Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tory MP Makes Emotional Intervention In Louis Smith Suspension For Mocking Islam Row
What is going on in this country. he asks?
The answer:dual standards. 
It is perfectly acceptable to mock Christianity but not to mock the other two semitic religions (Jewish or Muslim). For example, showing "Life of Brian" is just good fun, while "Life of Moishe" or "Life of Mahummit" would be a hanging offense.

Starbucks Cups Controversy Prompts Bizarre Link To Islam
Ah me. Green is now exclusively Muslim? Who ARE these idiots?
What? UKIP? Oh. Sorry. I get it now.
Worst of all, media outlets like Huffpo present this tripe as if it were news.

Edinburgh University Bans ‘Black Face’ Grim Reaper Banned From Halloween Party
Il est Charlie
Surprised they did not ban his black Chador too, as offensive to Muslims

Rachel Dolezal Book To Detail Her Discrimination As A Black Woman
Of course there is a backlash: we are to treat trans-genders with empathy and respect, but trans-racials are to receive disrespect, calumny and general whining about "trying to pass." 
Keep up with the fads everyone: remember who it is okay to be hurtful towards.  

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