Friday, 30 June 2017


How did we become a nation so divided? - Old Lange's Rant of the Day
Many pundits are asking how America become so divided on political grounds.  How did we get to the point where our two parties can barely be civil to each other.  Where long-standing friendships, even marriages, dissolve over who one partner voted for. 

The answer is clear and simple.  Our news media have specialised in telling us that the other side are stupid, mean/profligate and anti-American.  They have told us that our politicians, whether of left, right or centre, are self-serving, corrupt and debauched.   Civil servants, religious leaders and business people are incompetent, venal and also debauched

They have put selling ads before the good of their country, then told us that the world is a more dangerous place than it actually is.  They have fanned every conflict they can find – even imagined ones – to create the maximum heat and the minimum light.    They have tried to convince us that our neighbours are out to get us.  They have manufactured "fake news" to tell us what we want to hear , rather than what actually is.

The sad thing is: a many Americans have bought the line these hucksters are selling.  We have been convinced that the “other side” are not fellow Americans with different ideas, but are the ruination of life as we know it, if not evil incarnate.

“Radical right,” “socialist left,”  “reactionary,” “liberal ”  – and all the other buzz words designed to divide us – are hammered at us so incessantly,  it is little wonder that we are divided.

President Trump is one of the worst victims/culprits in this: He sees anyone who disagrees with his merest whim as wrong, nasty and out to get him.  He tweets incessantly about how bad all Democrats (even though he was supposedly elected to represent them) are and how fake the news media are. 

The Donald, having drunk the Kool-Aid that our news media are selling, has become quite simply the most divisive president since Jefferson Davis.

London Acid Attack On Resham Khan: Police Hunt John Tomlin
Interesting: The lead-in headline is, "Muslim Victims Of Horrific Acid Attack Blast Police Response." It is designed to make Brittons think that their police are doing something badly or wrong. This is a theme constantly hyped by the Huffington Post; the paper does everything it can to create division and promote conflict and to denigrate the police.   
        To be fair, in this case they do have a news peg, in that one of the victims thinks he should get special treatment because of his ethnicity - or at least that other ethnicities get better treatment than his ethnicity does.   That is reaping the whirlwind of "diversity policy."  Focusing on differences, rather than celebrating what we have in common, leads to intolerant comparison.

Kellyanne Conway: Trump’s Sexism Isn’t Harming Women The Media Is
True! They just keep REPORTING his sexist attacks, not trying to hide them or defend them. 
That is surely bias.
Not a bad idea. The government should take over ALL councils that installed this cladding.

 The End of the Liberal World Order - Old Lange's rant of the day

It began in ringing phrases of idealism and selflessness: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” and “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” The Liberals rose against Tyranny, their ancient and arch enemy, and fought for their cherished goals of Equality and Free Trade. In the 20th century, America became the Liberal’s home, both intellectually and militarily, as we knocked down trade barriers around the world, kicked the Spanish out of their overseas possessions and twice overcame conservative isolationism to stand against Germany, then held the post-war line against the communists of the Soviet Union and of China. Liberal America looked to stumble when we failed to liberate Vietnam, but came back with a vengeance as Reagan said “tear down that wall” and Bush Senior began promoting what he called the “New World Order” in his speeches, while kicking Saddam back out of Kuwait.

Today, the Liberal American World Order is in decline, even retreat. Instead of standing against tyranny, we have a president who pals around with the tyrants of Russia, China, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Instead of standing for Free trade, “America First” now demands protectionism and wants big government in Washington, not competition, to determine which enterprises will succeed. Instead of equality, we now have a zeitgeist that says: “If you can afford to hire people to help you beat the system and not pay taxes, more power to you.” And “If you can’t afford health insurance, tough.”

Meanwhile we denigrate the allies with whom we used to stand shoulder to shoulder against tyranny: Europe, Mexico & Canada, the Anzacs, etc. America has joined with the third world in seeing NATO and the UN as instruments of someone else’s power. Robert Kagan, a leading Neo-Conservative, says “We forget how unnatural the US-created liberal world order was.” (A surprising memory lapse, as a unipolar world hadn’t been seen since the brief heyday of Rome in the 2nd century.)

Canada’s foreign minister said, after thanking America for decades of global leadership, it is time to act as though that age is passing: “the fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its global leadership puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course.” That course may not align with US interests.

