Monday, 31 July 2017

What's the GOP ever done for us?   Old Lange's rant of the day
Blogger Sarge Freedom asked: What major piece of legislation has the GOP championed and passed in the past 50-years that actually HELPED make life better for the MAJORITY of the people of the United States?  And Richard Kolber responds: I just can't think of a single thing the GOP has done for the non-rich in the last 50 years 
Let’s not go overboard.  
Republicans are just Americans whose ideas about how to do things differ from Democrat ideas.
Some key Republican accomplishments in my lifetime:

1954 Chief Justice Warren gets full Supreme Court for school desegregation in Brown v. Board of Education
1955 Eisenhower administration bans racial segregation of interstate bus travel
1956 Eisenhower begins construction of the Interstate highway system.
1957 Eisenhower deploys the 82nd Airborne Division to desegregate Little Rock’s schools
1957 & 1960 Eisenhower’s Civil Rights Acts

1970 Nixon establishes the Environmental Protection Agency
1972 Title IX
1972 Shanghai Communique, Salt and ABM treaties
1973 Nixon ends the draft
1974 Vietnam Amnesty programme

1975 Ford’s  Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act

1981 Reagan establishes the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
1987 Reagan demands freedom for Eastern Europe from the Soviets. (Tear down this Wall)
1987 Reagan’s INF treaty with Russia
1988 Reagan signs Civil Liberties Act, compensating Japanese-Americans

1990 Bush Sr’s Americans with Disabilities Act and the Clean Air Act Amendments
1990 Bush Sr proclaims the New World Order
1991 Bush Sr‘s Desert Storm campaign to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.
1992 Bush Sr negotiates and signs NAFTA

2002 Bush Jr’s No Child Left Behind
2003 Bush Jr’s Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003
2003 U.S. Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003 (including PEPFAR)

Okay, you said 50 years, so I guess Eisenhower doesn’t count, and Republicans seem to be repudiating or cutting funds for some of these (e.g. the EPA, ADA, Clean Air Act, New World Order, NAFTA, No Child Left Behind and PEPFAR)
So maybe they didn’t do all that much that will last, but it  was certainly not nothing.

PS: I am sure that Republicans would also tout their big tax cuts (Reagan and Bush Jr), but most of the benefits thereof went to the rich with very little for the working American and both fed a boom and bust cycle that led to recession

Diana's family lead backlash against Channel 4 revealing intimate sex life with Prince Charles
When the media are in the middle of emotional masturbation, almost nothing can stop them. Is it hurtful to some, does it help anyone? Who cares? It sells advertising!

Sunday Times Sacks Kevin Myers For Anti-Semitic And Sexist Column

The anti-Jew remarks are beyond the pale, as is the idea that women should have to "earn" equal pay.
They should be paid the same because they are women, full stop. 
Regardless whether they draw equal audience or have equal talent, they should still get the same money.
Otherwise, Vanessa Feltz would be on minimum wage

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Some people just do not understand insurance                                    Old Lange's rant of the Day 

You are absolutlely right, Richard, the question WHY THE HELL SHOULD I PAY FOR YOUR PRE-EXISTING CONDITION? shows that Russell does not understand insurance. It is like asking WHY THE HELL SHOULD I PAY FOR YOUR hospitalization when you fell down the stairs drunk? If Russel understood insurance, I don’t think even he would suggest that the first is an illegitimate expense because a pre-existing condition is not your fault, but the second is a legitimate expense because falling-down drunk is your fault.

In another exchange, you ask Russell What's more important to you, your wallet or remaining ideologically pure? The answer for many is: ideological purity. They would rather cling to a for-profit system than get better healthcare, for everyone, at a lower cost. Oddly, this is exactly what President Trump promised America when he started on his Repeal Obamacare drive: he promised that Trumpcare would deliver better healthcare, for everyone, at a lower cost. The difference is that single-payer systems (as used in every 1st-world nation bar the USA) would deliver this promise, while Trumpcare never had any intention of doing so – it was a pure con.

