Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Benefits Sanctions Cost More Than They Save, National Audit Office Report Finds
That seems pretty clear: it would be cheaper to just allow welfare cheats to cheat the tax payer.
PS: Police chasing thefts probably costs more than is recovered.

Under Pressure From Trump, Company Says It Will Keep Workers In U.S.
He is not even President yet and already he is big-federal-government in Washington interfering in the business decisions of private companies. What other help will this pseudo-conservative offer to trade unions?
Democrats Ask Oversight Committee To Investigate Trump’s Potential Conflicts Of Interest
There is no conflict of interest. He became president to increase his own wealth and that of his fellow 1%ers. You only see a conflict of interest because you think he should be governing for the 99%.

North Dakota Governor Orders Pipeline Protesters To Evacuate

He blames “severe winter weather” 

It's okay, Gov, they have plenty of fossil-fuel vehicles and fossil-fuel space heaters to keep them warm.

New £5 Note Contains Traces Of Animal Fat (Tallow)
Aw. Poor little snowflakes. 
When they find out how many other products they use daily also contain tallow (e.g.anything plastic), they are going to really be upset.

European Council President Donald Tusk Denies Brussels Delaying Brexit Talks
More have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too Brexiteers saying that the EU is naughty not to start negotiating before Britain starts negotiating. Good for Tusk for saying "Come on guys, put up or shut up."

Pensions Triple-Lock Could Be Dropped Confirms Philip Hammond
What! Outrageous! We should be borrowing more money to maintain the current lifestyle of pensioners. Our grand children will have to pay it back, but they cant stop us because they are too young to vote.

Monday, 28 November 2016


What God Might Tell Theresa May About Brexit
There is only one Brexit and Boris is it's prophet
And it is Brexit who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon
Verily in Brexit, there is relief.    Brexit, build for me near you a house in paradise.
Whoever holds firmly to Brexit has indeed been guided to a straight path. 
Seek Brexit through patience and prayer; it is difficult except for the humbly submissive.

And Brexit will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but will give good tidings to the patient. For Brexit does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.    
But never say of anything, “I will do that tomorrow,” except when adding "Brexit willing”

Life in the EU is only the enjoyment of Deception. He that chooses EU over Brexit, it will not be accepted from him and in the world to come he will be one of the lost.

Boris is Brexit's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to Remainers but merciful to each other. Let not Brexiteers make friends with Remainers in preference to the faithful

Autumn Statement ‘Buried Bad News’ Of £340m Minimum Wage Hit To Low Paid
It was only "buried" because of the incompetence of journalists such as yourself. If the government press releases that you publish as news with only minor re-write do not include something, you then accuse the government of "burying" that news. 
       Your journalism fits the modern zeitgeist: "it is always someone else's fault" and "it is always someone else's job to fix it." Or, in this case: "let's get people mad at someone because he didn't do my job for me."

Friday, 25 November 2016


Blue-Collar Democrats To Party: It’s Still The Economy, Stupid
The trade unions have been trying to get the democrats to bring back tariffs for 50 years - now a pseudo-conservative might give them their big-government wish. That this means protection for a few at the expense of most Americans is irrelevant. Trade unions have always been about their own workers first and everyone else second - that's their job. It is summed up by a sentiment Mr Trump agrees with: "I'm alright, Jack."
    However, even if the democrats HAD listened, they would have lost: nominating Hilary when even their own polls showed that everyone in America hated her was worse than arrogance; it was hubris.

UEA Student Union To Sell White Poppies As Red Poppies ‘Offensive And Upsetting’
I understand them: the red poppy symbolizes blood that was shed by our ancestors to defend the freedom of these students'  - and they find debt they owe to be oppressive.     
     They would rather celebrate the white flags of surrender. I don't agree with them, but I do understand them.      It is similar to the reaction of the guarantors of Ukraine's borders (including the US and the UK) when the Crimea was invaded, oppressed and then annexed: surrender is the modern western answer to conflict. (don't believe it? See Abkhazia and South Ossetia)

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Think Draining The Swamp Is A ‘Real Concern’ Of Regular People
Most gators don't; another example of hubris.
Remember, the reason Mitch wants to repeal Obamacare is that he and his fellow congress-critters got kicked off the very generous federal benefits scheme in 2014 and have been forced to buy their own insurance on the exchanges ever since.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Autumn Statement 2016 Analysis Shows ‘Dreadful Decade’ For British Living Standards
This austerity is outrageous! To boost our current lifestyle, we should be borrowing much more money that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back. After all, they can't stop us; they are too young to vote.

