Saturday, 28 February 2015


A parent’s dilemma: Is soccer really safe for kids?

It is clear that running (and the associated risk of falling down hard) is a far, far more common and hence greater danger than heading. The only sensible solution is to stop running in youth soccer. Youth soccer at a walking pace would not diminish the game in any way - and at a walking pace, heading would be both less common and less dangerous.
The other possibility is to use Tom-Brady type balls.

Homeland Security shutdown averted as House backs one-week funding deal
Okay, not funding the DHS will hurt the people who regularly put their lives on the line for us and might hurt America as a whole - but who cares? We're talking about me getting re-elected here!

The end is nigh - that's why so many from Britain are heading for Syria"Why would a young man with a degree from Westminster University give up everything to join a terrorist organisation that tortures and kills indiscriminately?"
     The point is, the killing is NOT indiscriminatee, it is quite discriminate.  It deliberately kills people of different religions.
    As to why, the opportunity to kill with impunity in the name of a cause is what fills the rolls of our military and street gangs.  The only real difference is that the Anti-Islamic State In Syria advertise the killing part more openly.

British are sexually uptight, dirty and drink too much – according to Spanish bookUh oh! Sounds like this guy has Brits pretty well spot on.

Friday, 27 February 2015


Outspoken Putin critic who had expressed fears for his life is shot deadHey, why should individuals who oppose him do any better than countries who oppose him?

British Airways spying scandal: How the world's most famous airline spied on its own staffGreat story. Well done! 
Will you now expose the union's spying on the company too?

'Extremist Students Consistently Given A Platform At Westminster',But where are our police when these speakers deliver themselves of racist hate speech?

Cliff Richard  Lawyers Slam MPs For Publishing 'Unnecessary' Police Investigation DetailsHis lawyers clearly do not understand modern politics: these politiians can get their 15 minutes of fame by attacking a celebrity. If the accusations and inuendo turn out to be baseless, the story will just die away, but they will still have obtained their press ccoverage.
Sir Cliff Richard's legal team complain of  'extremely damaging' media coverage

Mohammed Emwazi First Adult Picture Reveals Jihadi John As A StudentAnglophobia among some segments of British Muslims is one of the key factors in radicalisation.


Emma Thompson And Greg Wise Refuse To Pay Tax Over HSBC ScandalGreat way to save money for yourself. - find a cause and say you won;t pay taxes because of it.  The subsequent letter war and court cases also gives you something to do.
    PS: You say “I have actively loved paying tax because I am a profound fucking socialist .."
What does how profoundly you fuck have to do with taxes or socialism?

A Step Forward on Sex and Relationship Education Is Long Overdue"the latest guidance on sex and relationships education (SRE) was produced 14 years ago"
    Well how horrible! Central guidance should be revised at least every four years. How else can we ensure that education is truly disrupted and disjointed? Certainly we cannot trust schools and teachers too do anything right or good unless we have a bill that forces them to do things my way.

CAGE representative storms off Sky News accusing Kay Burley of IslamophobiaThe Anglophobia of CAGE spokesman Bullivant is certainly equal to the Islamophobia of his intellectually-challenged SKY interviewer. Anglophobia in some Muslim circles is a key source of "radicalisation"

Netanyahu visit to US Congress puts strain on Israeli relationSorry? Why would an American politician NOT want to see Bibi bitch-slap America on its own soil? Isn't that why he was invited?

London's galloping high-rise developments face a backlash from protest movementBuilding streets (houses & mid-rise flats) is mucchbetter than high-rise blocks because fewer units per square foot causes scarcity - which means higher prices. Let's keep London for the elite!

'Scotland's happiest lollipop man' banned from high-fiving children at crossingsWe do not want people helping our kids cross the roads, we want robots. In fact, we plan to replace all crossing guards with robots as soon as possible.      This will make it easier to require "that when crossing children over a road they need to remain static with one hand on their stick and the other stretched outwards."

ISIS Release Video Showing Militants Destroying Ancient Iraqi RelicsThugs and vandals, muderers and rapists, slave -traders and religious bigots: aren't ASIS a great group of people?
    AISIS: the Anti-Islamic State in Syria = a grouping of mohareb enemies of Allah

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Finally, Some Positive Political Posters About Immigration!"

Finally? W hat does "Finally" mean?
If you wanted this kind of poster before, what stoppeed you from putting one up?

PS: I like them. And it is nice to see the pro-immigration side putting their money where their mouth is.

School worksheet tells kids GOP thinks helping poor 'waste of money,' parent claims
The scary thing here is that the quiz is marked right and wrong for ANY answer - sayiing that your opinion on a series of clearly arguable propositions, is right or wrong if it does not agree with someone else's opinion.
‘What are you waiting for?’:Slick new ISIS campaign puts new face on homegrown terror
What are you waiting for? Murdering folks is fun! And you get your 15-minutes of fame. Allah will forgive you: He didn't really mean those things in the Quran about not killing innocents. Be the first kid on your block to side with Satan.

    Yeah, as ad pitches go, I think it will work.

Samsung Smart TV Privacy Policy Reads Like George Orwell's '1984'
Gosh: you mean that the voice-recognition will pick up that you said "Change to BBC 4 please" and transmit it to a third-party that provides your cable TV service so that the 3rd party knows you want to change to BBC 4? And if someone is havng a private conversation in the room at the same time, that the microphone may pick that up too?
       This is outrageous. Why don't they have a microphone that picks up only what I want it to pick up and ignores any sounds I don;t want it to pick up? What is wrong with these people that they think they need to blindly follow the laws of physics?

Vicar Stephen Sizer Banned From Social Media After Israel 9/11 Conspiracy Post
il est charlie , peut-être , mais il est en vie

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