Michael Master has argued elsewhere that Senator McCain helped Republicans by keeping Obamacare alive. (He may be right, though it seems odd for Michael to crow about serving party before country.) Obamacare is a very flawed system and hence easy to campaign against. Still, most Republicans and quite a few Democrats would prefer to keep Obamacare rather than accept a single-payer system, because a single-payer system bears the label “socialism,” and “socialism” is a word that sends them quaking in their boots. They do not mind the “socialism” of our military, who defend ALL Americans, regardless of whether they can afford to pay for that defence. They don’t mind the “socialism” of a police force, who will protect all citizens, regardless of their ability to pay. They are happy with the “socialism” of a fire department that protects all property, regardless of income. It is only healthcare that drives them to say "Healthcare is a human right? That is a pantload of socialist shit."

Like Russel, they will argue that “my boyfriend’s cousin had to wait for a year for a hang-nail operation under socialized medicine,” deliberately ignoring the fact that every single-payer system in the western world (i.e. most developed countries bar the USA) allows queue-jumping by those who can afford to pay for it. It is like the “socialism” of schools that will educate all children, regardless of ability to pay – though anyone may insist on their right to pay more for a better education.

Single-payer would deliver good basic healthcare for everyone at a lower cost and allow the more affluent free choice: the ability to purchase even better healthcare if they so desired. The end result would be that the affluent would get the same excellent healthcare that they get now at the same price they now pay and the poor would get better healthcare at the same price they pay now (little or nothing). Everyone in America would win.

But that would be “socialism” and all good Americans hate “socialists,” except for our socialist military, police, firefighters, and teachers, who we love. (Okay, maybe not teachers.)

PS: Cui bono: What happens to the health insurance industry under single-payer and does that explain their billions in political donations? Opposition to single-payer is funded by insurance companies and healthcare providers who grow very, very fat on for-profit medical care that is inferior to, and more costly than, medical care in the rest of the developed world. Those who do not understand what insurance is and those who are terrified of the word “socialism” are their dupes and pawns

EU accused of 'wilfully letting refugees drown'
I thought it was Libya who was willfully letting people drown.
Lange's rant of the day
From: Michael Master    Sent: 28 July 2017 12:56
America is not as great as it was for working white middle class Christian Americans.   they heard Trump.   so they voted for him.   it was a revolt against the divisions in America caused by Obama.   
    I think you have something there, Michael.  Those who saw themselves losing out in the competition of life (privileged white-but-not-rich Christians) were attracted to someone who said he could bring back the America they remember: where whites had better jobs than everyone else, where Christians got preferential treatment almost everywhere (at the banks, at car dealerships, even at the grocery store), where women stayed at home to raise the kids and men got paid more for the same work than women who didn’t.
      They resented Obama because he was not white, but also because he was more articulate, better educated and street-smarter than they.  They even tried to pretend that he was not Christian, because his obvious superiority  offended their sense of propriety.  (As if being Muslim could somehow explain why he was smarter, better-educated and more articulate.)
      In short, Mr Trump appealed to people who felt they were losers; people who revere winners.  They saw Trump slog through bankruptcies, through suits from people he did not pay for the work they did, and through fraud cases by paying millions to settle.  They saw him ignoring American tradition (keeping his taxes secret, manufacturing his products overseas, using-illegal immigrant labour) and getting away with it, and they said: “That’s our man.”
        Having made their choice, they now have post-purchase rationalization.  Is he spending more taxpayer money on his vacations in a few months than previous presidents spent in a full year – that’s okay, he’s our guy.  Is he pocketing their tax money in countless business deals – that’s okay, he’s our guy.  Is he working to get mega tax cuts for the very wealthy and but a pittance for them – that’s okay, he’s our guy.  Did he collude with our enemies to get himself elected – who cares, he’s our guy. 
        Some even try to justify their decision by saying “Hilary would have been worse,” which may be true but it is an awfully close-run thing.  A year ago, it was hard for me to imagine anyone who could possibly be worse than Hillary but I am, slowly but surely, starting to believe it's our President 

Japan Slaps 50% Tariff on Some U.S. Beef
Is this part of Japan First?

Decriminalisation Of Homosexuality: 50 Years After 1967 Act, 5 Obstacles To Equality Persist
I see a different five Obstacles:  1) Lesbians, 2) Bis3) Gays, 4) Trans, 5) Queer
They are so self-centered and sexuality focused that people just want them to shut up and get on with it.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Trump Administration to Bar Transgender Individuals From Serving in U.S. Military
Transgenders are twice as likely as the general population to have mental health and substance abuse issue. We'd like our military to have FEWER of these problems than the general population. I recommend very, very thorough mental screening of trans applicants; being exceedingly careful whose fingers one puts on triggers
PS: The president may have difficulty with constitutionality on this issue.