This has been a major political windfall for Russia, whose leader now thinks he can act with impunity, and for China, now the world’s largest economic power, that wants to consolidate its hold on the South China Sea. China‘s leader has said he is willing to work on the environment in the face of US indifference and uphold the world economic order in the face of American protectionism. US allies around the world are perplexed at getting more support for shared values from Beijing than from Washington. Javier Solana, a leading Spanish/EU politician says: “It is striking how often European leaders and China seem to agree with each other nowadays.”

Perhaps worst of all is the uncertainty that Mr Trump has brought. He reverses positions on a dime and ignores advice from his hand-picked experts like Tillerson, McMaster and Petit. Our allies simply do not know what the US will do in any given situation. For example, will America stand up to Russian aggression or say: “Go ahead, Vladimir, it’s none of our business.” Post-Brexit, will America want the UK as a partner or only as a vassal state? Is Mexico to be an ally or an enemy?

So today’s key question is: will China or Europe step in to fill the leadership role being vacated by America, or will we descend back into an Australia First, France First, China First, Canada First sort of world?

Jeremy Corbyn Sacks Shadow Ministers Who Voted For Soft Brexit
Well of course he should sack them. 
These MPs didn't know they are not to follow the wishes of their constituents if Corbyn does not agree. 
Shadow ministers, are meant to do as they are told and to heck with what their constituents want. 
What were they thinking: that they lived in a democracy?

Man Jailed for hitting Muslim woman in the face with bacon
This was a truly shocking incident’ says DC James Payne'
The Horror!  The Horror!  Almost as bad as striking a Hindu with a steak,  jabbing a Jew with a jerked shrimp, beating a Buddhist with a butterfly or whacking a Vegan with a wet fish.
      Still, there are hate crimes much, much worse than a bacon slap: Truly shocking were the hate crimes in the Manchester arena,  the Borough Market and at the Houses of Parliament that all ended with people dead and wounded.

Monday, 26 June 2017


  •  Supreme Court Allows Partial Implementation of Trump Travel Ban

  • " is possible that review process could result in additional countries being added to the list for restricted travel."
    Good idea: lets include countries with active terrorism: Israel, Saudi, Belgium, Pakistan, France, Peru, the UK,   China and Venezuela,
Theresa May Refusing To Give In To Brussels Demands On Family Rights
An independent Britain could well afford to give EU citizens in the UK the same rights that the EU country gives to UK citizens in the EU. It is called reciprocity and it is quintessentially fair. Indeed, it wouldn't be a bad policy approach for many UK allies around the world.
     For example, we could say: since a UK citizen living in the EU will have the right to take a dispute to the court that has jurisdiction for these cases in the EU; similarly, an EU citizen living in the UK will have the right to take a dispute it to the court that has jurisdiction for these cases in the UK

Jeremy Corbyn says PM's plan for EU citizens is 'too little, too late'
What a stupid thing to say!  Too late for what?  Negotiations have barely started.

Why we need an inquest into what happened at Grenfell Tower
Sorry? You seem to be saying the reason there should be an inquest is because other inquests into fire deaths had no effect whatsoever.  Oh, and it might make the victims families feel better if it is all raked over the coals again in a court room somewhere.

Fourteen police injured in London clashes over man's death
Lynch mob action at it's very best.

Oxford University Students Call For Ban On ‘Discriminatory’ Scholars’ GownsA Boots store described white skin as normal and the Twitterati are furious 
So one idiot in one Boots store thought that "normal" meant 66.7% of the population. Lynch 'em!

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Google’s ‘Trust Us’ Approach Doesn’t Satisfy Pay Gap Skeptics
Tech firm’s resistance to release more salary data has ensnared it in debate over gender wage gap

Not surprising. They don't want to be raked over the media coals for paying their executives more than their analysts, their analysts more than their coders and their coders more than their secretaries.  They know that the employer in a "gender gap" story is ALWAYS  treated unfairly.
Don't believe me?  Name one gender pay gap story that found the employers were doing the right thing or that men were getting less than their due.  You may include female-run small businesses and part-time employees in this search.

