Saturday, 21 March 2015

Supertide 2015: The Tide of the Century
"Hailed as ‘the tide of the century’ (despite happening every 18 years)"
Hailed by whom? 
Apparentlty hailed by the Independent, who chose these words for their headline., despite the article stating that they were false.
PS: the century is young yet.

Bahrain Prince Nasser's London Instagram Selfie Leads To Calls For ArrestSomeone (not a British citizen) has accused him of something, so he must be guilty - innit? Let's get the UK police involved in other country's mob justice. After all, policing Britain shouldn't require their full-time attention, should it?

So how did George Osborne the failure become the people’s favourite?
So how did George Osborne the failure become the people’s favourite?
So I don't know.
So how did Andrew Rawnsley the failure come to write a column about it?

Tens of thousands march through Dublin to protest against water charges
Typical shoddy journalism: we are never told how much is being charged wfor water. 
Typical leftist protest: wanting more stuff to be free, i.e. paid for by someone else's money.

Edwina Currie’s cleavage tweet was classic fake feminism
This article is classical winge-ing Pom sourness, coupled with Tall Poppy syndrome: a chance to attack someone famous for not thinking as Barabara Ellen does, followed by a general whine that a lot of other people don't either.
One wonders if people such as Ms Ellen ever see anything good in life.

Calais 'Migrants' Smuggled In Lorry Are Brutally Beaten In Horrifying Footage
Absolutely disgusting. Why aren't the French doing more to prevent this. They should send these migrants back to their homes to protect them from this kind of violence. Failing that, at least move them 200 miles away from the border.

Millionaire Cheryl Cole Hints At Ditching Labour Over Mansion Tax
As she already pays far more tax than most other people I cannot understand why she would not want to pay even more so that others can have a free ride. But we don't care, as long as we get more of someone else's money

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