Saturday, 14 September 2019


Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan says she would vote Remain in second Brexit referendum
Why wouldn’t she? She campaigned for ’Remain’ and when it lost she listened to the people.If the issue comes up again, she is just as entitled to vote as any other citizen in the UK.
There is NOTHING inconsistent about her position. Labour MP Lammy’s accusations, and the Independent coverage of them, are merely the sour grapes of people who lost the referendum

Colorado State Won't Punish Students For Blackface, Citing First Amendment
They should be expelled. We should ruin the lives of 4 kids who thought they were having a laugh because we are so afraid of being called racists that these children are expendable.

Charity Workers Share Shocking Incidents Of Racism: 'It Shows Hypocrisy'
Yes, these examples of racism are very nasty, particularly when true of many
But "a community run by and for people of colour in the social impact sector."
Is there a similar organization for people of no colour?
If not, isn't that racism?

Air New Zealand Threatened With Boycott Over Plan To Trademark Logo Of Maori Phrase
I do hope that no one in the Maori eats pizza that is not cooked by an Italian or Pavlova that is not made by a Russian or a steak and mushroom pie not cooked by a Pākehā. These kinds of cultural misappropriation are serious and any Maori who does this should be boycotted.

‘Protecting Our European Way of Life’? Outrage Follows New E.U. Role
What?  European heritage should not be protected.  Europeans have no right to heritage.
Its is like the Sioux or Inuit, except that it should die out while others are protected.

Shane Gillis’s Jokes Went Too Far. Should That End His ‘S.N.L.’ Career?
Interesting coverage: we are told that he "allegedly" used a racial slur, but we are not told what it was.
Is this trail by hearsay? Somebody said it was a racial slur and that is good enough for us?

Antonio Brown Remains Eligible to Play for Patriots
What?  Wait a minute! 
He was accused and that, in #metoo parlance, is the same as found guilty in a court of law.
He shouldn't be allowed to play until his innocence is proved beyond the shadow of a doubt. 
It does not matter that you cannot prove a negative: he was ACCUSED..

Thursday, 12 September 2019


Operation Yellowhammer Reveal No-Deal Brexit Could Lead To Shortages 
Does the government have a Best-Case scenario?
Why aren't you publishing it? What do you have to hide?

Have You Been Told To ‘Go Back To Your Country’?
Yes,  Many times,  I am an American and I have frequently had British people tell me to go back to my country. Some of the perpetrators of this crime were white, some were black and some were Asian.

Lou Dobbs Slammed For Using Anti-Semitic 'Tentacles' Trope To Describe George Soros
I can certainly see how this is anti-semitic, because only Jews have tentacles: nobody else does.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Submit Your Question For The Leaders' Debate In Canada Election 2019
Can't you get a real job? What happened to you in life?

Trump Claims Those Fleeing Bahamas Could Be ‘Very Bad People’
Oh no! They could be like Bereto Otiz, coming into our country from the islands to die for us?

The Auto Rule Rollback That Nobody Wants, Except Trump
The president wants to sabotage an enormous climate achievement that much of the car industry supports.
He clearly doesn't not believe in state's rights. You only THOUGHT he was a conservative.

Trump launches scathing but false attack on Democrat Dan McCready
Sorry, but Donnie does not do truth.  
McCready served in our military, ready to die for his country. Rep. Dan Bishop, like Trump, didn't serve.

Sunday, 8 September 2019


‘They’re All Idiots’: Amid Brexit Chaos, Britons Lose Faith in Politicians
Of course they do.  The media have been telling us not to trust politicians for decades.
We finally believed them. It's nice to have the world defined: us good, them bad.