Tower Block Cladding Tests See 27 Fail Fire Safety Checks, Government Confirm
According to the article, the councils affected (those who allowed such cladding) were 
  Birmingham - Labour                    Barnett - Split
  Brent - Labour                               Plymouth - Split
  Camden - Labour
  Doncaster - Labour                        Kensington - Conservative
  Hounslow - Labour                        Portsmouth - Conservative
  Islington - Labour                          Wandsworth - Conservative
  Lambeth - Labour
  Manchester - Labour
  Norwich - Labour
  Stockton on Tees - Labour
  Sunderland - Labour

So, I am wondering why Corbyn is blaming the Tories, when it was his lot that approved most of these fire-hazards.

Google Search Is Doing Irreparable Harm To Muslims
"His goal is to flood the search results with accurate information on Islam."What a great idea! We used to believe, with Milton, "Let Truth and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?" Now we seem to favour a Gresham's law of facts, and doubt that truth and real news can force out lies and fake news. Still, it is worth a try. More power to Mr Suleiman and people like him!

“It’s a fundamental problem with how search works.”
Beirich hits the nail on the head: if you have a search engine, this kind of thing will happen unless the content is heavily censored. The question is: who do you trust as censor?''

T r u m p ’ s L i e s
we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office.
"He is trying to create an atmosphere in which reality is irrelevant."
Of course he is, that is what real estate agents and con men do.
                      The difference is in intent: Real estate people want to make you happy and make a profit.
                                                                Con men want to make a profit and not get caught.
Neither seem appropriate for a POTUS

Hundreds have actually died in Grenfell Tower fire, says shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott
She reminds me of Donald Trump: 
Truth is for other people and no one need die without their death being used to score political points.

Friday, 23 June 2017

 You couldn’t make this stuff up.
     Speaking at a rally in Iowa, our President proposed a “new immigration laws which say those seeking entry to our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years.”
    The Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 says immigrants entering the United States are ineligible for federal welfare funds for five years after arriving in the United States.  It has been the law for 20 years, Mr President, please try to keep up.

Hate Crimes Soar In Manchester Following Attack At Ariana Grande Concert
The hate crime at the Manchester arena killed 22 and injured many more. 
How many have been killed or injured in these other hate crimes in the month since?

'Close al-Jazeera': Saudi Arabia issues Qatar with 13 demands to end blockade
Not surprising.  The main goal is to take control of Qatr and its society: there is no room for dissent.

Assessing the Impact of the Senate GOP Health Bill
Our President promised TrumpCare would give us1) better healthcare, 2) for everybody, 3) at a lower cost.
The current House and Senate bills provide
   1) no better healthcare (and worse care for many)
   2) that excludes millions of Americans
   3) at a higher cost (unless you are wealthy, in which case it is lower.)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


GOP’s Karen Handel Beats Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia
Race was most expensive in history for a House seat
$30 million to secure a job that pays $174K a year.
You KNOW they are going to want that money back from somewhere.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Workplace gender quotas weed out incompetent men
That means, if applied to teaching, nursing and cashiers, these policies will weed out incompetent women?

UK Caves In On First Day Of Brexit Talks
I do love unbiased reporting: Not "starts negotiations", but "caves in."
Once again, Huffpo caves in to its desire to present politicians and civil servants as weak, incompetent and wrong.

15-Year-Old GCSE Student Expresses Anger Over ‘Media Cover Up’
Of course it must be a "cover up" if media do not report incidents as I want them reported. 
Especially if they do not change their coverage to my world view within one hour of the incident.
    Whether Anglophobia or Islamophobia, we are tired of murderous thugs using religion as their excuse. These so-called terrorists, whether Christian or Muslim, are all mohareb: enemies of Allah and of God

Saturday, 17 June 2017

How to Measure Diversity
The problem comes when one sells diversity as a goal, as opposed to unity as a goal. 
 If we all all Americans together, regardless of ethnic origin, then we find it easier to have more tolerance for people wanting different things. 
 If we are hyphenated Americans, then the fact that we may want different things can cause conflict.
         To wit. The list in this articles was completely racist. America is NOT, as stated in the article, 62% white, 17% Hispanic , 13% African, 6% Asian and 1% Native.
         Instead, it is 45% white, 17% Germanic-America, 17% Hispanic-American, 13% African-American, 6% Asian-American and 1% Native-American.
         Anyone who says Germanic Americans are just whites is a vicious racist.

