Monday, 16 March 2020

Some Ask a Taboo Question: Is America Overreacting to Coronavirus?
Why don't they have social distancing and lock down every winter in Flue season, to prevent 30,000 deaths

Public School Is a Child’s Right. Should Preschool Be Also?
Yes. Every child should have a right to a nanny from age 3 months and preschool from age 2. Mothers have better things to do.

What It’s Like To Be A Black Widow
Do we now expect to have articles on being a widow when you are German, Hindi, Hispanic, Thai (etc)?

Sunday, 15 March 2020

My Dating Tweet Went Viral. Then Everything Changed When The Angry Men Showed Up.
"I don’t think you can be a woman of color on the internet and not deal with online harassment..."
What makes you think that women of no colour have it any different?

Thursday, 12 March 2020

If You Suddenly Work Remotely, Communication Matters More Than Anything Else
"colleagues feel seen and heard?' Who edits this? Morons?

Crap. It is just another flu.  Why are the media trying, deliberately, to panic people?  What do they have to gain?

Why Boris Johnson Doesn’t Want To Peak Too Soon On Coronavirus
"I must level with you, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time.”
What? How DARE he say that! 
We know that the flu virus doesn't kill ANY loved ones, so why should corona virus kill them.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

She Was Excited for a New School. Then the Anti-Semitic ‘Jokes’ Started.
This also happens to the other Semites: the Arabs. But no one cares about them.

John Roberts Condemns Schumer for Saying Justices ‘Will Pay the Price’ for ‘Awful Decisions’
But said NOTHING when Trump said that Justices should recuse themselves from all matters Trumpian.

Boris Johnson, You Must Recognise That Domestic Abuse Is A Specific Kind Of ViolenceYes. This kind of violence must be treated as something special because,,,,, well because....because we want it to be treated as something special, not related to other types of violence. Why? Just because!

E.P.A. Updates Plan to Limit Science Used in Environmental Rules
When your President believe that all science is a hoax, what do you expect.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Trump Slams ‘Politically Correct’ Fox News
He is absolutely right: Fox should never have any democrat on their network for whatever reason We do NOT like networks who report news, we only like networks who are biased - and being biased 100% is just right.
We do like big government in Washington telling us how the news must be run. It is what government is for.

Trump, Returning to Retribution, Withdraws Pentagon Nomination
What is the point of having power if you can't use it in a petty, capricious and vindictive way

Boris Johnson Declares 'Confidence' In Embattled Home Secretary Priti Patel
I trust the #metoo movement will set him straight, as they must be incensed at Pritti Patel's behaviour....unless, of course, they are hypocrites.

Grace Millane Murder: Should ‘Rough Sex’ Ever Be A Legal Defence In Court?
No. Anyone who likes rough sex, especially if female, should face 10 years in prison.