Monday, 28 September 2015

Richard Dawkins Says Islamophobia Is A 'Non-Word'
People create new words all the time, Richard. Get used to it.
Thus have we made Islamophobic and Anglophobic, homophobic and heterophobic.
       Still it is odd that, among religions, only Islam gets this distinction.  Hardly anyone says Buddhaphobic, Christianophobic, Sikhophobic or Shintophobic 
       Jewophobic has gotten its own special term - anti-semitic - which leaves only Arabophobic for the rest of the semites. (This is pretty hard cheese, since some of the most anti-semitic acts of recent times were perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians.)
       Other groups have had to make do with more general terms - a Negrophobe is just called a racist. Probably because people do not like using the word negro at all anymore and Afrophobe sounds like hatred of a hair cut.

Edward Snowden: 'Inevitably Someone Like Me Is Going To Get Owned'
Kim Philby felt the same way.

Anarchists Class War Set Sights On Jack The Ripper Museum 
What a logical bunch: how can we protest violence against women,? 
I know, let's go commit violence on places where women work and terrorise their children! 
This will be especially effective if the place has a violence-against-women-is-wrong theme.

France: 'Assad Or ISIS' Thinking Means More Refugees, More Violence
Probably true. Sadly, he did not say what would mean less violence and fewer refugees.

Diane Abbott Accuses Labour MPs Of Wanting To Bomb Syria To Hurt Corbyn's Leadership
With friends like Diane, he doesn't need many enemies, does he?

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