Saturday, 24 June 2017

Google Search Is Doing Irreparable Harm To Muslims
"His goal is to flood the search results with accurate information on Islam."What a great idea! We used to believe, with Milton, "Let Truth and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?" Now we seem to favour a Gresham's law of facts, and doubt that truth and real news can force out lies and fake news. Still, it is worth a try. More power to Mr Suleiman and people like him!

“It’s a fundamental problem with how search works.”
Beirich hits the nail on the head: if you have a search engine, this kind of thing will happen unless the content is heavily censored. The question is: who do you trust as censor?''

T r u m p ’ s L i e s
we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office.
"He is trying to create an atmosphere in which reality is irrelevant."
Of course he is, that is what real estate agents and con men do.
                      The difference is in intent: Real estate people want to make you happy and make a profit.
                                                                Con men want to make a profit and not get caught.
Neither seem appropriate for a POTUS

She reminds me of Donald Trump: 
Truth is for other people and no one need die without their death being used to score political points.

Friday, 23 June 2017

 You couldn’t make this stuff up.
     Speaking at a rally in Iowa, our President proposed a “new immigration laws which say those seeking entry to our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years.”
    The Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 says immigrants entering the United States are ineligible for federal welfare funds for five years after arriving in the United States.  It has been the law for 20 years, Mr President, please try to keep up.

Hate Crimes Soar In Manchester Following Attack At Ariana Grande Concert
The hate crime at the Manchester arena killed 22 and injured many more. 
How many have been killed or injured in these other hate crimes in the month since?

'Close al-Jazeera': Saudi Arabia issues Qatar with 13 demands to end blockade
Not surprising.  The main goal is to take control of Qatr and its society: there is no room for dissent.

Assessing the Impact of the Senate GOP Health Bill
Our President promised TrumpCare would give us1) better healthcare, 2) for everybody, 3) at a lower cost.
The current House and Senate bills provide
   1) no better healthcare (and worse care for many)
   2) that excludes millions of Americans
   3) at a higher cost (unless you are wealthy, in which case it is lower.)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

GOP’s Karen Handel Beats Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia
Race was most expensive in history for a House seat
$30 million to secure a job that pays $174K a year.
You KNOW they are going to want that money back from somewhere.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Workplace gender quotas weed out incompetent men
That means, if applied to teaching, nursing and cashiers, these policies will weed out incompetent women?

UK Caves In On First Day Of Brexit Talks
I do love unbiased reporting: Not "starts negotiations", but "caves in."
Once again, Huffpo caves in to its desire to present politicians and civil servants as weak, incompetent and wrong.

Of course it must be a "cover up" if media do not report incidents as I want them reported. 
Especially if they do not change their coverage to my world view within one hour of the incident.
    Whether Anglophobia or Islamophobia, we are tired of murderous thugs using religion as their excuse. These so-called terrorists, whether Christian or Muslim, are all mohareb: enemies of Allah and of God

Saturday, 17 June 2017

How to Measure Diversity
The problem comes when one sells diversity as a goal, as opposed to unity as a goal. 
 If we all all Americans together, regardless of ethnic origin, then we find it easier to have more tolerance for people wanting different things. 
 If we are hyphenated Americans, then the fact that we may want different things can cause conflict.
         To wit. The list in this articles was completely racist. America is NOT, as stated in the article, 62% white, 17% Hispanic , 13% African, 6% Asian and 1% Native.
         Instead, it is 45% white, 17% Germanic-America, 17% Hispanic-American, 13% African-American, 6% Asian-American and 1% Native-American.
         Anyone who says Germanic Americans are just whites is a vicious racist.

NBC’s Connecticut TV Station Won’t Air Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Alex Jones
Because NO ONE should be allowed to know what dangerously right-wing extremists think.
We should be surprised when we meet their views in public, so they have a better chance to defeat us.

Trump Announces Rollback of Obama’s Cuba Policy
Typical Trump, this is all cosmetic.    
Long before the relaxation, Americans could visit Cuba without any hassle about groups or cultural motives: one simply said one was a journalist and flew there.  The fact that your journalism credentials were the 4 people who followed you blog were irrelevant.  That will continue unchanged under Trumps new Exec order.  
    The only major change is that the Cuban military will now need a 3rd-party (paper) intermediary, so that business with them can continue as usual.

This Muslim Convert Is Changing The Conversation About Women In Islam
"For as long as she can remember, Bellaoui has never quite fit in."
That is one of the reason she dresses as she does: she is saying: "I am not of you. I am different and it is important to me that you know that I am different and not of your society."
If it were not Islam, it would be something else.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Fire Lays Bare The ‘Tale Of Two Kensingtons’ - A Borough Of Extreme Rich And Poor
What IS the point of this article?      
The whole purpose of a modern metropolis is that people of various income levels, ethnicities and educations SHOULD live near each other.  Would Huffpo prefer that the poor only live near the poor and the well-off only live near the affluent?
     Or is the point that the rich should not be allowed to live anywhere at all? 
     That their wealth should be confiscated and redistributed until we all are equally poor?
PS: A home that sells for 250k does not sound like poor to me, but perhaps I measure by different standards, as in: if you get more than $2 a day you are among the wealthiest 50% of the world.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Theresa May Promises 'Proper Investigation' After Tower Blaze

Just like the 5 "Proper Invesitgations" after the last 5 Tower Block fires?
Will they do just as much good?
Grenfell Tower Fire Lays Bare The ‘Tale Of Two Kensingtons’
Gosh, you mean none of the folks who live in public housing are affluent? 
Whodda thunk it?
Corbyn Calls For ‘Luxury’ Properties To Be Taken Over To House ex-Grenfell Residents
Good idea! How many will be moving in with you, Jeremy? 
Or is it only someone else's house that you want to be generous with.
    Neither Labour nor Tories did anything about this problem despite being warned about it many times, so you are right about jail time, for both Labour and Tory councillors. Sadly, I'll believe that when I see it.

Germany, Austria Chide U.S. Senate’s Russia Sanctions Bill
You forget, Europe: It's America First. All you other losers last.
This is good for us and bad for you? Tough!
We want to Make America Grate Again and we don't give a toss about what happens to you.

Trump Signs Order Seeking to Expand Apprenticeship Programs
Great idea!  Let's get businesses, who benefit the most, to pay for it.