Friday, 27 January 2017

Shadow Welsh Secretary Resigns In Protest At Jeremy Corbyn’s Order To Vote For Brexit
Every MP should vote as their constituency voted, If they do Article 50 will pass.If they do not, deselect them!

Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue: the year Amy Adams missed out on an Oscar
How many of these nominees are Germanic-American?

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Read Draft Text Of Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Muslim Entry To The U.S.
As if, in 1942, we said "block refugee admissions from the war-torn country of Germany indefinitely."

Councillor Resigns After He’s Filmed Telling Fox Hunt Protester ‘I’d Like To Shag You’

Of course he should resign: there is no place in government for heterosexual males who state their desires in a forthright manor.

Monday, 23 January 2017

The false claims 45th President has made since his inauguration
Trump:  I did not have a feud with the CIA. -Okay
              I did not have a smaller crowd than Obama. -Okay
              I did not have rain when I spoke. -Okay
                      and from earlier
              I did not grope women (I only said that i did). -Okay
              I did not mock a disabled reporter (I only imitated him), - Okay
Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman. -Impeach him!
The explanation lies in "faith."  Many Trump supporters have "faith" in the Donald.
Despite the things he does and the lies he tells, they believe in him.
Just as, despite microcephaly and bone cancer in children, many have faith their God is just and loving
PS:              I will release my tax returns eventually (oops, changed my mind). -Okay

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Trump And His Press Secretary Flagrantly Lied On Their First Full Day In Office
"...chose to lie, repeatedly, on their first full day on the job, about a relatively trivial ― and easily checkable ― matter." 
You clearly do not understand Newspeak and the modern version of truth. 
If if is good for my side,or bad for your side, it is not a lie. 
If it is bad for my side or good for your side, it IS a lie
Facts are not relevant, only propaganda and positioning count.

I'm Not Afraid To Stand Up To Trump on Women's Rights, Teresa May Says

Donald Trump and his press secretary said today that Ms May WAS afraid to stand up to Mr Trump.          They said that journalists, as the most dishonest people in the world, were promulgating of "fake news" when they implied that she was not afraid to stand up to him. 
      "Everyone knows that the UK is about to leave the EU and needs the US to come in and save it's bacon again like we did in WWII," said Press Secretary Sean Spicer, "so she must be afraid"
       "Of course she is afraid to stand up to me. I am so wonderfully intimidating - fantastically intimidating, really - that even men are afraid to stand up to me," said Mr Trump.
       "We cannot understand why lying journalists would publish anything different," they both added.

Former Trump Staffer Attacks Cleveland Newspaper
In Ghana in the 1970s, the lead story on every front page every day ran: 
"Col, I.K. Acheampong, President and Chairman of the National Redemption Council said today that...."
Sounds like this guy would have been happy there. 

No one every heard of Bobby Kennedy?

Saturday, 21 January 2017

'Washington will be ours': Putin supporters hold all-night party
No comment needed
Because "Little Englanders" don't like to be called "Little Englanders" 
It is like pikey or paki, offensive regardless of accuracy.

Thousands Join #WomensMarch In London To Stand Up To Trump
What is it they are standing up to? What has he threatened to do ?'''

Trump Inauguration Protests See Anarchists Smash Windows In Washington
Care to make a bet on how many of the protesters and rioters actually voted?

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

MLB Player Mansplained Birth Control To Jessica Chastain
I do like the sexist pejorative "mansplain." It is so deliciously matronizing.

Polls Are Bad For Donald Trump Again. Here’s Why That Matters.
"...they aren’t trying to identify likely voters"
Which is why Donald will ignore these polls.
If they are not Trump voters, who cares what they think?

May Asked Facebook What It Thinks Of Brexit Plan Which Went Predictably Badly

Of course it went badly. Those who voted to leave dislike her for not doing it in precisely the way THEY would hvae done it, those who voted to remain dislike her for doing it at all. That puts 60% against her from the git-go, with only 2% - those whose desired Brexit plan matched hers - on her side. (The 38% who didn''t vote still don''t give a sh*t)

She does not say what harm it does, beyond rebuking Israel for going against US policy  (both republican and democrat) on settlements.
Oh, and Nikki, the US pays 22% of the UN funding because the US gdp is 22% of the world's gdp.  
Unless you want the US to be seen as a deadbeat shirker, better stump up.

