Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Finally, Some Positive Political Posters About Immigration!"

Finally? W hat does "Finally" mean?
If you wanted this kind of poster before, what stoppeed you from putting one up?

PS: I like them. And it is nice to see the pro-immigration side putting their money where their mouth is.

School worksheet tells kids GOP thinks helping poor 'waste of money,' parent claims
The scary thing here is that the quiz is marked right and wrong for ANY answer - sayiing that your opinion on a series of clearly arguable propositions, is right or wrong if it does not agree with someone else's opinion.
‘What are you waiting for?’:Slick new ISIS campaign puts new face on homegrown terror
What are you waiting for? Murdering folks is fun! And you get your 15-minutes of fame. Allah will forgive you: He didn't really mean those things in the Quran about not killing innocents. Be the first kid on your block to side with Satan.

    Yeah, as ad pitches go, I think it will work.

Samsung Smart TV Privacy Policy Reads Like George Orwell's '1984'
Gosh: you mean that the voice-recognition will pick up that you said "Change to BBC 4 please" and transmit it to a third-party that provides your cable TV service so that the 3rd party knows you want to change to BBC 4? And if someone is havng a private conversation in the room at the same time, that the microphone may pick that up too?
       This is outrageous. Why don't they have a microphone that picks up only what I want it to pick up and ignores any sounds I don;t want it to pick up? What is wrong with these people that they think they need to blindly follow the laws of physics?

Vicar Stephen Sizer Banned From Social Media After Israel 9/11 Conspiracy Post
il est charlie , peut-ĂȘtre , mais il est en vie

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