Monday, 16 January 2017

 Trump's tax threats wipe €4.5bn off Germany's top car companies stocks
Hey, he can afford it: it is other people's money, not his.
Retaliatory tariffs will not work, since the rest of the world not longer wants US-made cars. 
Europe, Japan and Korea will have to put tariffs on other US goods to compensate.

Paul previews ObamaCare replacement plan focusing on lower cost policies
Great idea! Make sure everyone has really cheap third-class insurance that does not protect them but makes millions for the insurance companies. The new america: do things on the cheap, scrap quality.

Every Constituency In England Will Lose Money Under Schools Funding Plan
This is easy to fix. Just have every adult citizen write in to say they want to pay more taxes. 
When the number of letters reaches 1/2 of the electorate, the government will have mandate to save education and the NHS

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