BBC Presenter Apologises After Tory Donor Calls Jeremy Corbyn A ‘Twat’ Live On Air
Well of course he should apologise for what someone else said about Corbyn - especially as it was the truth. One should never tell the truth about politicians on live radio.

Grenfell Inquiry Judge Told To Resign By Angry Residents
They have already decided what the outcome of this inquiry should be and they are not certain that a truly independent judge will rule the way they want, so of course they want him to resign
Charlie Gard: we should ask why his case became the media circus it did
Because journalists, this paper included, thrive on conflict and getting people to dislike each other. 
If they can find something that fans the flames of disagreement, they will publish it..

Photo Of Trans Boy In Texas Shows Exactly Who Is Affected By ‘Bathroom Bills’
These poor children: Parents have allowed them to become confused about their gender and sexuality and then wonder why they cry.

Illegal immigrant in upstate NY allegedly raped young girl
Sadly, legal residents rape far more women than illegals do, whether per capita or in raw numbers.
But that does not fit the FOX News narrative of "let's all hate illegals."

Monday, 24 July 2017

Tory activist suggests minister's sexuality could be behind decision to change trans policy
What are they doing about trans-agers: people who identify with a different age than the number of years they have been alive?

Parents end fight to take Charlie Gard to America
Finally the 5-month torture of this poor infant has stopped. He NEVER had the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy. If you disagree, please name two children that this alleged experimental therapy was successful with.

Jeremy Corbyn Insists Labour Never Promised To Write Off Historic Student Debt
Trump now has competition in the lying stakes

‘Star Trek’ Actor Going Boldly Into On-Camera Gay Romance
Is there some reason we should care who star trek actors (or characters) like to have sex with?
Whaare they doing about trans-agers: people who identify with different age than the number of years they have been alive?
Whaare they doing about trans-agers: people who identify with different age than the number of years they have been alive?

Sunday, 23 July 2017

There are more important things than Donald Trump’s Twitter feed
True, but it does not stop you from putting his tweets on page one as often as you can. 
 Physician, heal thyself.

Radio station cancels Richard Dawkins appearance over Islam tweets
Quick, shut him up before he tells the truth
Pay should be decided on sexists grounds. What gender a person claims is far more important than any ability to draw and entertain an audience.

Johanna Konta Interview on BBC Today Leads To Calls For John Humphrys To Resign
Humphreys is always more interested in himself than in his interviewees. He thinks it makes him look like a "tough" journalist to belittle people and make them look bad.

He does, but only for federal crimes. He has no power to pardon in state prosecutions.
True, but it does not stop you from putting his tweets on page one as often as you can.   Physician, heal thyself.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Boots apologises for morning-after pill response
The campaigners said that more women would use the pill if it was cheaper, Boots said more women would use the pill if it was cheaper and the campaigners said "what a horrible thing to say."   Boots apologised.

Muslim woman detained for reading Syrian art book on plane takes court action
Because of her race? She claims she was discriminated against because she is caucasian?
At least she looks caucasian to me; if I am mistaken, what race is she?
PS: There is something odd about this story: who said that she was detained for reading a book? The airline? The authorities? The woman? Her lawyer?

California judge refuses to bring back Trump's sanctuary cities ban
Good! ICE agents should do their job and stop asking city cops to do it for them.   City cops will detain anyone who ICE has a warrant for, so ICE should get up off their butts and get the warrants.

Reporter hailed as hero after broadcasting  press briefing in defiance of White House rules
This is fake news. Anyone who would record and forward things people actually said MUST be a fake news agent.   How can we manage spin if people hear our words as we speak them?

Trump appoints man who thinks climate science is 'junk' to top science post
This severely offends those whose religion is climate change. Okay, the guy is wrong, but does he deserve vitriol because he is wrong, or should he be educated.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

GOP urges 'civil disobedience' over new Seattle tax
The GOP, once the party of law and order, now wants to use left-wing radical activist tactics to protect the income of the rich, rather than using the US justice system to oppose an illegal tax.    How times have changed!

