Monday, 28 September 2015

Richard Dawkins Says Islamophobia Is A 'Non-Word'
People create new words all the time, Richard. Get used to it.
Thus have we made Islamophobic and Anglophobic, homophobic and heterophobic.
       Still it is odd that, among religions, only Islam gets this distinction.  Hardly anyone says Buddhaphobic, Christianophobic, Sikhophobic or Shintophobic 
       Jewophobic has gotten its own special term - anti-semitic - which leaves only Arabophobic for the rest of the semites. (This is pretty hard cheese, since some of the most anti-semitic acts of recent times were perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians.)
       Other groups have had to make do with more general terms - a Negrophobe is just called a racist. Probably because people do not like using the word negro at all anymore and Afrophobe sounds like hatred of a hair cut.

Edward Snowden: 'Inevitably Someone Like Me Is Going To Get Owned'
Kim Philby felt the same way.

Anarchists Class War Set Sights On Jack The Ripper Museum 
What a logical bunch: how can we protest violence against women,? 
I know, let's go commit violence on places where women work and terrorise their children! 
This will be especially effective if the place has a violence-against-women-is-wrong theme.

France: 'Assad Or ISIS' Thinking Means More Refugees, More Violence
Probably true. Sadly, he did not say what would mean less violence and fewer refugees.

Diane Abbott Accuses Labour MPs Of Wanting To Bomb Syria To Hurt Corbyn's Leadership
With friends like Diane, he doesn't need many enemies, does he?

Friday, 25 September 2015

Why Greece Shut The Shortest, Safest Route For Migrants And Refugees

I cannot understand why people want to protect their homeland's resources, infrastructure and culture.      Can't they see that these should all be given away to anyone who feels like their own homeland is not worth working to fix and has the gumption to leave it? 
     Countries should welcome any invasion as long the invaders don't carry guns.

Shadow Environment Secretary Says Treat Meat Eaters Like Smokers
Absolutely! People should be forced to eat meat outdoors and no meat should be sold in pubs and restaurants. Think of all those toxic carginogens that they exhale when eating meat indoors. 
    Of course, if she were actually serious about health, she would start with sugar, not meat. Instead, she has made a political decision that goes against human nature of an omnivore, probably only to confrim her status and self-belief as a vegan,. 
    Certainly there are good environmental reasons to cut down on meat consumption, but the health benefits are 100 time less than curtailing sugar.

Channel 4 Could Be Privatised Privatise. Is that Newspeak for "sell"?   If so, how much do they want for it? 
    Or for "take it out of the hands of bureaucrats"   
If so, ismply pass control to a not-for-profit company with no state ownership.

Jeremy Corbyn Says Piggate Scandal Risks Distracting From Real Issues
Good for him. About time someone got stuck in to the lazy fools who call themselves journalists but can only write a let's-you-and-him-fight story. 
     Not only do they distract attention from important matters, they deliberately make our society a nastier place to live.

And no laws, nor any amount of men waffling on, will change that.    Only women can change it.
It will stop when women stop allowing it to happen.

It's not my job to absolve white friends of racism, but it can seem that way 18 Sep 2015
As one black friend told me years ago regarding accusations of racism: "when you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one who got hit." (I think he got it from a Dick Gregory riff.)

While I see the point of "Racist intent isn’t a requirement for racism." But what it says is: "you better walk on tiippy-toes around me because, if I am offendied by something you do or say, I will call you a racists regardless of what you meant.

On that basis, Mr Carson, you are a racist. I quote "White people seem to have..."

On the other hand, I like your point: "Our society claims that there is a need to address racism while disavowing that almost anyone is a racist." Once both blacks and white admit that most blacks and whites are racists, the conversation on what we can do about that can begin.View discussion

Okay, over 50% of the cabinet are women, but they are not in the jobs that I want them to be in, so that must mean that the party and its leader are sexist.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Egyptian Billionaire Explains His Plan To Buy An Island For Refugees
What a great philanthrope: an individual Egyptian willing to do more that his government is doing - giving refugees a chance to build their own, better, society without the contamination of prejudice. 
    I don't like his chances: governments fear those who support self-reliance over dependency

David Cameron Caught On Microphone Slagging Off Yorkshire
Cameron In Yorkshire 'Bigotgate' -- What a media beat-up: don't you have anything better to do than try to pit people against each other and make the UK a worse place to live?
     Actually, he did not "slag off" Yorkshire, He made a joke that had a kernel of truth, and one that most intelligent Yorkies would laugh at and probably agree with.
     The use of the word "caught" also indicates Ned Simon's agenda in this Op-Ed piece.

Sturgeon Threatens Independence Unless Corbyn's Labour Provides 'Credible' Election Chance  Interesting: according to the leader of the Selfish National Party, independence should be decided by what the labour party does.