What will Betsy DeVos’ focus on school choice mean for public education?
It will mean your and my tax dollars going to make profits for her private-school owning mates. More transfers of money from the less-well-off to the rich. Hidden behind "choice" that allows parents to choose for-profit schools that never deliver on any of their promises over public schools that rarely deliver on most of their promises.

  • Why should the taxpayer be expected to enrich the public school system's administrators and employees? The public schools, through taxes and bond issues have created their own growth industry. They are not motivated by the marketplace to compete or turn a profit. Why is the status quo superior?

    • It is superior because it gets better results than for-profit schools
      Public administrators and employees are payed NOT to funnel tax money meant for education into private pockets. In a public or non-profit private school, this would be called fraud; in a for-profit school it is called good business. PS: I have no problem with for-profit schools not funded by tax dollars - I am happy for parents to choose them, as long as I don't have to pay for their choice.
      I also have no problem with not-for-profit religious schools that face accountability, so if you want taxpayers funding for madrassahs, go ahead with vouchers.

Monday, 16 January 2017

 Trump's tax threats wipe €4.5bn off Germany's top car companies stocks
Hey, he can afford it: it is other people's money, not his.
Retaliatory tariffs will not work, since the rest of the world not longer wants US-made cars. 
Europe, Japan and Korea will have to put tariffs on other US goods to compensate.

Paul previews ObamaCare replacement plan focusing on lower cost policies
Great idea! Make sure everyone has really cheap third-class insurance that does not protect them but makes millions for the insurance companies. The new america: do things on the cheap, scrap quality.

Every Constituency In England Will Lose Money Under Schools Funding Plan
This is easy to fix. Just have every adult citizen write in to say they want to pay more taxes. 
When the number of letters reaches 1/2 of the electorate, the government will have mandate to save education and the NHS

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Corbyn Vows To Take Care Homes Into Public OwnershipThe government is barely paying care homes enough to cover their costs, so many (the least efficient) are failing. What should we do?
       I know! Let's nationalize them, putting layer of bureaucracy and politics on top of them so they become even less efficient and more costly.

Ted Cruz vs. The Muslim Brotherhood Boogeyman
This will certainly assist Muslim extremists who need ammunition to radicalize young and gullible America muslims.   Still, it will garner votes for Ted and his brand of fear-mongering politicians.  
Will it hurt America?  Yeah, but who cares?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The FBI, Billary and the Donald
         When the FBI says something about Hillary, the Retroblicans all cheer it for being a fair, tough, independent and objective law enforcement agency, while the Dumbocrats all whine that it is a partisan tool of their opposition.  
        When the FBI says something about Trump, the Dumbocrats all cheer it for being a fair, tough, independent and objective law enforcement agency, while the Retroblicans all whine that it is a partisan tool of their opposition.
         Let’s try a couple of converse hypotheticals:
 1) Suppose, for argument sake, the stuff about Trump and Russia is true and that the Democrats agree that they will abide by whatever the Republicans think we should do about it. What would the Republicans propose?
 2) Suppose, for argument sake, the stuff about Hillary and E-mails is true and that the Republicans agree that they will abide by whatever the Democrats think we should do about it. What would the Democrats propose?

        That is, could we try to suppose, for just one moment and as hard as it may be to do emotionally, that the security and integrity of the United States of America is more important than scoring points off the other party?

I always wondered how he got his hair that colour.

So politicians are blaming immigrants for the NHS crisis. How predictable
"...stop spiralling levels of immigration and reduce pressure on NHS..."
        Stopping immigration would INCREASE pressure on the NHS, as we would no longer have enough doctors and nurses to provide even the services we have today, much less the services we want to have, but do not want to pay for.
      So Phil McDuff, the author of this piece, is modern.
      So he even starts thoughts with "so" when he is writing.
      So he does it when the "so" adds nothing to the sentence.
      So he even does it when the "so" distracts the reader from his meaning.
      So how cool is that?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Muslim girls must swim with boys in Switzerland, European court rules
About time someone stood up to rampant sexism hiding behind the false cover of religion. Sexism is sexism wherever it rears it's head. We would not even consider someone who said that their religion did not allow blacks and whites to swim together. We would rise in anger at those who said their religion prohibits them from dealing with homosexuals. This is no different.

