Thursday, 28 April 2011

  • Gosh, This guy is so proud that he got a state to bend its laws so they could release a copy of a document that adds nothing to another document they released a few years ago. If that is all he has to occupy his mind, I feel sorry for him. If 20% of republican voters like him, I feel sorry for us.
  • Yes, the Bush government sold a lot of military weapons to Latin America, knowing that corrupt regimes would pass some on the the drug cartels, and I don't see much change under Obama.
           It is unfair for the government to compete directly with tax-paying American gun stores who have had their market share cut.
  • 1) Big government interfering in people lives: e.g. pregancy, marriage, etc.
    2) People arguing for tax cuts in time of war - seems unpatriotic.
    3) Corporate welfare, from the Bush bank bailouts to agricultural and oil industry subsidies.
Obama On Oprah: Birth Certificate Issue Raised During Interview (VIDEO)

Obama On Oprah: Birth Certificate Issue Raised During Interview (VIDEO)

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Hawaiian law prohibits releasing this document, so the President of the United States leaned on them to bend the law.  Obama should be impeached for soliciting the violation of a state law. We could call Joseph Heller and Yossarian as witnesses.

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“No, that's not good enough. I need to see affidavits from a Priest, a Pastor and a Rabbi, all of who were present in the room at the time of his birth.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

  • Yep, typical of the moral zeitgeist, Johann. 
    Some government overseer is to blame, not the hauler who lied, not the boss who didn't check, not the owner who did not abide by the law, not the journalists who did not report the kind of things that were happening in this yard and others like it. 
    Nope, the blame should fall solely on the government (Labour at the time) for not doing enough inspections.”
  • A news outlet that publishes the sexual antics of others without publishing the sexual antics of their own publishers, editors and journalists is stunningly hypocritical. Those involved in journalism claim special status for acting "in the public interest" so how can they not all be "public figures"?
  • It is easy laugh from abroad, but this play-the-man, not-the-ball style is becoming just as prevalent in the UK. See the AV campaign.
  • "There has always been one basic fundemental building block of a democracy: One Man One vote!"Sadly, not true. At least not true in the UK, where this fundamental has almost never held sway.
  • "Women are quite as intelligent as men. They have a tendency not to be so involved quite often and they're not so ambitious in business as men because they've got better things to do."

    How dare he tell the truth!? Amazing that Mr Murray rose to this high a level without understanding that telling the truth in public is pure poison.

    Worse, I understand that his company made correct investment decisions. Think how much more we would respect this company if they had gone short on wheat and lost billions.