Obamacare Benefits Plenty Of People In States Donald Trump Won
So what? They have already voted and hence are no longer needed.
Republican congress wants to repeal it is because it kicked them off the very generous federal benefits scheme in 2014 and forced them to buy their own health insurance on the exchanges. They want to get back to the trough.

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines President, Calls Channel 4 News Reporter ‘A Son Of A Whore'
Takes one to know one.

We’ll Not Stop Campaigning Until Everyone Is Respectful Of LGBT Football Players And Fans
Then you will be campaigning forever. I will never have respect for a footballer who wishes to shove his (or her) sexuality in my face, It has nothing to do with football and his (or her) insistence on telling me about it is just selfish narcissism. Grow up and play football and stop whining about who you like to poke.

Britain First Should Be Listed As A ‘Terrorist Organisation’ MP Urges
Good idea. All political parties should be listed as terrorist organizations.

Friday, 18 November 2016


How online hoaxes and fake news played a role in the election
There seems to be a movement that wants Facebook to become an editor, deciding which news stories from other websites are fake and hence may not to be shared by people on its platform. To be effective, that would have to include filtering Breitbart & Huffpo, FOX & CNN, ABC & CBS, PBS & NPR and the like.  That is a very, VERY scary idea.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


BBC's Justin Webb Accused Of 'Lying' By Breitbart's Joel Pollack
Why is this guy upset about journalists repeating lies? 
Repeating lies is the backbone of Breitbart and FOX Cable News shows
If they can do it, why can't the BBC?
Of course, the motivations are different: 
Breitbart and FOX do it to make money, while the BBC does it to be able to say "I told you so."

Ex-Police Chief Accused Of Repeating 'Smears' In Hillsborough bookWell of course he is criticised: he is going against the "received wisdom" 
It has been decided that no Hillsborough fan ever did anything wrong, they were all blameless angels who were deliberately slaughtered by the police. Anyone who does not agree with that today will be lambasted by left, right and center.

Federal Judge Declares Constitutional Right to ‘Stable Environment’
Not a bad piece, but went seriously wrong at the end: the US constitution most definitely DOES provide for positive rights, "among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." (Not to mention the the right to private property, the contract clause, the takings clause, the right to a jury, the debt clauses, and the 7th amendment.)
The judge said that all she needed to do was “determine what emissions level would be sufficient to” end global warming, and then order everyone is this country to change their fossil fuel consumption accordingly.
    Oh, well; if that's ALL, go ahead then.

Austrian Socialists Block Burqa Ban Bid
This symbol of sexism and elitism should not be worn in any civilised society. No one is so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face.
   In western secular societies, anyone who wears a burka or niqab is either deliberately disrespecting local cultural values and deliberately offending her native neighbours, is being oppressed by someone who is forcing her to wear it or is simply pig ignorant.
  Still, not sure that means the government should ban it. In a free society, people have a right to be deliberately offensive and if we forbade stupidity and ignorance, none of us would survive.
  It would not be unreasonable to make it an offense to order or insist that someone else wear one.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Most Americans Are Surprised By And Unhappy With The Results Of The Election
Maybe they should have voted, then


A Male Trump Supporter Punched A Woman Eating Dinner In The Face
Where did he punch her and why was she eating dinner in the face?

Trump Wants To Deport Millions Of Criminal Migrants Who Probably Don’t Exist 
Well that is something both sides can agree on then: deporting people who do not exist. The right feels better and the left are not hurt.