Morocco bans burqa over security concerns
Good for them. In the west we do not believe that there are people so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face. And when such elitism is restricted to only one gender, we call is what it is: rank sexism.

McGuinness has gone. Stability may go with him
When the strong man leaves, chaos often follows, viz Tito in Yugoslavia, Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya. We hope this will not be the case now that the Deputy First Murderer has left.

Here’s How To Understand The Bombshell New Report On Trump And Russia
If it does not confirm my world view it is fake news.
If it says what I want to hear, then I will beleive it regardless of how false it might be.

Jeremy Hunt Flees TV Reporter As She Demands Answers
Why would anyone flee a reporter. We all know that reporters only write stories about people trying to do good, they never try to twist things so that ALL politicians look incompetent, ignorant, stupid or venal. Who can remember a single report that made a politician look bad? 
Don't all reporters try to help make Britain a better place by informing people of the good that politicians, civil servants, citizens and the general public do for us every day?

Monday, 9 January 2017

Oooh! Donnie, don't be so thin-skinned. Time to man up a little.
If you are going to react every time some poppet slams you, you will spend the next 4 years doing nothing but reacting.

Netanyahu offered newspaper owner commercial favours in return for positive coverage
      Come on - whats a few thousand bucks in cigars between friends: don't people on minimum wage give each other these kind of gifts all the time?
      And who gets upset by bribery to influence the news: as most news these days is fake anyway, what does it matter if politicians twist it?
"The young are disillusioned: by bureaucracy, insincerity, and a sense that the government doesn’t understand them"        Of course they are disillusioned: for most of their lives, the news media have told them that the majority of government and the bureaucracy are nasty, incompetent and uncaring, if not downright venal.
       "The real crisis of faith is not in politicians but in democracy..."

Again, the news media tell us that politicians are usually bad in one way or another and that democracy doesn't work. Ask yourself: when is the last article you recall about a politician who was honest, upright, competent and caring. When did you last see a piece that showed democracy working to create something good somewhere in our country?

Sorry Sam Cam – watching all my money lose its value doesn’t put me in the mood to shop
" being gifted her own label..."   Sorry, Hadley, gifted by whom?
     Are you saying that no spouse of anyone who is or has been famous should try to market a fashion label, or just that women should be held to account for their boyfriend's policitcs? An odd position for an alleged feminist

Science loses out to uninformed opinion on climate change – yet again
IPSO's postion seems quite reasonable. Williamson is upset about Delingpole’s OPINIONS - he would not be making this complaint if Delingpole made a factual error or two but was supportive of acidification as a large and important problem. Opinion (however stupid) is and should be free.
      The key is that truth (or science) does not matter in the modern world. What matters is whether a statement agrees with us or is something we would LIKE to be true.
      This may make life difficult for people who believes that "facts are sacred," but they had better get used to it: Brexit, Trump, climate change and the benefits of GMO crops all show that this is a minority opinion.
The key is that truth (or science) does not matter in the modern world.  What matters is whether a statement agrees with us or is something we would LIKE to be true.

This may make life difficult for people who believes that "facts are sacred," but they had better get used to it: Brexit, Trump, climate change and the benefits of GMO crops all show that this is a minority opinion.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Trump and The Establishment

Mr Trump is not anti-establishment,  he is anti-anyone who is not pro-Trump.     He had no difficulty co-opting members of the establishment onto his cabinet…and he will have no difficulty firing them if they speak against him.

Our Presidency has entered a cult of personality.   What won the election was not policy or plans but one man’s slogans, flamboyance and flair.   The only thing that can touch him is failure to keep his promises and there are plenty of politicians and business people to teach him how to deal with that – as if he doesn’t already have enough experience with that.