After A Decade Without Executions, Arkansas Sets Dates To Kill 8 Inmates
Interesting word choice. Would the reacgtion be the same to:
After A Decade Without Executions, Arkansas Sets Dates To Kill 8 Premeditated Murderers

Friday, 11 September 2015

I've been called a 'Feminazi' for calling out a sexist man on Linkedin
"Solicitors have already informed me that they will no longer instruct me in legal cases"
    Actually, Ms Proudman is the sexist in this case, unloading her misandry on a man who, in response to her requested that he connect with her on linked-in, praised her picture - not her looks, just her picture.
   Her mind also seems slightly in the gutter, as she brings eroticism into the conversation, seemingly out of nowhere.
   Finally, she is seems age-ist, implying that it is inappropriate for older people to comment on the pictures of younger people.
   Given her demonstrated poor judgement and obvious biases, I am not surprised that solicitors will no longer instruct her.

Game-Changing Ethnic Studies Bill Heads To California Governor
Presumably, ethnic studies will include white studies, or is this minority (only 25% of the student body) one that will be ignored?

Richard Dawkins Slams Saudi Arabia's Offer To Build 200 Mosques In Germany
Far better they spend this money resettling refugees in Saudi Arabia.  If they wish to help Europe, they could take them from Kos, Lesbos and Italian seaports.

Hungarian Army Could Be Sent In To Stop People Crossing Border With Serbia
Good for them. Hungary is tired of people who feel that they are too good for Turkey, too good for Greece, too good for Bulgaria, too good for Serbia and too good for Hungary.

Would You Put Your Child to Sea in a Dinghy?
No, I would not. Once I escaped the war zone I would concentrate on protecting my children, not on putting them to even further risk.

Increasing U.S. Refugee Cap By 5,000 Is 'Far Too Low
The US takes in 1.7 million immigrants each year, 1 million of them legally. 
That is more per head than Germany, who take in 400,000 or the the UK who take some 250,000.
There are over 12 million refugees now living in the USA.

The parallels between the UK and the US are uncanny!
One one side we have Bernie Saunders and Jeremy Corbyn - so left that the general population would not elected them to the post of dogcatcher.

On the other we have Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, so silly and embarrassing that the general population not only would not elect them, they curl up in shame at the meree mention of their names.

How did two countries find such similar buffoons to head up the coverage of elections?
Is it something in the water, or have journo's just gotten tired of playing the game and so are trying to promote leaders that are an endless supply of no-effort stories?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

'No Room For Refugees'? These Government Houses Have Space
True. And those people with an extra bedroom in social housing can take in a refugee, helping someone and avoiding the "bedroom tax" at the same time. Two problems solved.

Mike Huckabee: Obey The Law Only 'If It's Right'
So Huckabee agrees with the illegal aliens - they should violate our immigration laws if they don't think they are right.

A drinking culture at the House of Commons contributed "quite a lot" to Charles Kennedy's problems with alcohol,
Yep. It is ALWAYS someone else's fault

Refugee Crisis: David Cameron Promises Britain 'Will Do More'Not sure why a child, who died from being put at needless risk by his parents after they had reached safety in Turkey, has become the poster child of the refugee crisis, but the UN suggestion that the EU take in 200,000 refugees seems quite reasonable. 
    Based on land area, the rest of the world should take in 6.7 million; based on poulation, the rest of the world should take in 1.8 million; based on GDP, they should take 900,000. Don't hold your breath.
    Meanwhile, the Afghans, Nigerians and Somalis are asking Cameron: "What are we, chopped liver?" I hope he replies: "We will also take in your nationalities from UN refugee camps located in your neighbouring countries."
    PS: Scotland should take 30% of the UK refugees based on land area, abourt 8% based on population or GDP and 9.2% based on UK government expenditure. Ask Nicola which percentage she wants to use

The European Migrant Crisis Is A Nightmare. The Climate Crisis Will Make It Worse.It's okay. They have already learned that one simply has to get to the periphery of Europe and then protest that whatever country they reach will not give them a ride to Germany. Of course, carelessly and callously exposing some children to the unnecessary risk of drowning will help a lot.

How many will you take into your home and support financially, Mr Fraser?   Put your money where your mouth is.
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Had her emails been on government servers they would be a lot LESS secure, as Snowden proved already.
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It used to be that the top-tier universities picked an elite, who matriculated and were duly certified as elite after the mandatory minimum time was served. 1st, 2:1, 2:2 were simply to designate the swats and the maleable. "Meritocracy" hardly figured.
In the post WWII world, "meritocracy" was approved of by most academics in theory, but was called "elitism" by the left. In practice, it has been maintained in maths and the hard sciences, but been ever eroded in the soft sciences and vocational training courses (except, perhaps, medicine and engineering).
Universities of the lower ranks have not reached the level of non-competitive sport, where score is not kept less the self-esteem of the losing side be damaged, but they are getting there.
We should have walled and barbed-wires wall on both north and south borders. These walls should be manned by well-armed Very Operational Police Officers, or VoPo's . To be certain that we don't lose track of any illegal immigrants who do get through, we should create a Special Teams Against Slippery Immigrants, or STASI. Who knew that Walker was secretly an East German Communist?
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Gosh, the opposition accused the party in power of something? That IS news!

I do not mind some people being selfish, I just don't see why I should have to subsidize their selfishness.