    I am a sick man. I am a spiteful man.  I am one of those fanatics on the alt-right and the alt-left, the ones who make online forums so vicious, the ones who cancel and call out, the minority of online posters who fill the air with hate. I’m one of those radicals whose rage is intertwined with psychological fragility, whose anger at real wrongs is corrupted by my existential panic about myself.
    To know anything about me you have to understand the chaos at the core of my innermost being. I was raised without coherent moral frameworks. I was raised amid social fragmentation and division, the permanent flux of liquid modernity. Adults in my life have not been trustworthy. Friends have not been trustworthy. Women reject me. I passed through school unseen. You have no idea how ill equipped I am to deal with my pain. I was raised in that coddling way that protects you from every risk except real life.  When I was younger my eyes pleaded: Tell me what adulthood and manhood are supposed to look like! All you said was, “You can be anything you want to be!” How does that help?
               You told me I was special, but the world goes on as if I don’t exist.
I yearn for order. Blunt simplicities. Politics provides the Manichaean binaries I can’t find anywhere else, and so I make everything political. Own the libs! Smash the racist right! A war of pure good and pure evil. I crave the single narrative that will make everything clear: Everything is race. Everything is class. Everything is moral rot caused by godlessness. They say that fundamentalism is rigid and authoritarian. I say to them: Yes! I want fundamentalism. Please wrap me in that rigidity. Otherwise, I have no coherent self.
      Catastrophizing is my mind-set. Catastrophizing is pure: Society is totally corrupt. The “system” is totally rotten. I am terrified by ambiguity and ambivalence, the idea that the glass might be only half full. I seize on the extreme example of anything and take it to be the typical case. In this way I create my truth. An immigrant committed murders, so immigrants are murderers.  People are not defined by individual traits but by group ones. Individual persons are too complicated, but groups are abstract and easy to stereotype. Every human being gets reduced to some category, preferably the cunning ones I despise: the libs, white males.
      I need leaders and spokesmen who will never show uncertainty. I want leaders who tell simple blame stories. It’s the bankers! It’s the immigrants! I want intellectual put-down artists who will crush the other side and let me vicariously enjoy their triumphs on YouTube again and again. My moral system is simple, too. Up is evil and down is good. People above me on the status hierarchy are venal, while those of us in my group are victims of their corruption. The existence of any hierarchy itself is prima facie proof of injustice. 
     From the abstract vantage point of my computer screen, I see a world in which my opponents are elite oppressors and my kind are oppressed. They have their exclusive cliques and I am disdained. And here we get to the ultimate injustice: Why are they recognized while I am not? This is the molten core from which my indignation flows. The status quo does not respect me, and therefore I despise it.  
     So my politics is not really about issues, it’s epic wars for recognition. I seize upon the minor missteps made by my opponents in order to discredit their kind. You stumbled? I delight in crushing you! Owning the libs or the alt-right spares me the terrifying ambiguity of actually getting to know one. 
    I’ve lost faith in reason. Communication is for condemnation and arousal. Forgiveness has become foreign to me. Sometimes you have to be vicious for justice. If I afflict the comfortable I have served justice. I don’t have to worry about comforting the afflicted. If I attack faraway wrongdoers I don’t have to worry about tutoring a child nearby.
    Online war is a force that gives life meaning. Hatred gives me that delicious simulacrum of power. Did you really think you could raise me on gourmet coffee and yoga pants and I wouldn’t find a way to rebel against your relativism and materialism? Didn’t you observe the eternal pattern — that if you try to flatten a man to the bourgeois he will rebel by becoming a fanatic?
    And yet … somehow it’s not working. Somehow politics doesn’t fill my soul, bring me peace or end my existential anxiety. I have helped create a harsh world in which vulnerability is impossible and without vulnerability there can be no relationship. Relationship is the thing that I long for the most and that I most make impossible. I have cut myself off from the only thing that can save me.
     I am indignant. I am superior. I read Dostoyevsky’s “Notes From the Underground.” I am alone.  (Except, of course, for friends who think exactly as I do.)

Saturday, 7 September 2019


DOJ launches antitrust probe over California emissions deal with automakers
Justice department launches antitrust inquiry into agreement Trump has criticised
Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Honda are under investigation, after they agreed in July to abide by a new set of rules set by California that are stricter than those proposed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency
Sounds like Donnie doesn't believe in state's rights.

Joe Biden Hopes ‘Donald Hump’ Doesn’t Win Reelection In ‘Freudian Slip’
The former vice president made the gaffe while campaigning for the Democratic nomination in New Hampshire.
What? That's not his name? He sounds like a Hump to me.
Media calling it a 'gaffe' is over-reaching: Biden is just describing what Donnie is trying to do to America.

