Saturday, 30 January 2016

Obama Wants More Girls And Kids Of Color To Learn Computer ScienceI certainly support that, but I want more Americans (regardless of their race, creed, colour or gender) to learn computer science.  I see no reason to be racist and sexist about it.

Friday, 29 January 2016

The real reason SOME women make less than men? 
They do not ask, they do not insist, they do not negotiate as strongly as men do. 
     Do women need men to step in and negotiate on their behalf or will they grow strong enough to carry their own weight?

"Megyn Kelly is a fantastic debate moderator" 
Of course she is. That's why Donald Duck ran away.

Donald Trump Says He Can't Be Bought. His Record Suggests He Can.
Of course he can be bought: He is of the 1% and they are defined by being bought. 
They measure themselves by their net worth.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Government Under Increasing Pressure To Admit Child Refugees From Europe To UK
If they are already in Europe, they are in countries that can take care of them. I support the government's move to help the children in the refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, where they are much more at risk. 
    I would also like to see more done to stem the Turkish refugee problem. It is just not right that Syrians are being encouraged and assisted to flee Turkey for Greece by the most dangerous means.  Ditto the Lybyan refugee industry.

Ofsted Chief Tells Inspectors To Downgrade Schools That Allow Muslim Face Veils
Quite right. The face veil is insensitive to local cultural values and schools that promote them are Anglophobic.. Britain does not believe there are people so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face, nor does it believe in sexist practice that says one gender may see me but another may not. In Britain, only health workers and robbers wear masks.

Fox News Slams Trump Campaign's 'Terrorizations' Against Megyn Kelly
I am so pleased that Fox stood up against Trump's dictatizations. His statementizations have gone beyond the pale. Journalists should not be threatenized.

Amherst College Ditches Its Symbol Of White Oppression
As Lord Amherst has been accused of racism and suborning war crimes, the College and the town should change their names, as should every town and college named after anyone who is so accused. All of the Jamestowns and Williamsburgs and Georgetowns and Charlestowns and Louisivilles will have to go. Ditto Washtington state and DC

The Zika Virus Could Force Women To Have Unsafe Abortions
No, it could not. It is a virus and it cannot force a human being to undertake any intentional act. 
It's existence could convince women to choose an unsafe abortion - and what a horrible choice that would be: do I risk my life or do I risk having a child who will be miserable all of it's short life

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Affirmative Action Is Great For White Women. So Why Do They Hate It?
Perhaps they just don't like sexism and racism on principle?

Will Smith To Boycott Oscars 2016 Amid Diversity Row
Should folks boycott the NBA for the same reason.

'Whiteness History Month' Stirs Up Controversy At Oregon College
Sounds pretty racist to me - other than that, it seems okay as a learning exercise. Will there also be a colouredness month that asks "Who benefits from the consequences of colouredness? Who loses from colouredness? How?" or "In what ways does colouredness emerge from a legacy of slavery, dependency and indolence?"

Lucy Allan MP Pulls Out Of BBC Interview 'Because She Couldn't Veto Questions'

She did not want to be a foil that the BBC journalists could use to state their own opinions. Why not; doesn;t she realize what interviewees are for?

I do feel sorry for this girl - both for the dilemma she faces coming to grips with her brother turning into a murdering slave-trader and for having to face posturing politicians trying to garner votes off her back. 
      However, the government should offer a free flight to Syria for all who wish to join Daesh. When they get enough to fill a dreamliner, load them up and do a Sikorski on them.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Their culture makes women dress in bags because they think that if a man can see a woman's hair it means that she is a slut who is gaggiing for it.

They ignored the local laws and customs of immigration, why does anyone think they will pay any attention to local laws or customs of sexual conduct.

These migrants will aid ISIS in two ways: their barbarism will make westerners more ready to associate Islam with evil while the migrants will become radicalized as their behaviour, which they will say is a normal reaction to western decadence, is punished in accordance with laws that they do not respect.