BBC to name presenters paid more than £150,000 a year of which two thirds are men
Men and women should be paid exactly the same, regardless of their talent or their ability to draw audiences; equality of results is what is wanted, not equality of opportunity. 
     If this were no so, if we wanted equality of opportunity, we would not ask why women are paid less than men, we would ask why Jane is paid less than Peter

Trump’s Plan To ‘Let Obamacare Fail’ Is Morally Appalling
If Obamacare fails, it fails on Trump's watch. That is, it will be Trumpcare that caused it to fail

Delivery Drivers Too Scared To Work After Dark Because Of Acid Attacks
So there ARE no-go areas in London.

Men and women should be paid exactly the same, regardless of their talent or their ability to draaudiences; equality of results is what is wanted, not equality of opportunity.  

If this were no so, if we wanted equality of opportunity, we would not ask why women are paid less than men, we would ask why Peter is paid more than Jane.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Corbyn Tells May How To Avoid 'Disrespecting' Grenfell Victims

Since Jeremy has already decided what the inquiry should find, why doesn;t he publish the results now?
Isn't he disrespecting the victims by keeping mum? 
Or is it just because he hasn't been advised by an ethnically diverse panel yet?

Iranian Press Publishes Tributes Without HijabWhat head coverings must male Iranians wear?
Are there any items of clothing required for male Iranians?

Baker Street Hijab Incident Suspect's Girlfriend Was Set Upon First
The police are investigating this attack on a black woman by Muslim women as a hate crime.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Some GOP Lawmakers Really Want To Carry Guns In The Capitol
No way they should be allowed to have guns in the House and Senate unless I am too. 
If these nutcases are going heeled, I want to be able to protect myself.
Remember the second amendment exists so we can defend ourselves against these people.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

'Catastrophic collapse' of  ice sheet could raise global sea levels by three metres, warns scientist
       No, actually, she doesn't.  She says if ALL of the ice in the Antarctica Peninsula melted, it might raise the sea level by 1/2 a meter.  She adds that the current minuscule slice (about the size of Wales) will have NO effect on sea level. She goes on to say melting that would bring a 3.3 meter rise would take up to 1000 years.
      However, such honest scientific conclusions are not sensational enough for the Indie, who prefers to publish fake news headlines in the hopes of selling more advertising.  Is it true?  Who cares?  It sells.   Does it mislead or readers?  Who cares?

Bromance blossoms as Corbyn meets EU’s chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels
Good for Jeremy. Rather than have a united British position, we can have party positions that vie with each other for attention and acceptance, ensuring that Britain gets a worse deal than we could united. But what is Britain and its future compared to getting a few more votes?

Group to confront boats rescuing refugees in Mediterranean ‘and take them back to Africa’
Good for them. It is about time someone stopped this people trafficking. Those trying to enter the EU illegally should be safely and humanely delivered back to their port of departure or the next feasible port. If they wish to enter the EU legally, they are welcome. Let them apply from their home country in accordance with EU law.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

‘Classless’ Attack On Gender Creative Kid
Child abuse takes bizarre forms these days.
If the kid was "age non-conforming" and wanted to drink alcohol and drive a car, I suppose they would encourage him (albeit not at the same time).

Wall Street Journal Announces Restructure, Hints At Diversity Push Among Leadership
Nothing wrong with quotas, I suppose. I trust there will also be diversity goals for ethnicity (so many Hispanics, so many Germanics, so many Asians, etc.)

English Language Test For Nurses May Be ‘Too Rigorous’, Says David Davis
उसने क्या कहा, the applicants replied
This is VERY scary because, unlike politicians, academics tend to stay bought.

Grenfell Tower Fire: Ministers Still Clueless Over Unsafe High-Rises
And, apparently, journalists are also clueless: one assumes that otherwise they would have told us.
Councils should ONLY be led by people who have lived their entire lives in "properly diverse" tower blocks

Monday, 10 July 2017

Donald Trump Jr's message to Russian operatives? I'm open for business
All this story does is confirm the modern shift in politics: it is all about winning.
Are they an enemy of my country? If they can help me win, who cares?
Why do they want to help me win? Who cares?
What will they want if I do win? Who cares?

