Sunday, 29 March 2015

Daylight Saving Time Is Making Us Less Healthy And Costing The Earth, Scientists SayThese "scientists" make no sense at all.
"Our biological clocks are synchronised using the timing and amount of light and darkness - not the alarm clock,".... As a result our biology does not respond to DST changes. Rather, with the spring DST, we simply have to go to work an hour earlier relative to our biological clock."
     Are they saying that work time should match the biological clok? If so, work would start at 9am at the equinox amd move backward to 8am at the summer solstice and forward to 10 am for the winter one.

PS: I note the dumbing-down of Hufpo continues apace with with "making people unhealthier"

Letters That Could 'Damage' Prince Charles' Kingship Set To Be Public
Kingship? Kingship? The dumbing down of the Independent proceeds apace!
   PS I trust thiis decision means that any letter sent to any minister by any citizen is now in the public domain?

Ellen Pao lawsuit loss will not slow fight for gender equality in Silicon Valley
Ellen Pao Gender Bias Case Will Embolden Women Despite Verdict
Odd that the Guardian article did not list thee accusation that the jury unanimoously rejected
The jury of six men and six women rejected all of Pao's claims determining the firm:
1) did not discriminate against her because she is a woman
2) did not retaliate against her by failing to promote her...after she filed a complaint
3) did not retaliate against her by firing her...after she filed a complaint
    It seems that Ms Pao was not promoted and was fired because she was not very good at her job.   Still, her suit was worth a try: the majority of gender discrimination cases settle, most with a woman getting some money - albeit less than the case would have cost the company in legal fees had it gone to trial. Fewer than 5% go to trial.   
    The case is portrayed as a victory for women because it got publicity for the issue. Okay, the publicity was about an incompetent money-grubber playing the victim card - but as Brendan Behaan said: "There is no such thing as bad publicity exceptt your own obituary."

Upset By Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Banks Debate Halting Some Campaign DonationsGosh Does this mean that some companies will not give money to politicians who they don't agree with? How is that fair?    How is a politician supposed to get elected if people who oppose them won't give them money?'

Fierce Backlash Mounts Over Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law
I like the law: it allows Muslim businesses to refuse to insure employees for any accident or injury where alcohol was involved, Jewish business to refuse to insure anyone a with a shellfish allergy, and Christian businesses to deny insurance or service to any who has ever committed adultery or borne false witness, and Mormons to discriminate against anyone who has drunk coffee or tea. It short, it allows people to discriminate against just about anyone for any reason, so long as they can find a passage in their religious writings that suppports it. 

At base, the law says: religious perople do not have to do anything for anyone they don't like. Atheists are out of luck: they will just have to obey the laws against discrimination

Monday, 23 March 2015

Woman killed by mob in Kabul was innocent, says investigator Gen.Mohammad Zahir
Family of Afghan woman lynched by mob take comfort from tide of outrage
This story is difficult to understand. These are not Taliban. Al-Qaeda, the anti-Islamic State or the Haram people of Nigeria or any other moharebeh enemies of Allah. These are everyday citizens. Practitioners of the supposedly peaceful religion of Islam.
Please, someone, explain how a non-Muslim should understand this incident.

Britain First Threaten Nigel Farage Pub Ambushers With 'Taste Of Their Own Medicine'
No! That is not fair. Only people with certified victim cards are allowed to use these tactics. '
If the same tactics are used aginst them, it is called discrimination.

Barbados plans to remove the Queen as head of state almost 400 years after British colonisationHey, Ya doan' visit, ya doan' write, ya doan' call. Nutting' gon lass fohevah.

DUP names its price for electoral deal with Tories or Labour: £1bn for Northern Ireland
But is he an honest crook: once bought, will he stay bought?

The future of GM: The greenhouses where Monsanto 'plays God' with the future of the planetThe GM benefit deniers will be all over this story like a climate change denier going for a report of a colder winter.    Science: what science? Who cares about science? This is politics, baby.

Seattle restaurant industry warns of fallout as $15 minimum wage nears
On the plus side: no more tipping. If the server is earning a living wage, tips are not required.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Supertide 2015: The Tide of the Century
"Hailed as ‘the tide of the century’ (despite happening every 18 years)"
Hailed by whom? 
Apparentlty hailed by the Independent, who chose these words for their headline., despite the article stating that they were false.
PS: the century is young yet.

Bahrain Prince Nasser's London Instagram Selfie Leads To Calls For ArrestSomeone (not a British citizen) has accused him of something, so he must be guilty - innit? Let's get the UK police involved in other country's mob justice. After all, policing Britain shouldn't require their full-time attention, should it?

So how did George Osborne the failure become the people’s favourite?
So how did George Osborne the failure become the people’s favourite?
So I don't know.
So how did Andrew Rawnsley the failure come to write a column about it?

Tens of thousands march through Dublin to protest against water charges
Typical shoddy journalism: we are never told how much is being charged wfor water. 
Typical leftist protest: wanting more stuff to be free, i.e. paid for by someone else's money.

Edwina Currie’s cleavage tweet was classic fake feminism
This article is classical winge-ing Pom sourness, coupled with Tall Poppy syndrome: a chance to attack someone famous for not thinking as Barabara Ellen does, followed by a general whine that a lot of other people don't either.
One wonders if people such as Ms Ellen ever see anything good in life.

Calais 'Migrants' Smuggled In Lorry Are Brutally Beaten In Horrifying Footage
Absolutely disgusting. Why aren't the French doing more to prevent this. They should send these migrants back to their homes to protect them from this kind of violence. Failing that, at least move them 200 miles away from the border.

Millionaire Cheryl Cole Hints At Ditching Labour Over Mansion Tax
As she already pays far more tax than most other people I cannot understand why she would not want to pay even more so that others can have a free ride. But we don't care, as long as we get more of someone else's money

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu Plays Politics In Congress

It was nice of Bibbi to thank Mr Obama for all the things he had done for Israel, including funneling all those America tax dollars to the Israeli government, before trying his best to sabotage the ongoing negotiations of the United States of America with another country.

It was a great election-campaign move for Mr Nettanyau, At best he showed that he has the power to scupper any move by Israel's greatest ally and to bitch-slap the country that feeds his government.  At worst, he showed the Israeli electorate that he can make the congress of the most powerful country in the world stand up and sit down like puppets.

As the pundits said: his speech benefited the hard-liners in both the US and in Iran, making any kind of deal less likely - which makes a nuclear-armed Iran more likely.

One never knows in the middle east, but I suspect that this is what Mr Netanyahu intended: a nuclear-armed Iran means there is all the more reason for his hard-line party to retain power in Israel.