NBC’s Connecticut TV Station Won’t Air Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Alex Jones
Because NO ONE should be allowed to know what dangerously right-wing extremists think.
We should be surprised when we meet their views in public, so they have a better chance to defeat us.

Trump Announces Rollback of Obama’s Cuba Policy
Typical Trump, this is all cosmetic.    
Long before the relaxation, Americans could visit Cuba without any hassle about groups or cultural motives: one simply said one was a journalist and flew there.  The fact that your journalism credentials were the 4 people who followed you blog were irrelevant.  That will continue unchanged under Trumps new Exec order.  
    The only major change is that the Cuban military will now need a 3rd-party (paper) intermediary, so that business with them can continue as usual.

This Muslim Convert Is Changing The Conversation About Women In Islam
"For as long as she can remember, Bellaoui has never quite fit in."
That is one of the reason she dresses as she does: she is saying: "I am not of you. I am different and it is important to me that you know that I am different and not of your society."
If it were not Islam, it would be something else.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Fire Lays Bare The ‘Tale Of Two Kensingtons’ - A Borough Of Extreme Rich And Poor
What IS the point of this article?      
The whole purpose of a modern metropolis is that people of various income levels, ethnicities and educations SHOULD live near each other.  Would Huffpo prefer that the poor only live near the poor and the well-off only live near the affluent?
     Or is the point that the rich should not be allowed to live anywhere at all? 
     That their wealth should be confiscated and redistributed until we all are equally poor?
PS: A home that sells for 250k does not sound like poor to me, but perhaps I measure by different standards, as in: if you get more than $2 a day you are among the wealthiest 50% of the world.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Theresa May Promises 'Proper Investigation' After Tower Blaze

Just like the 5 "Proper Invesitgations" after the last 5 Tower Block fires?
Will they do just as much good?
Grenfell Tower Fire Lays Bare The ‘Tale Of Two Kensingtons’
Gosh, you mean none of the folks who live in public housing are affluent? 
Whodda thunk it?
Corbyn Calls For ‘Luxury’ Properties To Be Taken Over To House ex-Grenfell Residents
Good idea! How many will be moving in with you, Jeremy? 
Or is it only someone else's house that you want to be generous with.
    Neither Labour nor Tories did anything about this problem despite being warned about it many times, so you are right about jail time, for both Labour and Tory councillors. Sadly, I'll believe that when I see it.

Germany, Austria Chide U.S. Senate’s Russia Sanctions Bill
You forget, Europe: It's America First. All you other losers last.
This is good for us and bad for you? Tough!
We want to Make America Grate Again and we don't give a toss about what happens to you.

Trump Signs Order Seeking to Expand Apprenticeship Programs
Great idea!  Let's get businesses, who benefit the most, to pay for it.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Death Toll Is At Least Six But Expected To Rise
Residents Warned Landlord KCTMO Building Was A Fire Risk
Some from the contractor and the KCTMO may go to jail but I'll bet no RBK&C councillors do.Not unexpected to see Jeremy Corbyn try to turn this tragedy into a political issue

OPINION: Don't repeat the mistakes of Clinton and 1998 with Trump
Okay, Penn has a bizarre view of Comey’s power to shoo people out of the oval office, but that’s not really the issue. The issue is that Trump/Russia is a waste of time and a vote loser.
     Sadly, the Democrats do not learn from history. They are likely to continue to focus on these things, which the average Joe and Jane don’t give a stuff about, to the exclusion of things they DO care about: jobs, healthcare, inequality.
     Meanwhile, Trump must be loving it – it distracts from the deals he is doing to enrich himself on the back of the US presidency.

Has the president created lots of jobs?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the four months before President Trump’s election, the U.S. economy added about 840,000 jobs. In the four months since his inauguration, it’s added about 600,000.

Theresa May Is Ruthlessly Trolled By Jeremy Corbyn As Parliament Returns
She may have been "ruthlessly trolled" but there is no evidence in this article.that she was. 
The headline seems merely an attempt to be devisive, with very little substance behind it.
Part of Huffpo's normal campaign to make the world seem a little worse than it is.

Monday, 12 June 2017


You’re Hired: Trump Plans to Build U.S. Workforce With Apprenticeships
What a great idea! Let's get business, who benefit most, to fund most of it.