Quite right!
When Americans are colluding with foreign powers to get dirt on other Americans, the last thing we want is for the press to know about it. They might tell other Americans, which would be soooo inappropriate.

Blac Chyna Secures Restraining Order
Gud fer hur!
What did Whyte Flatware, Grien Cristul and Rid Taybulcloth have to say about it?
Theresa May Asks For Jeremy Corbyn’s Help To Deliver Brexit And More
The Drowning Not Waving headline is, presumably, because cooperation between parties is seen as an anathema by the Huffington Post - going against their unceasing attempts to divide Brittons and pit them against each other.

Grenfell Tower Is ‘A Symbol For Tory Britain’, Says Len McCluskey
Camden Market is a symbol of Labour Britain?
Remember, no Britton dies in vain: their deaths will be used to score party-political points.
Camden Market Fire Sees 70 Firefighters Battle ‘Huge’ Blaze In North London
Camden is a Labour council but I bet they find a way to say this is the Tories fault

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Old Lange's Rant of the Day
Muslim activist's reference to 'jihad' draws conservative wrath
This is difficult.  Like "organic" or "racist" the word "jihad" has changed meaning, at least in English.   It no longer carries associations of struggling with oneself against temptation or sin, nor struggling to protect the faith.   
      It now means "extremist violence" or "religious war" and no amount of logic, argument, discussion or "education" will put that genie back in the bottle.  Yes, this is wrong and it misunderstands the true meaning of the word, but that is the way things are.
      Just as "organic" is no longer the opposite of "inorganic" but now means something grown with only a few agreed chemical inputs.  Just as race is not longer a part of "racism" and something anti-Irish or anti-Muslim can be called "racist."    Just as "genetically modified" no longer includes hybridizing, but has become restricted to intra-cellular manipulation.  So "jihad" has come to mean brutal violence perpetrated by those who falsely claim to commit their atrocities the name of Allah
   No sensible person in America today would use "jihad" to describe anything other than religious war....unless they desire to inflame and create opposition.  Of course, it is also possible that the speaker might be woefully or deliberately ignorant of current American usage     
    Thus, we must conclude that Ms Sarsour is either an incendiary, not a sensible person or pig-ignorant.

Sheriff In Heart Of Ohio’s Opioid Epidemic Doesn't Carry Overdose Reversal Drug
That is outrageous. When people overdose and die from illegally obtained drugs, it is clearly the fault of the police. Our police have an absolute obligation to keep us alive, no matter what we try to do to ourselves.   Indeed, leaving the police out of it, it is a moral obligation for EVERYONE to carry Naxalone on their person at all times. If anyone overdoes and dies, it is the fault of anyone who is in the vicinity.
Note: the article says Sheriff "refuses" to carry. Refuses who? Did someone tell him to carry these drugs with him. Could we please have a list of drugs that police should carry with them? (I assume every officer must have Alteplase, Diazepam, Dopamine, Epinepherine, Inspra, Insulin, Naxalone, Nikenamide, Nitroglycerine and Simbiacort turbo inhalers, but are there others?)
For comparison, could someone please provide a list of a list of drugs that paramedics should carry with them?

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rules about Victimhood                            Old Lange's rant of the day
Rules about where victimhood applies are tricky, often vague and always change depending upon who is expressing them.   Ask any person of any definable minority about their various reasons for claiming victimhood, but be careful:
    Hispanic Americans are entitled to victimhood, but Germanic Americans are not.
            (This one is particularly tricky, as Hispanic Americans from Spain are excluded.)
    Irish & Polish Americans are on the cusp: sometimes entitled, sometimes not. 
    Italian Americans are only entitled to victimhood if the word “mafia”  is intimated. 
    English Americans are never entitled to claim victim status.
    Gays are entitled to victimhood, but not if they are paedophilic gays.  
    Rubber fetishists are not.