“Bollocks” To Claim Freedom Of Movement For EU Citizens Is Founding Principle Of EU
It was just precedent, or: "a series of decisions by the courts," and we all know that precedent is just bollocks and has never been an integral part of EU or UK law. Innit?

Zainab Salbi Asks Muslim Women What It’s Like To Wear A Hijab In The US 
The hijab says: "I am different, I wish to distinguish myself from you."  Nothing wrong with that, but do not be surprised if people treat you differently than they treat people who dress as they do.   Question: as a Muslim, do you see people who wear a hijab as different from those who do not?

Anger As Health Minister Refuses To Rule Out Future NHS Charges
How much more in extra taxes to sustain the NHS are those who are "angry" willing to pay?

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Andrew Marr Defends Interview With Far-Right French Leader Marine Le Pen
What? How dare he interview someone we don't like? 
We do NOT want to hear what this person, possibly the next leader of France, thinks. 
He should particularly not interview people involved with our future on a day when we are focused on the past. 
The audience might end up thinking "what was it all for?"    Can't have that, can we?

Anti-Donald Trump Protests Gain Strength Days After Election
So it should gain!   We don't want no democracy in America! 
We are only for democracy if OUR side wins. 
If the other side wins an election, we are for revolution and dictatorship.
Down with the will of the people!

Jeremy Corbyn Says Nato Should ‘Demilitarise’ Its Border With Putin’s Russia
Well of course we should. And Russia should demilitarise its border with Ukraine, 
Pakistan should demilitarise its border with India, 
North Korea should demilitarise its border with the South and
Syria should demilitarise its border with Daesh.
       Don't like our chances though.

History Teacher Removed From Classroom For Comparing Trump To Hitler
Of course he should be removed. 
How dare he have an opinion - especially an opinion that is supported by facts.    
Saying Trump is like Hitler is unacceptable.
Had he said Hilary was like Hitler, that would have been OK.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Outrage and fear fuel continuing anti-Trump protests across nation
I did not support Trump but I am VERY unhappy about people protesting against democracy. It is sad to see Americans being ant-democratic. 
Indeed, these protesters are close to being anti-American.

New Pre-Election Poll Suggests Bernie Sanders Could Have Trounced Donald TrumpThe same poll also showed that if frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their butts

The Person Overseeing Domestic Issues For Trump’s Transition Thinks Being Gay Is A ChoiceNope, it is like paedophilia: it is inborn or trained from an early age.

HIV Prevention Drug Ruling On NHS Funding Called ‘A Scandal’
What!     Saying people should have a sense of personal responsibility?    How dare he !?!Everyone should be able to gratify themselves regardless of the risk to others and we should use other people's money to make sure that they can.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

President Trump

We know that the Donald is an ardent follower of Norman Vincent Peale’s “Attitudes are more important than facts."   He promises quick, painless and complete solutions to problems that are deep and complex But I have some specific questions:

1) What will the Draft-dodger-in-Chief do with the military? 
           (Is he a typical politician who is willing to lay down your life for his country?)
2) How will the First Freeloader, who is proud to pay no taxes, reform the tax code?
           (Will there be a large bonus for the 1% and a small sop for the rest of us?) 
3) How will the husband of a formerly undocumented worker handle immigration reform?
           (Will there be a difference in the way your illegal and my illegal are treated?)
4) How will a bankrupt handle our national debt?
           (Is default on the cards?)
5) Can  the guy who eschewed campaign contributions reform political finance?
         (What’s his upside for even trying to drain the swamp?)
6) Can the guy who routinely stiffs his contractors repair our infrastructure on the cheap?
         (How long could that work?)
7) Can the self-styled Christmas Christian preserve religious freedom for all religions
        (Will there be a difference in the way your religion and my religion are treated?)
Only time will tell

Our only hope is that, like most politicians, he has no intention of keeping any of his election promises.  Specific campaign promises we hope he will not keep include:
1)            Tearing up free trade and re-introducing significant tariff barriers
2)            Rounding up and deporting 11 million workers
3)            Kicking 9 million off health insurance
4)            Borrowing money abroad to pay for massive tax cuts for the very rich
5)            Withdrawing from NATO
6)            Encouraging Iran to re-start their nuclear programme
8)            Increasing government surveillance of my internet
9)            Making torture a part of our military 

Trump’s US Presidential Election Win Sees Hundreds Of  Protesters Gather American democracy believes in the peaceful transition of power and coming behind whoever wins as OUR president. People who protest this are anti-American and anti-democracy. 
(I say that as someone who did not support Trump during the campaign nor vote to elect him.)