Court in Pakistan sentences man to death for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post
What a wonderful country:
You do not agree with me? You must die.
Will civilization ever come to Pakistan?
Why did we really get this shock general election result? Answer: it’s complicated
This was the quintessential Brexit election: everyone lost.
The reason for failure is very simple: they called an election.

Trump Administration to Call for Curbs on Consumer-Finance Regulator
Caveat Emptor.
If you get fleeced, it is your own look out
Don't whine: this is what you voted for

Donald Trump Visit To UK Has Been Put ‘On Hold’
Yellow bellyWhat a wonderful country: 
You do not agree with me?  You must die.
Will civilization ever come to Pakistan?

Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Right Way to Protect Free Speech on Campus
"...a primary obligation to foster open and civil discourse."
       The difficulty arises when modern America believes that people who disagree with them do not deserve civil discourse. It is the Talibanization of our culture: some opinions (especially those that disagree with mine) may not be heard, and it is acceptable to attack those who hold them, whether verbally or physically.
      What we saw at Middlebury, and at many other campi, is lynch-mob thinking, pure and simple.

DUP Protest: Pro-Corbyn CYoung Voters Take Aim At The ‘Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay’ Party
DUP’s Record On Abortion, Creationism And LGBT Rights
Well horrors. The Tories have done a deal with a party that we don't agree with.
What did you THINK was going to happen, snowflake?
Or do you just want to ensure that the UK is ungovernable.
As one headline had it: "Theresa May's plan B rocked..."
Is that like "London is reeling?"
The protests seem to be saying:
"We lost a free and fair election, but you should do as we say anyway."
How very American.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Senate GOP Plans to Strip Planned Parenthood Funding in Health Bill
Just another example of big government in Washington interfering in our daily lives. 
This time as part of the war on women.

Lawmakers scramble to privatize air traffic control system, raise debt ceiling
Letting congress decide on traffic control and the US debt is a big mistake
As Thomas Sowell said: "It is hard to imagine a more stupid or dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of those who pay no price for being wrong."

Theresa May's general election disaster all down to her calamitous campaign
Her general election disaster is down to holding it at all.
Full stop.

‘Great British Bake Off’ Star  Brands Jamie Oliver A ‘Pr*ck’ In Attack On the Non-Political 
Awwww. Poor baby. Did someone disagree with her? 
Was there someone who didn't do things the way she wanted them to? 
Well if that doesn't justifiy a temper tantrum, I don't know what does.
Why can't people just do what little entitlement girls tell them?

Florida lawmakers cut deals on Okachobee dike repairs
"Scott said President Donald Trump had assured him the federal government would pay the state back for the improvements."
Careful Scotty, The teflon Don has often said he will contribute to a charity, then reneged. I'd get it in writing, if I were you.

Trump administration ends detention alternatetive for asylum-seekers
So the family case management costs about 11% as much as detention? 
And intensive intensive supervision costs about 5% as much? 
Why do we use detention at all, then?
Is it just that $319 a day makes some people a whole lot of money?

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Disenfranchised Reveal How It Feels To Be Denied The Vote
       Why are people so prejudiced against 13- and 14-year-olds. All this whining about 15 & 16 without a single thought for the disenfranchised 13s and 14s.         I do, however, feel sorry for citizens of other countries who are not allowed to vote in UK elections: I think citizens of any country that give British subjects a vote in their national elections should be allowed to vote here. 
       Finally I am particularly upset about the homeless who contribute so much to our society being shut out just because they have no address, not to mention convicted criminals, such as rapists, murderers, paedophiles, tax cheats and the like, who have and address, but still can't vote.

How The ‘Discriminatory’ Impact Of Social Care Affects One Woman And Her Father
Most people DO want to be looked after, and it is not only here in the UK that they want someone else to pay for it.

Community leaders from where two of the London Bridge terrorists lived have spoken their anger that authorities failed to warn them Authorities are upset that Community Leaders did not warn them about the three perpetrators of the London Bridge / Borough Market hate-crimes.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

London Mayor Khan suggests calling off Trump state visit to Britain
Not a bad idea! Trump likes to kick people when they have just been hurt....and all just to aggrandize himself.    With friends like he, Britain needs no enemies.

Kezia Dugdale: Nicola Sturgeon Is Lying 
Of course she is lying - I saw her lips move.
PS: I love Huffpo's smug and self-congratulatory sub-heading "Well, that escalated quickly."

