Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Disenfranchised Reveal How It Feels To Be Denied The Vote
       Why are people so prejudiced against 13- and 14-year-olds. All this whining about 15 & 16 without a single thought for the disenfranchised 13s and 14s.         I do, however, feel sorry for citizens of other countries who are not allowed to vote in UK elections: I think citizens of any country that give British subjects a vote in their national elections should be allowed to vote here. 
       Finally I am particularly upset about the homeless who contribute so much to our society being shut out just because they have no address, not to mention convicted criminals, such as rapists, murderers, paedophiles, tax cheats and the like, who have and address, but still can't vote.

How The ‘Discriminatory’ Impact Of Social Care Affects One Woman And Her Father
Most people DO want to be looked after, and it is not only here in the UK that they want someone else to pay for it.

Community leaders from where two of the London Bridge terrorists lived have spoken their anger that authorities failed to warn them Authorities are upset that Community Leaders did not warn them about the three perpetrators of the London Bridge / Borough Market hate-crimes.

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