Chris Rock Calls Out The Oscars Lack Of Diversity
What sort of diversity is there in the NBA, Chris? Or the BET for that matter.

Kansas To Shun Refugees From Every Country In The World
There is no way Kansas "can be assured there is no risk to the safety and security of our citizens" from ANY refugee. So this should stop assistance to all refugees.
Mean-sprited, perhaps, but at least not bigoted. Stil, it is sad to see American values crumble in Kansas through yellow-bellied panic.

600 Britons Caught Trying To Join Islamic State Fighters In Syria
The opportunity to rape and murder with impunity is irresistable to many young men. The only thing that has kept the numbers so low (below 200 per year) is that Daesh insists the vounteers must be Muslim.

It is rare that the media highlight their own abject failure as reporters, but they clearly missed the boat here. Just sloppy journalism, probably because they thought Nosratollah was just an ordinary joe and hence not worth writing about, but I am certain they will try to say this was someone elsse's fault. They will pretend that their failure was part of a "cover up"
Of course, now that they think this guy might be our agent, I am sure they will try their best to expose him and tear him to peices.

Cover-up (n): Not handing the media a complete story tied up in a pink ribbon

Monday, 11 January 2016

Refugees living in fear of backlash as Justice Minister warns of anti-foreigner pogrom
I feel very sorry for them.  I am told that millions of peaceeful, law-abiding Germans, who had nothing to do with the holocaust, faced a backlash after WWII

Donald Trump says NFL has 'gone soft' just like America
Donald Duck is right, we have gone soft.
These gladiators are well paid to get crippled or die for our pleasure, why are they whining about it?
If they can't stand the horror, they should get out of the butcher shop.

ICE Lied To Get Inside Immigrants' Homes During Raids, Lawyers Say
Good for ICE. They are trying to catch people who have lied every day since they came to our country and decided that our laws are not to be obeyed if they are inconvenient.

Donald Trump Endures Most Painful Insult Yet On The Campaign Trail ("You're Boring")
Ooooooh! So Donald Duck has a thin skin. Still, it is nice to know that his idea of the first amendment is: you only have the right to free speech if you agree with him.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jeremy Hunt 'Approved Letter Sexing Up Threat Of Doctors' Strike'
Did he persoanlly add the pictures of nude body parts, or did he just authorise others ot do it for him? 
     "Sexing up" is Newspeak: used by people whose minds are too small to understand or pronounce 4-syllable words like "exaggerate"? It has nothing to do with sex or actually sexing up anything? 
     Oh. Sorry. Never mind.  (I had not realised how "dumbed-down" Huffpo had become.)

Stephen Doughty's Live Resignation On BBC Prompts Fury From Jeremy Corbyn SupportersWhat? This journalist asked him a question? How dare she?

Pregnant MP Told She Was 'Bringing Down The Whole Of Womankind'".....Commons conventions are "outdated" and what she had done was "common sense".
What she had done was selfish and impolite....but that seems to be what passes for "common sense" these days, especially since the Selfish National Party came to town. Good manners and consideration for others are definitelyconsidered "outdated" 
    It is only surprising that she did not leave to get something to eat in the middle of her own speech

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Opinion: Why not keep guns from criminals, terrorists, and mentally ill?
Why not? Because the 2nd amendement does not say "...the right of the people [except for crazies, criminals and terrorists] to keep and bear arms..." 

Maniacs, druggies, gangbangers and terrorists are people too (unless they are refugees). 

Just think of 36,000 American dead each year as the price of freedom and thank them for their sacrifice. 
They are just collateral damage in the war on           
In the war on some theoretical slippery slope, dang it!
Why Obama's Tiny Changes To Gun Policy Are Actually Really Important
I have yet to see the full text of the executive order, but reporting so far is that the resolution attempts to enforce law that is already on the books and has been since at least 1968.