Amber Rudd Resigns From Cabinet And Quits Conservative Party
She could echo Geoffrey Howe:
"The conflict of loyalty, of loyalty to my Right Honourable Friend the Prime Minister - and, after all, in two decades together that instinct of loyalty is still very real - and of loyalty to what I perceive to be the true interests of the nation, has become all too great. I no longer believe it possible to resolve that conflict from within this Government. That is why I have resigned. In doing so, I have done what I believe to be right for my party and my country. The time has come for others to consider their own response to the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I have myself wrestled for perhaps too long"

NOAA Slammed For Backing Trump Over Scientists In Dorian-Alabama Feud
Oh yes. We should trash NOAA, especially some dogsbody in middle management, because the Republican party have always put up with Trump's lies and we expect socialist agencies like NOAA to do the same.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Here’s What Happened In The House Of Lords Last Night
I am one of the BOBs.  Bored of Brexit.   Unfortunately the media can't talk of anything else.
But then, of course, this is a let's-you-and-him-fight story, which modern journalists can do.
Much better than covering any issue of importance, which takes actual work.

Chilliwack City Council Votes Against Rainbow Crosswalk, Calling It 'Divisive
Good for them! City councils should not be making divisive political statements unless everyone agrees with them.
(Or at least 90% agree with them.)

Trump displays hurricane map doctored to support his tweet that Dorian threatened Alabama
Lying is in his DNA.
It is not that he doesn't know what truth is. He knows, he just doesn't believe in it Sad that the White House is complicit.

Kristen Stewart Was Discouraged From Talking About Her Sexuality To 'Protect Her Career'
Sensible advice. People who keep talking about their sexuality are likely to be seen as flakes, interested only in themselves. 
In short: not professional

Here’s What Happened In The House Of Lords Last Night
I am one of the BOBs.  Bored of Brexit.   Unfortunately the media can't talk of anything else.
But then, of course, this is a let's-you-and-him-fight story, which modern journalists can do.
Much better than covering any issue of importance., which takes actual work.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


Police Use of Facial Recognition Is Accepted by British Court
Good for them!  The plaintiff wanted to have privacy in a public place.
If I had taken his picture, either because he looked interesting or because he was in my shot, would he be able to sue me?    If a journalist took his picture, could he sue than for taking it "without his permission."   If so, then someone with nefarious intent could sue the journalist taking it "without his permission."
Aug 28  
Would be very hard for Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, to seek a no-confidence vote against New Prime Minister Boris Johnson, especially in light of the fact that Boris is exactly what the U.K. has been looking for, & will prove to be “a great leader.@
10 minutes ago
No, Donnie, try to keep up. Boris Johnson is calling the no confidence vote on himself. The other parties (including Corbyn's Labour) will not play. Boris can have his election only AFTER we have ensured there is no "no deal" Brexit.
13 hours ago
The truth is that we have a nation that is disgusted with the FBI. We have a crisis of confidence in the number one law enforcement agency in this country (thanks Comey!)
We have a crisis of confidence in ALL of our intelligence agencies because you trash them if they don't agree with you. You are the problem, not the FBI.
“I am so tired of hearing the rationalization of the Left in the country because they hate Donald Trump. Inexplicably and without foundation, they choose to hate America. The Democrats have truly become the party of hate.”
You are the party of hate. You are supposed to represent all of us, but you think that Libertarians, Greens and Democrats are worthy of hatred. In fact, you think many of your own party are worthy of hatred when they don't agree with you.

Sunday, 1 September 2019


How a Trump Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Windfall for the Rich
Why did anyone expect it to be any different? The rule of the 1% is Trump's goal: everything is designed to stack the deck against the middle class and lower classes. Hey, If I was a billionaire, I would want things stacked in my favour too, and I would have the money to buy the politicians to make it happen.

Trump Defends Sending Tweet With Aerial Image Of Iranian Launch Site
When your President cares more about sensationalism than your security, you are in deep trouble.Did he blow one of our spires? Yeah, probably, but the guy was probably a foreigner anyway.
And what is an asset worth if your President can't get good press coverage out of blowing his cover?

Kirsten Gillibrand dropped out the 2020 race because of Democratic sexism
Geez, Sirena, get over yourself: a candidate you liked left a crowded field. I think there are many feminists to take her place, including most of those who are still in the race. I think you may be exposing an anti-masculinist undercurrent in your writings.

At Least 5 Dead, 21 Shot In West Texas Shooting Spree
Just another case of radical Christianic terrorism. Sending thoughts and prayers to God for something you have no intention of changing is not just hypocrisy, it is the devil's work.

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