Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jeremy Hunt 'Approved Letter Sexing Up Threat Of Doctors' Strike'
Did he persoanlly add the pictures of nude body parts, or did he just authorise others ot do it for him? 
     "Sexing up" is Newspeak: used by people whose minds are too small to understand or pronounce 4-syllable words like "exaggerate"? It has nothing to do with sex or actually sexing up anything? 
     Oh. Sorry. Never mind.  (I had not realised how "dumbed-down" Huffpo had become.)

Stephen Doughty's Live Resignation On BBC Prompts Fury From Jeremy Corbyn SupportersWhat? This journalist asked him a question? How dare she?

Pregnant MP Told She Was 'Bringing Down The Whole Of Womankind'".....Commons conventions are "outdated" and what she had done was "common sense".
What she had done was selfish and impolite....but that seems to be what passes for "common sense" these days, especially since the Selfish National Party came to town. Good manners and consideration for others are definitelyconsidered "outdated" 
    It is only surprising that she did not leave to get something to eat in the middle of her own speech

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