Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Trump Pitches Business Tax Cut to Middle Class
Of course it will go to higher income households.
If you really want a tax cut to impact the economy, make it a tax cut that benefits everyone equally.  
If you want an income tax of $140 million, make it $1000 per taxpayer: that will have the maximum benefit to the economy. Poor people will go out and spend it - benefiting the economy directly. Middle class people will see it as a wind fall, and will also spend it.   Rich people will not even notice, but there are so few of them that it won't matter.
Council Defends Handling Of Foster Case Involving Christian Child And Muslim Family
No child should be raised to be a sexist.
Anybody in a burka is a sexist.

What? How dare they?
Of course it is true, but one should never tell the truth. about women.

We need to reclaim the Hajj pilgrimage from the clutches of commercialisation
Good luck with that.
What? How dare they?
Of course it is true, but one should never tell the truth. about women.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Why do these people want big government to tell me where I can take a pee.
Do these guys think I can't figure it out by myself?
What happened to the Republican party that they think we need big government telling us what to do.

Theresa May  – Britain doesn't want a PM who can't condemn Donald Trump
Come on, May. Join the bandwagon.
Here is something all Britons can agree on: make Donald Trump responsible for all of our racism.
If we can make it look like he is guilty, then all of our sins of racism will be forgiven.

Twitter Points Out Other Times When ‘Both Sides’ Were Clearly Incomparable
Sure, the cancer was aggressive. But the chemotherapy was also very aggressive. 
There was aggression on both sides.    
There is blame on both sides, Anne Frank was being a very loud and rude house guest

Hacker Group Anonymous Takes On The Alt-Right
Yeah. They were going to take down ISIS. Uh huh.Believe it when we see it

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

To the white male supremacists: you're nothing more than venomous crybabies
The interesting thing its that our author does not acknowledge the fact that these white are feeling seriously disadvantaged in there own home. Yes, the fact that they are crybabies is a given, yes, the fact that they are decrying 'their privilege is a given - bet that doesn't mean that you can just dismiss them...
      Sorry, of course you can, but that will simply make them a more determined foe...which is what Trump realises and the Democrats do not

Charlottesville's alt-right rally shows the importance of removing symbols of white supremacy
Donnie is right in one regard: we will need to take down the statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson: either that or admit that our founding father's have feet of clay.

The Sun can't pretend having a 'Muslim Problem' isn't reminiscent of Nazi propaganda
"...just as there have been terrorists who happen to be Roman Catholic."
Please name two that have killed in the name of Jesus or the Catholic Church.
       You are right: I forgot the Central African Republic, the Maronite, the Uganda, the Tripura,     Nagaland, the Christian in abortion clinics. These were not just isolation Christian killing, they were killing in the name of  the church.

Monday, 14 August 2017

What Happened to the Negative Music Review?
As about half of them can't sing, I can see why they would do this.
People don't want to be told 'half your vocalist can't sing' - it depresses them.

Foreign Solar Firms Gain Unexpected Support in Tariff Fight
Don't these people know that we're for America First!
We don't care how much it cost us to have our substandard or efficient suppliers, we want America First. 
If we do this for lots of markets, we could set America industry back decades.

What the Google Controversy Misses: The Business Case for Diversity
James Damore has been heaped with calumny because apparently people didn't read what he wrote.  Instead, they wish to see it as an attach on diversity.   That is all very good - I suppose people need to have their shibboleth attached now and then.  It is just hard for Mr Damare, who thought he was merely entering a debate.   He didn't know he was taken on a zeitgeist that didn't deal in fact:  it dealt with "don't you touch this, it is our faith and we will not have anyone messing with it."

Almost half of girls as young as 11 say they are harassed when they go online, study shows
There should be a law so that girls do not need to develop a thick skin, because we know that girls can't take care of themselves. There should be a law so that girls do not need to develop a thick skin, because we know that girls can't take care of themselves

Sunday, 13 August 2017

White Supremacists Show Up To A City That Didn’t Want Them
This kind of terrorism does not have a place in America.
These are unAmercian activities.
They were shouting "Trump Heil" and had licence plates that were mostly out of state. 
What does that tell you about their politics

Theresa May under pressure to cut cost of university as public rejects high fees and huge debts
Well of course they do.
We want our elite to be cosseted by the people.
It is what the lower half should pay for.