If congress does not wish gun dealers to be licenced, they can pass a law to that effect, repealing US Code/18/I/44/921(a)(11)(A)

Obama iscorrect: this directive will not stop criminals and crazies from owning guns, but it will make things more difficult for them - if and only if congress does not block funds for the FBI to hire background check agents. Currently, a 85% of Americans and 74% of NRA members want background checks. If they become a significant and annoying bottleneck, that opinion could change.

This issue should be a no brainer: treat guns like cars: licence them, require insurance and require a gun-safety test. If the last is seen contentious government interference, let the test be set and administered by the NRA. They should have the best expertise anyway

Leader Of Oregon Militants Is No Match For Megyn Kelly
No one would expect him to be, Actually, I thought Megan was weak here. She just powe-trippped on him, rather than engage in conversation.

This guy (who admittedly wants to appropriate public lands for private commerical use), was trying to point out the the Federal Government was judge, jury and executioner in the case where two farmers went to jail for burning of dangerous dry brush near his property, then had the that same federal government appeal to increase their sentences.

Meagan Kelly's bullying did not help the audience understand his point.

Gunmen Seize Federal Building In Oregon

Gunmen? That's a pretty biased word to use for some upset citizens. Sounds like Huffpo has an agenda here.

Robert Lerner ·
upset citizens with guns, what would you call them.?
Like · Reply · Jan 4, 2016 1:23am

Robert Lerner I'd call them Upset Citizens. I don't call police or FBI agents or soldiers "gunmen" - not to mention the women who are also occupying the building. It's like calling the students who occupy a college building, some of whom have pocket knives, "knifemen."

A realise that the media are trying make an armed conflict out of this silly but so-far peaceful protest by self-serving ranchers who want to expropriate land for themselves. Fortunately, both the local police and the FBI seem to be following the sensible policy of wating until they get bored and go home, ignoring the many news organizations trying to pour gasoline on a fire to provoke a tragedy.that will sell more soapflakes and prescription medicines.

Wheaton College To Fire Professor Saying Muslims And Christians 'Worship The Same God'
Of course they should: unless agrees with them and admits that there are multiple gods and that each god is different.  Can't have people teaching college who do not agree with the college administration.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


But iss it a Well Regulated militia, Jim?

Police arrest man with weapons cache in car before NHL Winter Classic
What!  How dare the police interfere with this terrorist's 2nd Amendment rights?

Yet Another Health Care Repeal Vote To Open Congressional Year
I hope this bill will also defund Acorn. After 5 years of not existing, the organization is stiill percieved as a horrible threat in the heartland of the Tea Party, where folks know that the moon landing was staged and that English was good enough for Jesus.

First no shaving, then no booze: now meat and dairy face the chop
Although i prefer toj ust keep on eating naturally instead, thanks, I don't mind people proselytising for their current fads.   They have nothing better to do and it doesn't hurt me.
     On the other hand, if they start treating meat like, tobacco, marijuana, and transfats .....maybe I should worry.

Nicola Sturgeon Denies SNP Supporters Have Been 'Brainwashed'
Suggesting that they have abandonned critical thinking is generous: it presumes that they have ever tried it. The Selfish National Party finds loyalty easy: many, especially the young, are just as devoted to ME-I-MY-MINE as the SNP is.

Friday, 1 January 2016

The Guardian view on killings by US police: why we must keep counting

Thank you for the statistics showing that half of those killed by US police are white, while less than 1/3rd are black.  

You point out that this means blacks are killed by police at 4 times the rate of whites (7.91 vs 2.13 per million).  As blacks commit both gun crimes and homicides at around 6 times the rate of whites (11 vs 65 per million for single shooter/single victim homicides, 18/million vs 133/million for all US homicides), the imbalances make some sense.   

Total killed by US police in 2015  = 1134    (Guardian)
                     Of which Black        =   300       26%       7.19
                                   White        =   577       51%       2.34

                   (FBI)                            single gun                         all
Total US homicides in 2013              =  5723                        14,581
     Of which Black offenders             =  2698        65/m         5,531           133/m
     Of which White offenders             =  2755        11/m        4,582               18/m