Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Two massacres in three months… so why does the Foreign Office insist Tunisia is no more dangerous than Spain or the Dordogne?
Probably because Tunisia is no more dangerous than Spain or the Dordogne, where a similar attack could happen tomorrow. If you think Spain or the Dordogne are safer, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn that you might like to buy.

They are neither a 'state' nor 'Islamic': Why we shouldn't call them Isis, Isil or IS
Call them "Mohareb" - enemy of Allah
Hence it would be MSIS or MSIL (Mohareb State in Syria or Levant)
or DMISH (al-Dawla al-Mohareb fi Iraq wa al-Sham).
Or you could call them Murdering, Rapist Slave-Traders, but that is hard to squeeze into a headline

Sugary drinks are killing 184,000 adults around the world every year
A massive underestimate These campaigners should learn from the anti-tobacco lobby: when anyone who has ever drunk a sugary drink dies of any illness whatsoever, it should be listed as a sugary-drink-related death.

JK Rowling Unhappy With David Cameron
Not sure why the opinion of an author of children's books counts as news. 
      Is this a case of Huffpo  searching for someone (anyone) who shares their views and then running it as news rather than bothering to write an editorial? 
      Or is it because AOL has a significant stake in Rawlings' works, so giving her free publicity pays off?

Mike Huckabee Encourages Christians To Resist Gay Marriage Through 'Civil Disobedience'
NO! NO! Civil disobediance is only for people who agree with me. 
People who don't agree with me can't use civil disobediance, can they?

Monday, 29 June 2015


Tunisia Death Toll To Reach 30 Britons As May Defends Foreign Office Against Criticism"the Foreign Office ..was heavily criticised for its handling of the aftermath of the Tunisian massacre."
Only by complete idiots and those driven irrational with fear or grief. I would like to know what these critics (especially those who are members of the press) have done to identify the bodies and communicate with the bereaved.

Women's World Cup Article Mocked For Saying Playing Football Isn't 'A Woman's Place'And their mocking is news because....?
     Oh, because it is a let's-you-and-him-fight story that is so easy to write and it fans flames to help set our fellow citizens at each others throats. OK, Got it.

The moral crusade against Greece must be opposed
“We never had any accountability in the first place, sucker.”
Sounds like a good summary of the Greek position on their debts, but I do like Zoe's new narrative: those who lent money money to the Greek government are inferior because they stupidly thought they would be paid back. Or as Zoe puts it:
"....the returns on debt exist because of the risk that the money might be lost, and creditors have their own moral duty to accept losses when they arise..."

Governor Says Puerto Rico's Debts 'Not Payable'
Another Greece, or just a Detroit?

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Tunisia Beach Shooting Death Toll Reaches 15 For UK
The real target was "Anyone not like us" especially if we can get media coverage out of it.
       The west thought the world had become civilized, but as more and more places go all Yugoslavia on us, we remember that murder and mayhem can be used to polarise and create power vacuums that the ruthlessly selfish can exploit. 
       They may cloak their greed and power grabs in Christianity (Crusades, Hugenots, KKK) in Islam (Al Qaeda, Taliban, Daesh) or free trade (Chinese, Spanish, English or American empires). 
       The crusades did not make Christianity evil, slavery did not make free-trade evil and jihadist moharebeh do not make Islam evil. BUT only the Christian community could stop the crusdades, only trading nations could stop the slave trade and only the Muslim community can stop the jihadis. 

When will you start?

"Retarded" has become completely derogatory because it picked up the derogatory emotions that society has for the less intellectually able. It was intended an accurate description (meaning not as advanced as the rest) that was originally used as a kinder way to describe those with limited intellect, in place of the derogatory "moronic." "Moron," in turn, had been a purely technical term before it took on the derogatory social connotations.

Sadly, whatever word is used to replace "retarded" it will also pick up these connotations. A generation from now we will probably be campaigning to ban the use of the S word, as "Special" becomes the new insult.

This is not unique to mental ability: nations were backward, then poor, then under-developed, then developing, then 3rd world. Just as with "moronic," the terms become ever more vague and less descriptive of cause or effect until they are code-words, completely devoid of natural meaning. Sadly, even that does not work as today even "3rd-world" has become an insult, as will "special".

It is a loser's flag, associated with absolute and abject failure.
People who fly it are saying "I am a loser."
The racism thing is a minor ad- on, as racists (whether black or white) are also losers.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


BBC 'Newsnight' Asks Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich About His Ostriches
The Huffington Post UK | By Paul Vale 23/06/2015 04:09 BST

With his country invaded by one of the nations that supposedly guaranteed its  borders (the US and UK being the other two), and in the middle of civil war, Ostriches were obviously what was on everyone's mind. Thanks Newsnight for this insightful probe into the most important issue facing the Ukraine. 

Also thanks to Huffpo and Mr Vale for pretending that this was news. Slow day, guys?

Monday, 22 June 2015

22 Jun 2015
Why Greece Wants A Better Deal From Europe?
Because they would rather have you pay their tax bill than pay it themselves

Why So Many People Still Don't Like Obamacare
1) Obamacare is socialized medicine, 
2) They know they hate socialized medicine, even if it is cheaper and yields better results
3) They don't understand that ALL health insurance is socialized medicine (all insurance is the socialization of risk)

Of course anyone a racist gives money to must be a racist.
Just as capitalists only give money to capitalists or
Anyone a coal, oil or gas company gives money to favours pollution and climate change
1. Cut training places, so the NHS can't find enugh home-grown nurses
2) Pay nurses so little and work them so hard that they leave the profession in droves
3) Forbid the NHS to poach trained nurses from other countries.
This MUST be a deliberate policy to have fewer nurses in the NHS
Certainly no one could be stupid enough to miss the inevitable result of these policies?
Could they?
So, I'll tell you this for free. Gove has less of a chance of improving grammar than what a camel has getting through the eye of a needle. And your likely to never find anyone with a better chance than what him has. At least that is my slightly unique view.
With only just on the trailer, it sounds pretty funny.
Okay, definitely racist, but still pretty funny.
Have to hope the trailer did not have ALL the good lines.
Not a bad agenda of needs. But how to do it? How would you
1) equalize black and white (and hispanic) employment rates
2) equalise funding of educational opportunities
3) stop questionable police killings of any race
4) equalize access to capital for all
5) equalize access to health care (given a for-profit system).

PS: while you make many valid points, the hyperbole of using "genocide" is not helpful - it sheds more heat than light and diminishes the victims of true genocide.
Hypocrites. Why didn't they give the cost of their travel and signs and gold frocks and silver waistcoats to the poor families they say need help. How many of these protesters have voluntarily paid 2x the income tax they  owe?  Especially Church, Brand and other millionaires seeking the publicity such protests provide: how much of their net worth have they donated to the poor?
    Newspeak: Anti-Austerity = give away more of someone else's money.View discussion

Quite right! When Russia gives bribes to buy people, it expects them to stay bought.
I like the idea of "being a better steward" but how can the Pope square this with opposition to contraception. Surely a better steward would not overpopulate his domain?View discussion

If anyone actually kept to the hand luggage size on European flights, it would help a lot. That is, if the airlines would enforce the existing rules. Problem is, when loading a plane, the delay resulting from taking the hand-luggage away and stowing it below is more costly and inconvenient than just allowing the selfish to crowd out their neighbours.

Monday, 15 June 2015


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