Friday, 11 August 2017

What! A former cabinet minister is allow to speak of something that disagree with the zietgeist. How dare he! Does't he know you can only spout things that Newspeak has said may be spoken about

Google should not have given an outspoken engineer the sack
It might been better to keep Mr Damore in place and show how his ideas are just wrong, but that would be allowing free debate. Far better to get him out, since that allows those with his views to hide behind a 'see, we don't have any tolerance for that kind of thought." Meanwhile allowing them to think their thoughts that say "we will always be the boss here."

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Irony on Welfare  –           Old Lange’s Rant of the Day

Friend Paul Engel sends:
 The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to distribute the greatest number of free Meals and Food Stamps ever – to 46 million people.
     Meanwhile, the National Park Service (also USDA) , asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason for this policy is: “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”
      Thus ends today's lesson in irony.

Dear Paul
32% of the people on food stamps are in work, but don’t make enough to feed their kids
20% are disabled
15% are elderly                    The average beneficiary gets $125 a month.

I am happy with requiring the others to work in exchange for receiving their food stamps, because I agree that free handouts destroy initiative and create dependency: it’s why I want to repeal the oil-depletion allowance, free crop insurance, carried interest, the step-up-in-basis rule and other government welfare handouts to agribusiness, banks, coal, oil & gas, and the rich.
       In 2016, the Obama administration tightened up federal rules that require the able-bodied to work to get stamps. The states and counties that have implemented these work-for-stamps rules have seen a dramatic reduction in the able-bodied on their food stamps roles – falls of 25 & 50%.   The problem is: the extra cost and staff needed to manage a work-for-stamps system is local, while all of the benefit money comes from the Feds.  This negative incentive meant few states set up work-for-stamps systems before they had to. (There has been nothing stopping them from doing this for the past decade or two.)   Indeed, when unemployment was high, most states (especially the red states who are the larger recipients of SNAP funds) applied for and received a waiver of the federal work-requirement rules – it saved them money and cost them nothing.

Blogger Jaymz writes on Medicaid:  
I don't believe a quarter of the working age population are so physically or mentally disabled to be unfit to contribute to the economy.  Probably well under ten percent, maybe five, I don't know.  For the others, their problems are unique and complex, and Medicaid is not the ideal solution.  You might call them "misfits",

Of the 70+ Million who are on Medicaid, only 24 Million are non-disabled adults (aged 19-64), and 59% of those are employed. That leaves us with only 9.84 million “misfits”, or 3% of the total population.   I can readily believe that 3% of Americans are misfit deadbeats.
       The rest are simply not paid enough to afford even the most basic health insurance.   (If you make $15k a year, it is impossible to pay even 3k – $250 a month– for health insurance.)

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage could take millions off both Medicaid and food stamps.

Number of young people planning to go to university falls to lowest level in eight y14% shows that at least some people are coming to the realization that having  university degree is not the be all and end all....there are other walks of life.ears
14% shows that at least some people are coming to the realization that having university degree is not the be all and end all....there are other walks of life.

Tories accused of secret 'fire sale' of hospital land to bail out cash-strapped NHS
The article does not say how many parcels of land are being contemplated, as this would make it clear that this would not amount to a hill of beans in the NHS defecit.   That is: this story is a beat up.  
14% shows that at least some people are coming to the realization that having  university degree is not the be all and end all....there are other walks of life.
14% shows that at least some people are coming to the realization that having  university degree is not the be all and end all....there are other walks of life.
14% shows that at least some people are coming to the realization that having  university degree is not the be all and end all....there are other walks of life.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Google Fires Employee Who Wrote Memo Criticizing Diversity Initiatives
I could see this getting out of hand.
It was time cut your losses and realize that some people don't have the right to their opinion if their views are in the minority.  Especially if their views might argue against the zeit geist. We all know that women and men seek the same things - that's a given

Who Ultimately Pays for Corporate Taxes? The Answer May Color the Republican Overhaul
Just make the tax cuts be a flat sum on the dollar.
That way the people who will have the biggest effect on the economy will get the tax cut.

