wrong with this statistic?)

PS: "they guys pay more than what they take out."
Hope this academic's math is better than his English - or should I say "better than what his English is."

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