Monday, 20 April 2015

The Koch Brothers Are Reportedly Ready To Back Scott WalkerIn modern American democracy, what the Koch Brothers think is FAR more important than what you think. They not only want to control who reperesents THEM, they want to control who represents YOU. And they swill spend billions to make sure I don not catch the missinlg lt.
          Just know that most media ads will be paid for by those who say they want to reduce spending but know that they reduced spending that might hekp someone from the other side. (I will buy her a drink.)

David Cameron 'Would Not Share Sofa' With SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon Well at least he has taste, if naught else.

Spain Teacher Killed 'With A Crossbow' By 13-Year-Old PupilInteresting but I don't understand the "punctuation"
Why isn't it "Spain" Teacher Killed with a crossbow?
or Spain "Teacher" Killed with a crossbow
or Spain Teacher "Killed" with a crossbow?

Russell Brand Says Katie Hopkins Migrants Column Is Like HitlerWhy is this the Number 2 news story on Huffpo? 
How much is Brand paying Huffpo to have his every whim and whine cataloged as if it were news?

Katie Hopkins Just Raised More Than £13,000 For Those 'Cockroach Migrants'Well great. 13k might pay for two hours of a rescue boat at sea.
Countries in Europe accused of 'closing their eyes' to thousands of deaths in Mediterranean          What an Outrageous suggestion!
          It is not the fault of the migrants.
          It is not the fault of the people traffickers
          Nor of the nations who allow trafficking from their shores.
Instead, it is somehow the fault of the innocent countries who have no contact with any of these people - countries who have done nothing wrong.

Okay, time for the EU to take action.
1) Make entering Europe on an over-crowded boat a criminal offence punishable by immediate deportation.
2) Make human trafficking a crime punishable by life without parole
3) Make refusal to identify one's trafficker punishable by immediate deportation
4) Put countries who allow trafficking from their shores on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Students being put off voting for Lib Dems over tuition fees U-turnQuite Right! One should never vote for those who won't give you more of other people's money

This is what happens when you die, according to a bunch of different people who diedGosh!  You mean people who are unconscious have dreams and some remember those dreams on waking?  Whodda thunk it?

SNP prepared to wage war of attrition against a Labour governmentAnd, presumably, they wouuld do the same thing to a Tory government?
        So they quite clearly want to kick England, Wales and Northern Ireland to their respective knees. Pity they did not win the vote to skive off into their own little ethnic enclave.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

18 April 2015 David Cameron catching up in polls – but he badly needs a clear leadNice to have the Indie telling us what our politicians need.
We value their editorial opinion in alleged news articles, becasue we are incapable of thinking for ourselves.

Troops referred to Ferguson protesters as 'enemy forces'
Troops were trained to think of everything in terms of freinds and enemies. 
They  made mistaks, inclduing inspection/// 
How dare they (if they did)?

Arizona Cop Michael Rapiejko Says Ramming Armed Man With Car Was Only Option
Nah! He had another option. He could have just been killed. Blue lives don't matter.

American Football in the dock as NFL star player's murderous double life is revealedYes. We just cannot understand why this sports league is not better as a criminal justice system.
Isn't that what we pay them to be?
What? We pay them to run a sports league, not a criminal justice system?
Oh. Sorry. Never mind.

Immigrants Rally Outside Appeals Court Over Obama Executive Actions
Of course they should protest! 
No one should be required to obey any US law that they find inconvenient. 
We should all be able to pick which laws we abide by and which laws we break. 
If anyone tells us this is not good citizenship, we should rally and protest vehemently.

World Bank Projects Leave Trail Of Misery Around Globe
This is HORRIBLE. Millions of lives improved beyond measure but at the cost of displacing thousands. 
Far better that the thousand be allowed to stay where they were and let the millions suffer.

WikiLeaks Has Published The Sony Files
How nice! And what are thier proceeds from this theft?
    Still, it is nice that gangsters are able to screw imperfect legitimate businesses for ill-gotten gains. The rackets were drying up and this will help a lot.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story Was A 'Journalistic Failure'
A VERY charitable way of describing the ranking of sensationalism (to sell more advertising) above the truth.  
Rolling Stone, National Enquirer...the difference is?
Inconsistencies in Jackie's story do not mean that she wasn't raped at UVA
Unchecked inconsistencies in Jessica Valenti's stoy does not mean she was deliberately lying, but it might be an indication in that direction.

Teenage basketball player chased out of US school by boys yelling 'f****t'
Odd to put "sodomy" - a technical term - in quotes/  Does this mean that the Indie thinks it should be called something else?  If so, what?

Greece plan to release 3,500 illegal immigrants from asylum centres
Time too close the borders.  Not only do they wish to steal the money we loaned them in good faith, they now wish to dump their asylum problems on us.

Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS
These are the supposedly civilized followers of a peaceful religion? Throwing rock and Molotovs at their neighbours over whether they sould be allowed to worship?  What, then, would one call moharebeh enemies of Allah?

2016 GOP hopefuls define themselves as they weigh in on ISIS, economy, array of key issues
This is what they call "Key Issues:?  Shows how out of touch with the American people they are!  Real Americans do not care about ISIS, repealing RomneyCare or silly laws designed so American Indians can use peyote in their ceremonies.

Netanyahu urges US to seek 'better deal' with Iran over its nuclear program
He does not say what he is asking China, Rissia, the UK, France and Germany to do 
The only reason I can think of that Bibbi does not speak to these other countries about their part in the deal is that he doesn't think the money they give him is at risk,,but he is worried whether he will get his full $3 billion fom the US this year

Friday, 3 April 2015

General Election 2015: Grace Dent's guide to your ballot box options on 7 May
Ah the attraction of sour indifference and the joy of demeaning everyone and everything. Isn't it wonderful to have pundits like Dent to make life seem as miserable as we can possibly make it?

Nigerian gay rights activist has her High Court asylum bid rejectedThe Monty Python school of politics: if your country is messed up, there is only one answer: "Run Away!"
As Blanche would say: I've always put my trust in the kindness of strangers.

Can Iran nuclear framework agreement win over skeptics in Washington and Tehran?Interesting that the coverage presented thhis as a US iran agreement, never even mentioning China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom or Germany.

State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel's 'right to exist'
Hey, Bibbi! Get this through your head: this deal is not about you.
You want a deal that gaurantees your right to exist?
Gather 6 countries and sit down with Iran to negotiate.
What will you offer in return?

Moscow Accuses Washington Of 'Frenzied' Campaign Of 'Russophobic Lampoons'They are mistaken: we only want frenzied lampoons of Putin. 
We quite like Russians, it is he we despise.

There May Be More Muslims Than Christians In The World By 2070, Pew Study SuggestsI am not at all worried about the number of Muslims, I am only worried about the kind of muslims they are. 
     Are they the kind that just want to work, raise their kids and be happy like most everyone else, or are they the kind that want to rape, murder, slave trade or beat a woman to deaath on the false accusation of an imam? This is a problem that can only be solved by Muslims refusing to tolerate anyone perverting their religion in this way.

Greece considering nationalising its banks and issuing new currency, sources claimI think I understood what he meant:  If it comes down to aksing Greeks to pay their taxes and live within their means versus stealing money from people who loaned it to us in good faith, it is a no brainer.