Telling the people what they want to hear, even if you do not believe in it yourself, has always been a good electioneering tactic, but it usually was based on a party platform that had to have at least some truth and consistency behind it.     Now the “great leader” can tweet flip-flops daily without consequence, bringing the high low and the low high.   

The establishment did not make Trump and so they fear him: they certainly should.  Whether it be a CIA expert who disagrees with Mr Trump’s world view or a general who disagrees on the tactical situation in a given theatre, whether it is a CEO who thinks he knows how to run his own company better than Mr Trump does, or a judge who thinks he knows the law better --- all should live in fear.    

Mr Trump is not beholden to, nor has any need for,  political party or any other US institution except insofar as they support and advance his personal agenda.     Knowing  that he leads a cult of personality, he can tolerate NO dissent and no image may shine half  so bright as the dear leader’s.    We are about to learn first-hand, what third-world government is like.

Not only party politics, the entire concept of what politics is for will change. From Truman onward the modern era was defined by presidents who believed they were there to serve the American people.  Every president, whether Republican or Democrat.  

Now we have a president who does not think he is there to serve anyone: he thinks he is there to win. 

Some may say that is not a bad thing: we should do more winning,  Trump’s response is “whaddaya mean: we?”

Trump's national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized over 50 sections of her 2012 book
It was gross negligence on the part of Fox News, the Mises Institute, the BBC, Yahoo, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Politico, New York Times, Associated Press, Karl Rove, Stephen Moore, Ramesh Ponnuru, Michelle Malkin, Rich Lowry and more to allow their material to be copied.  
        Democrats are making a big thing about Crowley’s dishonesty because they are embarrassed at how badly they lost.
       If Trump appointed her, she must be good for us, regardless of how crooked she is.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Turkey identifies nightclub attack gunman
Yeah, yeah, we know: it is some guy named Fethullah G├╝len, who is living in Pennsylvania.
Whomever Erdogan picks to take the fall for this, it is unlikely to be the actual perp, who has long since left Turkey.

O’Reilly Blames ‘Reverse McCarthyism’ For Celebs Shunning Donald Trump’s Inauguration
What a good idea, Bill! 
"I have here a list of 100 reactionaires in government."
"The list of Russian spies goes to the very top of the New Administraation"
"The following reactionaries will not be allowed to make movies in Hollywood."

Megyn Kelly’s Departure Is a Big Clue About the Future of Fox News
Sorry:, but conservative Trump supporter is an oxymoron.
You can be one or the other but not both.
     PS: Wouldn't it be better to replace her with a journalist?   If someone admits to supporting a party or an ideology: they are not journalists, they are propagandists.

Schumer Says He’ll Fight to Keep Supreme Court Seat Vacant
The Republicans have said that this is a legitimate tactic.  We should not fill any Supreme Court vacancy until after the next presidential election: the people should have a right to choose.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Katie Hopkins  Claiming ‘Racism Has Lost All Meaning’
It is difficult:
Islamophobia is racist but Christianophobia and Anglophobia are not (even though none are races).
Anti-Polish, anti-Romanian, and anti-Scottish are racist but anti-English and anti-American are not. (even though all are nationalities and none are races).
Anti-traveller is racist, even though the anti-traveller is usually of the same race as the traveller.

Orkney Islands 'to explore leaving UK and Scotland' 
Hey, if Orkney can do  it, so can London

Israeli police question Netanyahu for alleged corruption
This is not baseless, Bibi has been on the take for many years.
You don't really think that the $3.8 billion from the USA was all spent on defense, do you?

Dems target eight Trump nominees in bid to delay process
They should delay the appointments for four years, until the next election: we should give the people a chance to chose.
Hey, if Orkney can do  it, so can London

Donald Trump only has to get the big decisions right
He promised to increase jobs (above the level of increase that Obama had), to reduce healthcare costs (without removing millions from health insurance and throwing them back into the hospital emergency rooms), to rid Washington of politicians who spend more time raising money for their campaigns than working for America, to dis-empower the lobbyists, to stop illegal immigration and to go easy on Russia & Israel even when they bitch-slap us in public.   I do hope he keeps to more than just the last one.