Saturday, 29 July 2017

Lange's rant of the day
From: Michael Master    Sent: 28 July 2017 12:56
America is not as great as it was for working white middle class Christian Americans.   they heard Trump.   so they voted for him.   it was a revolt against the divisions in America caused by Obama.   
    I think you have something there, Michael.  Those who saw themselves losing out in the competition of life (privileged white-but-not-rich Christians) were attracted to someone who said he could bring back the America they remember: where whites had better jobs than everyone else, where Christians got preferential treatment almost everywhere (at the banks, at car dealerships, even at the grocery store), where women stayed at home to raise the kids and men got paid more for the same work than women who didn’t.
      They resented Obama because he was not white, but also because he was more articulate, better educated and street-smarter than they.  They even tried to pretend that he was not Christian, because his obvious superiority  offended their sense of propriety.  (As if being Muslim could somehow explain why he was smarter, better-educated and more articulate.)
      In short, Mr Trump appealed to people who felt they were losers; people who revere winners.  They saw Trump slog through bankruptcies, through suits from people he did not pay for the work they did, and through fraud cases by paying millions to settle.  They saw him ignoring American tradition (keeping his taxes secret, manufacturing his products overseas, using-illegal immigrant labour) and getting away with it, and they said: “That’s our man.”
        Having made their choice, they now have post-purchase rationalization.  Is he spending more taxpayer money on his vacations in a few months than previous presidents spent in a full year – that’s okay, he’s our guy.  Is he pocketing their tax money in countless business deals – that’s okay, he’s our guy.  Is he working to get mega tax cuts for the very wealthy and but a pittance for them – that’s okay, he’s our guy.  Did he collude with our enemies to get himself elected – who cares, he’s our guy. 
        Some even try to justify their decision by saying “Hilary would have been worse,” which may be true but it is an awfully close-run thing.  A year ago, it was hard for me to imagine anyone who could possibly be worse than Hillary but I am, slowly but surely, starting to believe it's our President 

Japan Slaps 50% Tariff on Some U.S. Beef
Is this part of Japan First?

Decriminalisation Of Homosexuality: 50 Years After 1967 Act, 5 Obstacles To Equality Persist
I see a different five Obstacles:  1) Lesbians, 2) Bis3) Gays, 4) Trans, 5) Queer
They are so self-centered and sexuality focused that people just want them to shut up and get on with it.

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