Betsy DeVos: It Is Not The Education Department’s Job To Protect LGBTQ Students
True. It is the job of each school and of the parents of all non-LBGTQRF kids.

Twitter Drags CNN Host Who Implied Indian-American Spelling Bee Champ Uses Sanskrit
Okay, the host was probably ignorant for not knowing what sanskrit is; but how is it even remotely "racist," to suggest that she might be used to a ceremonial language connected to her heritage. Does that mean it would be racist if she was of Catholic extraction he said "Latin"?
Seems to me that the racists are those "emphasizing how saying an American girl of color is “used to” a foreign language was an ignorant move." They think it ignorant to suggest that "an American girl of color" might know the sacred language of her roots?

Sunday, 4 June 2017

General Elections Show British Politicians In The Worst Possible Light
Which is absolute gravy for Huffpo, who never misses a chance to Show British Politicians In The Worst Possible Light!

Trump Believes Climate Change Is Real, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Says
Of course he does. His application for a permit to build retaining walls at his Irish golf course cited climate change and its consequences as the reason he needed it.

Theresa May Signals Tougher Anti-Terror Laws As She Says ‘Enough Is Enough’
Some problems with May's four solutions:
All the research shows that longer sentences will have zero effect. None.
Ending religious and single-gender schools - a good start to "ending segregated communities"
Cracking down on extremism is a good idea - how will you do this without censorship? 
Promoting "British Values" is a good idea - which values will you promote?

I’m glad a gay man of colour will be Irish prime minister, even if I abhor his politics
Frankly, I do not care who he likes to have sex with nor the color his skin - I'd prefer to judge him on what he does.  
Yes, I realize that my thinking is soooo 20th century.  I should be more concerned about which minority groups he comes from than whether he does anything at all.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn Wants To Wipe Student Debt... But He’s Not Sure How To Pay For It
With other people's money as usual.
Plus, in the unlikely event he gets elected, he will simply renege on the pledges he's made.

Jeremy Corbyn And Theresa May Described By Voters In One Word
I would use "useless" for both.      "Liar" would work too.

Mears Construction Firm Sparks Health And Safety Row By Banning Beards
If they have a beard for religious reasons, do they sign a waiver holding the employer harmless? 
If so, why can''t any other employee sign a similar waiver? 
If not, who pays for the extra liability?

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Manchester victim's brother: stop using incident to claim there is 'immigration problem'
Agreed! This is not an immigration issue, it is a hate-crime, pure and simple.

EU helping force refugees back to 'hell on Earth'  to stop boat crossings from Libya, 
What? How dare the EU try to save these people's lives? 
Shouldn't they be allowed to drown at sea if they want to?
Refugees International (RI) apparently thinks that migrants who can get to just one ocean away from their desired homeland should be transported to wherever they want to go, no questions asked.

Deere to Buy Wirtgen, German Road Construction Equipment Maker, for $4.89 Billion
That's one way to avoid the border adjustment tax - and without creating a single American job.

Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course
The billionaire warns of its dire effects in his company's application to build a sea wall.

Trump Grants Ethics Waivers To 17 Top White House Staffers
That’s as many in four months as Obama granted in his entire eight years.
So much for "draining the swamp," it instead he's topping it up.

While You Obsessed Over Trump’s Scandals, He’s Fundamentally Changed The Country
1) pursuing lengthier prison sentences for drug offenders, despite bi-partisan consensus that this simply does not work and, in fact, is counter-productive
2) leaving the Paris climate deal, despite claiming global warming and its consequences as the reason he wants a permit to build retaining walls around his Irish golf course
3) over-ruling states rights on auto-IRAs, so it is harder for workers to set up retirement accounts 
4) delaying the implementation of workplace safety rules
5) repealing a regulation protecting workers from wage theft  
6) giving coal companies permission to dump debris into local streams
7) canceling requirements to report methane emissions
8) making it harder for citizens to obtain information their tax dollars have paid for
9) wanting to dismantle net neutrality, to allow cable and telecom industry special interests to control internet content and traffic
      All of these changes make America worse for everyone except a few big-business interests.

One good thing he has done is to continue Obama's policy of deporting more illegal aliens than his predecessor did.

I am hard pressed to find another Trump action that is positive for America.
     Anyone else have some?

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