Friday, 21 July 2017

Muslim woman detained for reading Syrian art book on plane takes court action
Because of her race? She claims she was discriminated against because she is caucasian?
At least she looks caucasian to me; if I am mistaken, what race is she?
PS: There is something odd about this story: who said that she was detained for reading a book? The airline? The authorities? The woman? Her lawyer?

California judge refuses to bring back Trump's sanctuary cities ban
Good! ICE agents should do their job and stop asking city cops to do it for them.   City cops will detain anyone who ICE has a warrant for, so ICE should get up off their butts and get the warrants.

Reporter hailed as hero after broadcasting  press briefing in defiance of White House rules
This is fake news. Anyone who would record and forward things people actually said MUST be a fake news agent.   How can we manage spin if people hear our words as we speak them?

Trump appoints man who thinks climate science is 'junk' to top science post
This severely offends those whose religion is climate change. Okay, the guy is wrong, but does he deserve vitriol because he is wrong, or should he be educated.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

GOP urges 'civil disobedience' over new Seattle tax
The GOP, once the party of law and order, now wants to use left-wing radical activist tactics to protect the income of the rich, rather than using the US justice system to oppose an illegal tax.    How times have changed!

BBC to name presenters paid more than £150,000 a year of which two thirds are men
Men and women should be paid exactly the same, regardless of their talent or their ability to draw audiences; equality of results is what is wanted, not equality of opportunity. 
     If this were no so, if we wanted equality of opportunity, we would not ask why women are paid less than men, we would ask why Jane is paid less than Peter

Trump’s Plan To ‘Let Obamacare Fail’ Is Morally Appalling
If Obamacare fails, it fails on Trump's watch. That is, it will be Trumpcare that caused it to fail

Delivery Drivers Too Scared To Work After Dark Because Of Acid Attacks
So there ARE no-go areas in London.

Men and women should be paid exactly the same, regardless of their talent or their ability to draaudiences; equality of results is what is wanted, not equality of opportunity.  

If this were no so, if we wanted equality of opportunity, we would not ask why women are paid less than men, we would ask why Peter is paid more than Jane.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Corbyn Tells May How To Avoid 'Disrespecting' Grenfell Victims

Since Jeremy has already decided what the inquiry should find, why doesn;t he publish the results now?
Isn't he disrespecting the victims by keeping mum? 
Or is it just because he hasn't been advised by an ethnically diverse panel yet?

Iranian Press Publishes Tributes Without HijabWhat head coverings must male Iranians wear?
Are there any items of clothing required for male Iranians?

Baker Street Hijab Incident Suspect's Girlfriend Was Set Upon First
The police are investigating this attack on a black woman by Muslim women as a hate crime.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Some GOP Lawmakers Really Want To Carry Guns In The Capitol
No way they should be allowed to have guns in the House and Senate unless I am too. 
If these nutcases are going heeled, I want to be able to protect myself.
Remember the second amendment exists so we can defend ourselves against these people.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

'Catastrophic collapse' of  ice sheet could raise global sea levels by three metres, warns scientist
       No, actually, she doesn't.  She says if ALL of the ice in the Antarctica Peninsula melted, it might raise the sea level by 1/2 a meter.  She adds that the current minuscule slice (about the size of Wales) will have NO effect on sea level. She goes on to say melting that would bring a 3.3 meter rise would take up to 1000 years.
      However, such honest scientific conclusions are not sensational enough for the Indie, who prefers to publish fake news headlines in the hopes of selling more advertising.  Is it true?  Who cares?  It sells.   Does it mislead or readers?  Who cares?

Bromance blossoms as Corbyn meets EU’s chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels
Good for Jeremy. Rather than have a united British position, we can have party positions that vie with each other for attention and acceptance, ensuring that Britain gets a worse deal than we could united. But what is Britain and its future compared to getting a few more votes?

Group to confront boats rescuing refugees in Mediterranean ‘and take them back to Africa’
Good for them. It is about time someone stopped this people trafficking. Those trying to enter the EU illegally should be safely and humanely delivered back to their port of departure or the next feasible port. If they wish to enter the EU legally, they are welcome. Let them apply from their home country in accordance with EU law.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

‘Classless’ Attack On Gender Creative Kid
Child abuse takes bizarre forms these days.
If the kid was "age non-conforming" and wanted to drink alcohol and drive a car, I suppose they would encourage him (albeit not at the same time).

Wall Street Journal Announces Restructure, Hints At Diversity Push Among Leadership
Nothing wrong with quotas, I suppose. I trust there will also be diversity goals for ethnicity (so many Hispanics, so many Germanics, so many Asians, etc.)