Monday, 25 September 2017

Seahawks, Titans, Steelers stay in locker rooms during national anthem as more players protest
People have said that the athletes who are protesting do not respect being Americans, but I think they do.
They think being an American means they do not have to be conformist, to do what everybody else does.
They like the American ideal that no one can tell person what to do, unless it interferes with another’s right.

So tell me: How are these athletes interfering with someone’s else’s right?

Jared Kushner Used Private Email Account To Conduct White House Business
You guys just don't understand: IARIYAR
(Its all right if you are republican)

Labour Promises To Cap Credit Card Fees For Three Million People ‘Trapped’ By Debt
To right! We don't want people to pay what they owe. Poor people, especially Labour supporters, should be able to get away with only paying some of what they owe.

Plight of the Waspi women: Labour calls for women's retirement age to be lowered to 64
Absolutely. We should have laws based on sexism. Women should have the right to retire before men because....... Well, just because.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lange's Rant of the dayWhy do so many black people dishonor the national anthem of a nation that provides them such an opportunity to make humongous amounts of money?   Why don't the owners of NFL franchises who pay these players have rules of conduct against acts of this nature?  
      It is questionable, David, as to why people who make this amount of money can make a sign of disrespect to the flag that has protected them.  Perhaps they think that is hasn’t protected them as well as it has some others.  Perhaps they have been stopped for DWB (driving while black) or perhaps their son has been exposed to racism in school or in their daughter to racism in the supermarket.
        Fortunately, we have a lot of people who fought and died to give us the freedom to stand or not stand: no one can force an American to do something just because other people want him to do it.   The reason that the code of conduct of the NFL teams doesn’t specify that free speech is prohibited is because it would be unconstitutional.
      Unless you want a dictatorship that says American’s will do this when told to and do that when told to, I think you’ll just have to live with it.

Sorry!  How will you enforce this: if you tell them there is a post of their web-site, they will remove it immediately.   The only way that they can do this is if you wish them to read every post and become a censor.   What will your criteria be - given that you cannot have a law that does not define what is unacceptable.
    I guess that this also applies to the post office, so that all our mail is read?'
    Is this the reason that Facebook deleted Rohingya sites?

Mental Health Patients Are Victims Of Postcode Lottery, Says Labour MP
This is outrageous! Why can't the NHS just give us all the metal and physical health services that we need, regardless of cost. Our children and grandchildern will be able to pay the bill for our current lifestyle - and if they can't, someone else will have to pay.
Nonsense. As one of Germany shining example of feminism, she should just get on with her job. Let others worry about how "to help feminism go mainstream."
Nonsense.   As one of Germany shining example of feminism, she should just get on with her job.  Let others worry about how "to help feminism go mainstream."

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Rochdale Grooming Scandal Whistleblower Defends Sarah Champion And Slams Austerity
She does not have it right: we DO want to shut down people for what they are saying.
     There are topics that are not to be debated, particularly if there is a chance that some of the arguments can be called racist. If is forbidden in Britain to suggest that a problem with a group of people can have something to do with their race. They only racial statements that can be uttered are that a group has it hard because of their race; nothing else.
Gosh. That will sure help.

Tweeters School Donald Trump Over Tom Cruise ‘Top Gun’ Speech Gaffe
Odd!  It wasn't a gaffe. I hold no brief for Mr Trump. but do these tweeters speak English?
Trump said the Air Force was better looking and could fight & fly better, so what difference would it make that Cruise played a Navy f*ck.   Okay, it may piss off some Navy f*cks, but that wasn't his audience.

London bombing shows danger of Islamification in Britain and Europe. Is the US next?
Crap! Irish have been blowing us up for years in Britain. These Muslims are pikers, compared to the Christians.

Friday, 15 September 2017

This guy is objecting that a traitor is given a role at Harvard. Traitors have to make a living too. 
Just because Manning doesn't care about the damage he caused to America is no reason to deny him a chance to profit from it.

Chuck Schumer caught saying Donald Trump 'likes us' in private conversation
Oh no! A politician saying that someone from the other side "likes us - or like me anyway". 
Isn't this treason! How can we know who to hate if politicians are going to start being civil?

9 arrested in Berkeley protests relating to speech by Conservative Ben ShapiroWait a minute. I though Shapiro was a conservative!
Why would he object to people carrying guns at his speech?
Doesn't he stand for our second amendment rights?
Oh no! A politician saying that someone from the other side "like us - or like me anyway".  Isn't this treason! How can we know who to hate if are going to start being civil?

Twitter Calls Out Museum Curator For Saying Asian Names Are ‘Confusing’
What a racist thing to say: they should have labels that reveal all 17 names of a god. 
The object is not to be understandable, nor to be non-boring; it is to be non-racist.

Grenfell Inquiry Chair Sir Accused Of ‘Disrespecting’ Survivors By Ignoring Question
The guys are reading too much into Moor-Bick inquiry, which is only to answer a specific set of question. However, I do see their point: they want to have a a hearing that lasts for 5 years and doesn't get to any answers but does allow them to air their grievances. It's disrespectful not to give them their desire

America’s vitriol towards Clinton reveals a nation mired in misogyny
Actually, no.  People did not like Clinton, but the Dems ran her anyway.   
It had nothing to do with misogynist; they just don't like her.  
"...what they really mean is she needs to shut up..." because we are tired of hearing her whine.
        Why do I have the suspicion that EVERYTHING this author touches shows America (or England) mired in misogyny .

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Universal Credit: Increasing Numbers Of Tenants Falling Behind With Rent
Gosh! You mean some people can't budget and some think the landlord comes in last place in terms of people to pay? Whodda thunk it?

Hillary Clinton's Book Dissects Her Defeat In 2016 Election
As usual, it is always someone else's fault.

Canada Marijuana Legalization: Police Services Ask Feds To Postpone July 2018 Start Date
Well of course they do. After all, not arresting people is a big change, plus they are telling us that they did not have a way to testing for sobriety, although 10% of Canadians drove high.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Happy birthday, Scottish parliament. You’ve given us independence of mindWhich is far better than actually having to pay for it.
As long as we keep getting subsidies to remain in the UK, we'll be with you.
As Colin Powell said about the French "The Scots will always be there whenever they need us."

This Is How Migrants Are Rescued By NGOs In The Mediterranean"
On The Front Line Of Europe's Biggest Humanitarian Crisis" was the lead-in headline.
It is NOT Europe's Biggest Humanitarian crisis, it is North Africa and the Middle-East biggest crisis. 
Saying that it is Europe's is simply shielding the people who are causing the crisis.

E-cigarettes containing nicotine linked to raised heart attack risk
What is the risk of heart attack in Smokers?  Is the risk less than "Nicotine Device" users?

Thursday, 7 September 2017

 No non-white should be able to play a white part and no white should be able to play a non-white part. 
Only Italians should be able to play the Merchant of Venice.

BBC Women, Up Pressure On Director General To ‘Rectify Injustices’ Of Pay Gap
Absolutely! Anybody who draws an audiene should be paid more, anybody who doesn't draw an audience should be paid less.

Government To Crack Down On Excessive Pay Of University Senior Staff
Let's also get the Parliamentarians for their "excessive pay".

Air Canada Put 14-Year-Old In Hotel Room With Strangers, Mother Says
This is horrible. She got to stay with nice people who looked out for her. Plus she she had no one to help her change money, in an airport with lots of money exchanges who all speak English and Romanian and Hungarian.
This women just want to whine, doesn't she