‘Millions To Lose Insurance,’ And Other Likely Headlines From The Trump PresidencyCongratulations Huffpo. By giving Trump 4 times the coverage of any opponent, you played a big role in helping to get him elected.

[Some] Reading Students Boycott University Challenge After Accusing Jeremy Paxman
"Misogyny and sexism are not about ‘offending’ contestants, but undermining and oppressing individuals due to their gender."
    That could be so, but this article contains NO evidence that Paxman committed either mysogyny or sexism. False accusations are not about offending the accused, they are deliberate oppression designed to ruin the target's good name and character.
"...the university has come under fire for failing to support student’s views."...
         The University said it would "support any students who feel they have been victims of prejudice and investigate any complaints, but none have been reported to us.”    Basically, the students are saying that the university should support their oppression of Paxman with no evidence, indeed without even a complaint.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bookies Are Calling It For Hillary Clinton
Bookies also called it for "Remain."

Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children Should Be Banned On Apps And At Cinemas
Let's just ban all advertising of anything everywhere. 
It would be so much simpler.

Gabrielle Union: ‘I Deserve To Get Paid The Same As Men’ 
If she attracts the same audience as men, she certainly should. 
But it is about results achieved and NOT about putting in the same hours. 
A ditch-digger or a dish-washer may put in the same hours as a surgeon or a test pilot, but they do not deserve to be paid the same.

Tough New Benefits Cap Will Stay Even If Inflation Rises
Outrageous! People on benefits should be able to get more money in subsidy than is earned by the average employed person whose taxes pay for those benefits. Innit?

Saturday, 5 November 2016


The vicious assault on UK judges by the Brexit press is a threat to democracy
Theresa May Urged To Speak Out On Article 50 Ruling Backlash
The Daily Mail, Daily Express and Sun have always been enemies of British institutions and British democracy, but it is odd to see the Daily Telegraph joining in.
       He wants the UK to publish its negotiation strategy before the negotiations start so that Brexit comes off as bad as it possibly could, so he can say "I told you so." 
      "Okay, I didn't tell you so very loudly; more of a whisper, really, but I did tell you so."

Jeremy Corbyn Wants To Hear Theresa May’s Brexit Plans ‘Without Delay’
He wants the UK to publish its negotiation strategy before the negotiations start so that Brexit comes off as bad as it possibly could, so he can say "I told you so." 
    "Okay, I didn't tell you so very loudly; more of a whisper, really, but I did tell you so."

Report: FBI Examining Fake Documents Targeting Clinton Campaign
Just another example of Trump trying to rig the election.
Republicans own the companies that provide the voting machines in 37 states.

Fox News Host Bret Baier Admits Clinton Indictment Report Was A ‘Mistake’
No, it was not a mistake, it was a deliberate lie; as is much of FOX news and most of Trump's campaign.

The most important issue this election forgot
No, the election did not forget them, the news media refused to cover them because
1) it was not the two main candidates trashing each other
2) it would require hard work and intelligence to cover

Friday, 4 November 2016

Fury over 'out of touch' judges who have 'declared war on democracy'
All they said was: the Queen's government does not have the power to change UK laws, only your parliament can do that. 
     Their decision has nothing to do with Brexit per se, but only with who has the power to execute the will of the people on Brexit. They decided it was your representatives, and not the Crown. 
     Do those railing against this decision really want the government to be able to over-turn any law that parliament writes?

Fransen Guilty: Britain First Deputy Leader Convicted Of Religiously Aggravated Harassment
Yes!  Fransen must think she is in a Muslim country and herself a muṭawwiʿin or Gasht-e Ershad. We do not want Committees for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice here in the UK. 
    However, I do wonder if women in niqabs and burkahs could be charged with wearing a uniform with political objectives.

