Sunday, 28 June 2015

The real target was "Anyone not like us" especially if we can get media coverage out of it.
       The west thought the world had become civilized, but as more and more places go all Yugoslavia on us, we remember that murder and mayhem can be used to polarise and create power vacuums that the ruthlessly selfish can exploit. 
       They may cloak their greed and power grabs in Christianity (Crusades, Hugenots, KKK) in Islam (Al Qaeda, Taliban, Daesh) or free trade (Chinese, Spanish, English or American empires). 
       The crusades did not make Christianity evil, slavery did not make free-trade evil and jihadist moharebeh do not make Islam evil. BUT only the Christian community could stop the crusdades, only trading nations could stop the slave trade and only the Muslim community can stop the jihadis. 

When will you start?

"Retarded" has become completely derogatory because it picked up the derogatory emotions that society has for the less intellectually able. It was intended an accurate description (meaning not as advanced as the rest) that was originally used as a kinder way to describe those with limited intellect, in place of the derogatory "moronic." "Moron," in turn, had been a purely technical term before it took on the derogatory social connotations.

Sadly, whatever word is used to replace "retarded" it will also pick up these connotations. A generation from now we will probably be campaigning to ban the use of the S word, as "Special" becomes the new insult.

This is not unique to mental ability: nations were backward, then poor, then under-developed, then developing, then 3rd world. Just as with "moronic," the terms become ever more vague and less descriptive of cause or effect until they are code-words, completely devoid of natural meaning. Sadly, even that does not work as today even "3rd-world" has become an insult, as will "special".

It is a loser's flag, associated with absolute and abject failure.
People who fly it are saying "I am a loser."
The racism thing is a minor ad- on, as racists (whether black or white) are also losers.

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