Thursday, 28 April 2011

  • Gosh, This guy is so proud that he got a state to bend its laws so they could release a copy of a document that adds nothing to another document they released a few years ago. If that is all he has to occupy his mind, I feel sorry for him. If 20% of republican voters like him, I feel sorry for us.
  • Yes, the Bush government sold a lot of military weapons to Latin America, knowing that corrupt regimes would pass some on the the drug cartels, and I don't see much change under Obama.
           It is unfair for the government to compete directly with tax-paying American gun stores who have had their market share cut.
  • 1) Big government interfering in people lives: e.g. pregancy, marriage, etc.
    2) People arguing for tax cuts in time of war - seems unpatriotic.
    3) Corporate welfare, from the Bush bank bailouts to agricultural and oil industry subsidies.

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