Monday, 7 August 2017

White Christians and the appeal of Trump & the Republicans            Old Lange’s rant of the day

 Christians are gradually losing their superior position in American society, a position that automatically gave them better jobs, better housing, better loans, better schools, better police protection; in short, better everything.  It is gradual; whites still enjoy a huge advantage in preferences and privileges, but fewer than before.  Not being stupid, affluent White Christians can see the writing on the wall. (Poor whites never expected privilege and are astonished to and pleased find a president – even a party – speaking to them as “white” rather than “the poor.”)  Both poor and affluent do shre the view that White Christians are superior to all other ethnic groups.

White Christians feel abandoned by the Democrats because, at base, the party does not think White Christians should have preference and privilege, nor that they are superior to all other ethnic groups.  In the past the rhetoric about taking care of the poor and the minorities came with the unsaid understanding that White Christians came first, of course, but poor and minorities were the next most important thing.  The new Democratic party openly courted the votes of the minority and the poor first and just assumed that the white working class would stay with them. (“What are they gonna do, vote Republican?”)   No wonder working White Christians felt abandoned.

There is much speculation about why Republican politicians so often attract White Christians by focusing on peripheral cultural issues such as gay marriage, religious freedom, legalized marijuana and the like – when the economy, healthcare and foreign policy have so much more impact on their day-to-day lives.   The answer is three-fold: 1) these cultural issues are based on deeply held beliefs that White Christians think are very important, 2) the Democrats have taken positions on these issues that many (if not most) White Christians do not share and 3) White Christians feel that they have little control over economy, healthcare and foreign policy.    No wonder White Christians feel abandoned.

The first of the three is probably the most important.  White Christians feel as deeply about these cultural issues as minorities do about profiling, and for the same reason: they see them as existential.   Defending them is defending White Christian survival.  So, when Democrats take an opposing view, it is no wonder White Christians feel abandoned.

Other key, although peripheral, issues for White Christians are related to a limited-pie view of the world: welfare dependency, foreign aid, public schools.  If resources are limited, White Christians want them to come to White Christians not to some other group.   Again, the Democrats have taken a position that White Christians are doing just fine, it is others that need more help and hence more government resources.   No wonder White Christians feel abandoned.

If the Democrats do not realize this, and act on this realization, they will continue to lose the White Christian vote.  It is an old political saw that “you can’t win the presidency without the Black and Hispanic vote.”  Turned out not to be the case.   Democrats need to remember that, in most states, you can’t win dog-catcher without a goodly share of the White Christian vote.


Intriguingly, one of the most inexplicable but deeply-felt cultural arguments is disagreement on the proper size and scope of government.  This is not a White Christians thing at all; whether a White Christian favours big or little government may depend upon simply on whether someone in the family has a government job.  There is universal disagreement on this issue and it goes  across all races and classes.  Politically, however, it is only a perceived difference, rather than a real one.   Neither Party is really for bigger or smaller government.  The parties just want to shrink or grow different parts of government.

Republicans favour big government in Washington telling people whether they can get an abortion, what and where they can smoke, how they can die, who can sell insurance in their state and where they can take a pee.    Democrats want big government in Washington to stay out of managing a woman’s fertility, out of surveilling citizens, out of the right to die, out of where people can pee and out of building walls.  (Both parties are happy with big government telling people where they can smoke, but Republicans and Democrats often disagree on whether big government should have any say in what we can smoke.)   Republicans want to reduce government by cutting welfare for individuals, Democrats want to reduce government by cutting welfare for corporations.   Republicans want bigger government though increased spending on defence, Democrats want smaller government through decreased spending on defence.  

PS: BOTH parties ALWAYS increase the number of federal workers when they get in power.

Let’s restrict the number of privately educated people in Britain’s elite
I think she has something here. If only 7% can go into public jobs, and only 43% of those from public school can go into public jobs, then that means we could have 50% of our chief executives, barristers, journalists, judges, medical professionals and MPs be filled by people from other walks of life. 
Unless Ellie is a elitist at heart and just wants her ilk to win at the lottery for professional jobs.

Brexit ‘Divorce Bill’ Of £36 Billion Rejected By Tory Eurosceptics
No. Britton does not wish to pay for its committents to the EU. We wish to say that our committents to the EU are nothing
We wish to be known as the deadbeats of Europe.

UK citizens to get more rights over personal data under new law
Will they all be able to have them squash their sex offenders register