Thursday, 3 November 2016


Brexit Vote Fuelled By Public Distrust Of Politics After Tony Blair
It will be interesting to see, then, whether parliament votes with their constituents on triggering article 50. To paraphrase the mobile phone commercial: "Can you hear me yet?"

Georgia Governor Refers To ‘Colored People’ In Education Speech
Saying Colored People is bad, had he said People of Color it would have been good.Why can't these older folks learn to talk Newspeak? 
Look what happened to Winston Smith when he couldn't learn.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tory MP Makes Emotional Intervention In Louis Smith Suspension For Mocking Islam Row
What is going on in this country. he asks?
The answer:dual standards. 
It is perfectly acceptable to mock Christianity but not to mock the other two semitic religions (Jewish or Muslim). For example, showing "Life of Brian" is just good fun, while "Life of Moishe" or "Life of Mahummit" would be a hanging offense.

Starbucks Cups Controversy Prompts Bizarre Link To Islam
Ah me. Green is now exclusively Muslim? Who ARE these idiots?
What? UKIP? Oh. Sorry. I get it now.
Worst of all, media outlets like Huffpo present this tripe as if it were news.

Edinburgh University Bans ‘Black Face’ Grim Reaper Banned From Halloween Party
Il est Charlie
Surprised they did not ban his black Chador too, as offensive to Muslims

Rachel Dolezal Book To Detail Her Discrimination As A Black Woman
Of course there is a backlash: we are to treat trans-genders with empathy and respect, but trans-racials are to receive disrespect, calumny and general whining about "trying to pass." 
Keep up with the fads everyone: remember who it is okay to be hurtful towards.  

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Interesting piece on PBS last night about whether political consultants are worth the expense and whether money matters, pointing out that Jeb Bush spent $130 million to end up with 4 convention delegates   

Donald has given us a clear example of how populism "trumps" politics-as-usual and makes standard political action (hence consultants) irrelevant. No one in living memory has garnered the massive imbalance in media coverage: at least 4 to 1 in his favour compared to any opponent, both in articles and in airtime or column inches.
How did he achieve this favourite-son treatment? By being outrageous: by saying sensational things, promising wild schemes that anyone with any common sense (himself included) knows are impossible, and by deliberately stirring up hatred.
The question political consultants now have to answer is: will the news media fall for the same tactic twice? Alas, the answer is yes: the media thrive on negativity and sensationalism. Mr Trump has shown us that candidates who feed that bias will get all of the coverage they require without spending much money or developing much of a "ground game."
What would happen if many, or all, of the candidates were as outrageous and deliberately sensational as Mr Trump?  Sadly, I expect we may find out in coming elections.

GOP Senator No Longer Wants The People To Decide On Supreme Court Justices
What happens when the election is over?
Will the American people come together and say: we now have a new president, let's support him or her.?
       Or, if Hillary wins, will the Republicans spend the next four years disrespecting the President of the United States and blocking all proposals from that office? Will they spend time and money on investigations and attempts to get the President of the United States criminally indicted?
       Conversely, if Donald wins, should the Democrats spend the next four years disrespecting the President of the United States and blocking all proposals from that office? Should they spend time and money on investigations and attempts to get the President of the United States criminally indicted?
        I can't see how these actions will benefit America (whether republicans or democrats) in any way, but I can see how useful this strategy will be in generating campaign donations.
        Seems I have answered my own question then.


Ken Loach Defends Jeremy Corbyn Accusing Media Of Bias On ITV’s The Agenda
Tory MP Thinks 'Biased' Carney Should Have Gone As Bank Of England Governor
Two of the top three Huffpo stories this morning are about "bias" (against Brexit and Corbyn).
Apparently "bias" now means: "does not agree with me."

Knife-Wielding Attacker Kills One Man And Injures Three Others 
Knives kill! 
We should ban all knives outside of cooking clubs where people can go to cut up their meat and veg.

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