Friday, 24 July 2015


'Extremist is the secular word for heretic'
Absolutely correct: Daesh, Al Qaeda and most jihadis are certainly heretics. They deliberately violate the Quran and pretend they are doing it in the name of Allah. They are mohareb.

No, Islam Is Not Inherently Misogynistic. More power to the women of Islam to remove the ugly and pervasive stain of sexism and mysogyny from the religion of Allah as it is practiced in so many places today.
        However "Monarchy, colonialism and violent dictatorship, which have affected most Muslim countries at some point in their histories, have served to ingrain those patriarchal principles" is its-always-someone-else's-fault nonsense. The male chauvinist pigs that clutter our mosques or sit as Imams did not need any help from secular rulers - their mysogyny springs from their own hearts.

Administration Investigates 5 Airlines For Price-Gouging After Amtrak CrashGosh! You mean they reacted to increased demand by raising prices? 
I am trying to think of a single economist who wouldn't recommend that.

United Nations Says Parents Smacking Children In Any Setting Should Be Made IllegalEverything that is not compulsory should be illegal. Every aspect of our lives should be governed by laws and the courts and we should punish anyone who does not agree. It should be illegal to say unkind words to another, it should be illegal not to exercise and eat healthily, it should be illegal not to brush your teeth and get 8 hours of sleep each night, etc, etc, etc.

£20,000 (£23,000 in London) is the equivalent to an income of £23,500 after tax (£27,200 in london).
      Ms Foster lives in cloud cuckoo land if she does not think that hundreds of thousands of working folks get by in London and the South on these incomes
    Apparently she thinks it fair for people on benefits to get more than the people who pay for those benefits.

Oh Jessica, you just don;t get it. In the modern world, solemn vows are made to be broken if they become the least bit inconvenient. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in heath, until I feel like doing something else.

I could say: If frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their behinds.
I could say: When doctors make decisions as ill-informed as Jeremy Hunt's, people do die.
But I will leave it at: You are not wrong, Katya.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Greek citizens: 'It's like being in a war without weapons'
It's more like being an addict looking for drugs. 
Any country can make a mistake, but if they insist on continuing to make the very same mistake, then helping them is called being an enabler. 
Giving an alcoholic a couple of shots is not really helping.

Boris Johnson Argues For Cutting 45p Tax Rate AND Introducing Living Wage Is he Greek?

Garrick Club votes to continue with ban on female members
Anyone who supports all-female gyms or schools must support the Garrick in this

Thursday, 2 July 2015


BBC Should Not Be Impartial Over ISIL, Says Cabinet MinisterOf course he is wrong: murdering rapist slave traders and enemies of Allah, like ISIS ,are entitled to impartial coverage, just as any other monsters are. We expect impartial coverge of paedophiles, giving their side and that of their victims equal weight, don't we? We expect the BNP to get the same impartial coverage given to Labour and Tory, don't we? (Okay, it is permissible for all British media not to be impartial about the LibDems, but that's different.)

Undocumented Immigrants Urge Others To 'Come Out' In Push For Reform
Great idea! All people who do not wish to obey any law that they find inconvenient should do the same

Civilized Nations Don't Put Children In Brutal Prisons, So Why Do We?Because revenge makes the majority of us feel better, so we are happy to see kids ruined in our names. If priests molest kids, that is evil, but if we throw kids into prison to be raped, we are righteous.

Syriza can’t just cave in. Europe’s elites want regime change in Greece
If they consistently refuse to bring their economy into the 21st century, condoning corruption and oligarchy and spending far more than they take in, at the expense of taxpayers in other EU countries, perhaps regime change is not such a bad idea?

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