Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Uncle Sam not better at haggling over medications
I am not sure why Ms Pipes is so strongly against free-market forces, not allowing Medicare to use its volume and buying power to get lower prices, as other drug-company customers do. She seems adamant that Medicare should pay more for its drugs than private companies do. Is it ideology only: would she change her mind if Medicare were made a private non-profit corporation? Or is it resentment that Medicare is so much more efficient than private Insurers, with overheads 50% lower than the best the private sector has to offer?

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Cut Religion From Tennessee's Curriculum, Because of  IslamButt is 100% right - either stop all religious teaching or teach the controversy:
Is there or is there not a god? What is the evidence? 
Which religion's description of god is the closest to reality? 

Tom Watson: 'If Anyone Deserves An Apology, It's The Victims Of Child Abuse'Is there any truth to all the rumours that Tom Watson was one of the child abusers?

Chilling Animation Of The Moment MH17 Was Hit By A Buk MissileAs cartoons go, that certainly is a chilling cartoon

Black people 3 times more likely to be tasered by Police
How many times more likely are they to assault police?
How many times more likely are they to commit violent crimes
13 Oct 2015 19:38
Wrong reasons? I did not know that survival was a wrong reason.
I suppose that reform and change is not what was wanted - we would only really be happy with the death penalty.
13 Oct 2015 19:34
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Well, what else are the courts for? I mean, if you can't sue your dead sister's 12-year-old kid, who can you sue?

12 Oct 2015 14:50
"Victimhood" is, indeed, real. It is a state of mind.
Sometimes it is a form of PTSD for those who went through the experience, sometimes it is a focusing on the past to escape doing anything in the present and sometimes it is an assumed garb by people who nothing happened to but who want to identify with others who something did happen to.

I have great sympathy for the first kind, some understanding for the second and nothing but contempt for the third.
3 Oct 2015 10:43
Absolutely right! Making fun of selfish girls is sexist.
Had they been selfish boys, it would have been okay - or at least not sexist.
    In Bryan Armen Graham's misandry, anything female-negative is sexism, anything male-negative is justice.
Even the natural beauty spot in the picture has already been marred by agricultural plots.
How dare she tell the truth? Off with her head!

30 Sep 2015 22:11
Do not build up! (We do not like high-rise blocks)
Do not build out! (We want our green belt kept pristine)
Why are prices going up? (Doh)

30 Sep 2015 22:02
In response to thinker25 "What sort of country would stand by and watch people being murdered, raped, castrated, and sold daily, women, men children, and babies, just what kind of country would stand by a let this sort of genocide happen?"   The countries included UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Benin, Soghai, Asante, Dahomey, Kaabu, Kong, Bamana, Oyo, Hausa, Nri and Kongo

Outrageous Cameron! Of course someone whose parents were not alive when the slave trade ended should  apologise to people whose grandparents were not alive when the slave trade ended.     PS:  If apologies are on offer, I think Cameron should apologise to the USA first - for providing the cause of the Civil War.
25 Sep 2015 07:23

Sounds like the Argentine journo is a bit racist as well as stupid