As the man said: it's complicated
Fixing the wealth gap                    Old Lange's rant of the day
without taking from the rich to give to the poor
Here are 10 tweaks to start with that do not require a complete rewrite of the entire tax system.
(We can argue the merits of Flat Tax, Fair Tax and other complete rewrites later, once these are in place.)
1      Any future tax cuts shall be in flat dollar amounts, not percentages
2.       Remove the step-up-in-basis law
3.     Tax all income as income, regardless of source
4.       Remove the mortgage interest deduction
5.       Retain the AMT as it is
6.       Repeal all corporate welfare, including accelerated depreciation
7.       Do not cut the inheritance tax on estates over $5 million – leave it as it is.
8.       Reduce corporate tax to 15%, including repatriation of profits
9.       Remove deductions for retirement contributions

10.    Means-test all scholarships

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Both parties should favour retaining inheritance tax
Indeed, they should favour increasing it.    Old Lange's rant of the day
As any good Republican will tell you: unearned income destroys initiative and creates dependency.
As any good Democrat will tell you: taxing the rich is just and equitable.
      An estate is not the property of the heirs: as  the heirs have done nothing to earn it.  The state can justly take any or all of the estate of a dead person, since it does not belong to any citizen.  (We call the state’s share an inheritance tax, but that is by tradition, not necessity – though the tradition has been enshrined by common law precedent.)
        If a person dies intestate, the heirs have a legal expectation to a share of whatever property the state does not take.  If not intestate, the same goes for assignees.

       Note: Before someone cites the 5th amendment, which allows the state to take from 0% to 100% of anyone's property and to determine what compensation will be paid, it is not relevant here:  after you are dead, you do not own any property. 

Food stamp rolls plummet in states that restore work requirements
Not a bad idea at all, but the states were always free to require or not require work.  
What this article does not tell us is WHY states removed the work requirement.  

It does, however, tell us that big government in Washington now intends to tell states what to do in this regard.

NPR Tweeted Declaration Of Independence, some Americans Flipped Out 
Might be time for a national poll again.
How many people would support the Bill of Rights, expecailly if presented one at a time? How do supporters divide by party affiliation. How many people would agree with the the Declaration of Independence? Or even recognize it?  Again, how does by party affiliation divide on these questions.

CNN Has The ‘Trust’ Advantage Over President Trump In A New Poll
Not unexpected: CNN lies to them less often.

Barrister Blames Brexit As Racist Who Attacked Woman In Niqab Is Jailed 
Women who wear niqabs in Britain are either being deliberately offensive to local cultural values or are pig-ignorant. (British cultural values do not accept that there are women so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face, not do they accept sexist practices that suggest one gender may see a person's face but another gender may not).
    However, In a free society, people are allowed to be deliberately offensive and to be ignorant of culture and custom. Attacking someone for this reason is not only illegal and reprehensible, it is also against local cultural values.
   PS:  The attacker did not utter a single racist sentiment. He railed about the woman's religion, not about her race.   Or am I fighting a losing battle here: does racism no longer mean racism? Is it now just a catchall term for any offensive behavior?

Monday, 3 July 2017

How science got women wrong

     It is hardly surprising that "A striking pattern emerges: almost all of the prominent scientists behind these studies are men, whereas much of the growing, more recent research that disputes them is done by women." It is what one has come to expect in science, whether from conscious or unconscious bias, when the researchers have an interest in the outcome.
      It is, however, surprising that the reviewer in this piece has a bizarre idea of evolution: "humans’ patriarchal order may have evolved by accident rather than out of evolutionary necessity." The patriarchal order evolved rather than evolved?

Britain looks set to miss key renewable target

Well of course we will miss the targets. They were purely for PR purposes , to make us feel holier than thou. No one had any intention of trying to actually meet them.

Italy threatens to block rescue ships
The rescue ships should take folks back to the port they embarked from. They may have a right to try to get to Europe, but Europe should have no obligation to subsidize their journey.
He later added: “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”
But if you are not the governor or one of his rellies, you can just eff off.

Trump Keeps Up Criticism of Media
It's an old con man's trick. If the marks believe something, tell them that it's true.
It makes them like you and think you are one of them.
To say Presdient Trump lies all the time is a useless argument in this arena, boiling down to "But mommy, he did it too!" It's true, he does lie a lot and many disrespect him because of it. The news media also lie to us a lot, so why is anyone surprised when we disrespect them as well?

Dollar Gets Squeezed From All Sides

Greenback is down 5.6% this year, against a basket of currencies

And also down by 10% against the Yuan.  Does this mean, as President Trump would say, that the US is manipulating its currency?