Saturday, 18 April 2015

18 April 2015 David Cameron catching up in polls – but he badly needs a clear leadNice to have the Indie telling us what our politicians need.
We value their editorial opinion in alleged news articles, becasue we are incapable of thinking for ourselves.

Troops referred to Ferguson protesters as 'enemy forces'
Troops were trained to think of everything in terms of freinds and enemies. 
They  made mistaks, inclduing inspection/// 
How dare they (if they did)?

Arizona Cop Michael Rapiejko Says Ramming Armed Man With Car Was Only Option
Nah! He had another option. He could have just been killed. Blue lives don't matter.

American Football in the dock as NFL star player's murderous double life is revealedYes. We just cannot understand why this sports league is not better as a criminal justice system.
Isn't that what we pay them to be?
What? We pay them to run a sports league, not a criminal justice system?
Oh. Sorry. Never mind.

Immigrants Rally Outside Appeals Court Over Obama Executive Actions
Of course they should protest! 
No one should be required to obey any US law that they find inconvenient. 
We should all be able to pick which laws we abide by and which laws we break. 
If anyone tells us this is not good citizenship, we should rally and protest vehemently.

World Bank Projects Leave Trail Of Misery Around Globe
This is HORRIBLE. Millions of lives improved beyond measure but at the cost of displacing thousands. 
Far better that the thousand be allowed to stay where they were and let the millions suffer.

WikiLeaks Has Published The Sony Files
How nice! And what are thier proceeds from this theft?
    Still, it is nice that gangsters are able to screw imperfect legitimate businesses for ill-gotten gains. The rackets were drying up and this will help a lot.

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