Thursday, 29 January 2015


GCSE league tables slammed as a 'nonsense' by private schools
I can see why IGSEs would not be included: being an international standard, local politicians have no control over them.   Why else would the league tables not include an international quality exaam in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or any other science; in Russian, Chinese, Arabic or any other foreign language. in Economics, Sociology or any other soft science,; in drama, music design or any other art?

Is it time for the annual re-disorgazization of the education system?

Does your job depend on how privileged you are?
Gosh! You mean that people who come from richer backgrounds (whether financially, intellectually or geographically) do better than those from poorer backgrounds? Whoda thunk it? Great Scoop!
Prosecute Rapists Even When Victims Don't Say 'No'
So women incapacitated by drink are not responsible for their actions but men incapacitated by drink are? Sexist and unfair unless drunken men can see women prosecuted after sex that the man was not capable of consenting to.   Notice the headline does not even say "alleged" rapists.

The future of the NHS at stake in 2015 election, says Ed Miliband
Good for him. He realizes that we don't care so much about Quality or Efficiency in the NHS as long as no priavte provideer gets their hands anywhere near it.
As youself, what would make you blood boil if a hospital outsourced it to a private company
1) roadsweeping and gardeniing
2) garbage removal
3) Janatorial services
4) porterage
5) blood testing
6) the manufacture of artificial knee parts
7) knee replacement surgery

Newsweek's Sexism In Silicon Valley Cover Provokes Pretty Ironic Media Storm
Poor Newsweek didn't realize that it is not enough to be against sexism, you have to express being against sexism in the way PC activists tell you to.

Benedict Cumberbatch apologises after calling black actors 'coloured'
As well he should! Every one knows that "people of colour" is perfectly acceptable wwhile "coloured people" is heinously racists and offensive. At least, that is the case this year. When it changes, no one will let you know - just pick up the vibes.
Fads in what is acceptable (or cool) to call minorities change every 10 or 20 years and woe betide anyone from outside of that minority who misses the hop: s/he will be slammed unmercifully. (Well, I suppose it is little enough pay back for all the injustice that comes the other way.

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton may delay campaign

Gosh! Doesn't she realize that there are less that two years left before the next election? And less than 4 years before the 2018 elections and, even worse, less than 6 years remaining before the 2020 election.

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