Thursday, 25 February 2016

The U.S. Has Lost Its Damn Mind
James Alwort presents a good thesis that he ruins by attempting to shock us with profanity.
We all know those words, Jim, so we are not impressed that you know them too
They distract from your message and add nothing to your arguments.  Grow up.

Texas academics told to avoid 'sensitive topics' if gun law goes into effect
Nah, just give the professors guns
The only thang that can stop a student with a gun is a professor with a gun.

Court Ruling Forces Louisiana To Close All But One Of Its Abortion Clinics
Advocates of the regulation say it protects women's health by ensuring that most abortions are unsafe and illegal. On the other hand, they added, it should increase welfare roles and the number of children lving in poverty.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Israeli winner of Berlin Film Festival brands Netanyahu government 'fascist'
Uh Oh.  Doesn't he know tht telling the truth can get you into trouble?

US Election 2016: Donald Trump says he can act as presidential as any other US leader
And if you belive that he has a nice golf course in Scotaland you might want to buy.

Single women may pick the next President
By the time I Me, I , My, Mine and Me some more
Still, if single women pick the president, they couldn't do much worse than the electorate has done for the past 16 years.   On the other hand, if they are picking from the current primary candidate, perhaps they could.    First time we have seen BOTH parties put up a choice between frighteningly terrible and really horrible.

'Everybody In Westminster Knows That Boris Doesn’t Really Believe In Out. He’s Putting His Personal Ambition Before The National Interest' 
            When has he ever done anything else?

Glastonbury EU Referendum Clash Means 135,000 People Could Miss Out On Vote
Poor babies: too selfish to vote. I feel so sorry for them.

Civil Rights Legend Says Sanders Supporters Yelled 'English Only' At Her
Outrageous! How dare they ask that people speak American in America?
Don't they know that we should respect their cultural values when we are in their country and when they are in our country? (They will respect our cultural values and obey our laws at some unknown time in the future, but not this year.)

Boris Johnson To Campaign For UK To Exit The EU
Boris, like the Donald, is a whack-job con-man.
Like Bernie, Jeremy is a socialist whack-job.
The paralells between the two countries are amazing.
The damage that these 4 whack-jobs will do to their countries is unimaginable.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Donald Trump Calls For Boycott Until Apple Unlocks San Bernardino Shooter's Phone
Great idea! Boycot Apple until they make their devices so unsafe that no one will want to own one.

7 Reasons You Should Vote In This Year's Elections
1 is a good argument
2 is a lie. In a democracy "none of the above" would be on the balot.
3 Is a fit for the me-I-mine generation: gimme, gimme, gimme
4 Is a cheat: 27% of voters cannot vote in Florida's primaries, but must still pay for them
5 is a cheat: the margin between hinking and blinking is irrelevant
6 is a cheat. It would be good if the vote actually mattered
7 is a cheat: chosing between horrible and abysmal is not a choice

Still, 1 out of seven is not too bad in modern America, where voting is like televised wrestling: no matter who wins, most of the money goes into the same pockets.

How can a woman make more on Ebay? Pretend to be a man
hat's outrageous!
Auction sites should require everyone to pay the same amount regardless of gender.
Who cares about willing buyers and willing sellers?
What we need a soviet-style centralized econnomy that dictates who pays what to whom

Government Accused Of 'Burying Bad News' Amid David Cameron's Brussels 'Deal'
Of course this is the fault of the government, not the journalists who fail to report the other stories.....because, according to our journalists, their failings are ALWAYS someone else's fault

Shia LaBeouf Is Spending 24 Hours In A Lift At Oxford University
And we should care because....?
Apparently because journalists are to lazy to report anything important.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pope Francis On Donald Trump: 'This Man Is Not Christian'
The pope is correct, "the U.S. was 'largely built' by immigrant families. "  However, they were LEGAL immigrants who thought the laws of their adopted country should be obeyed. 
PS: He is also correct: Trump and Cruz are NOT Christians. 
Then again, so very few are. 
This current Pope may be one of the very few.

The Donald has Faith, just as much as any disgraceful racist bigot does.
Like most pseudo-christians, he gives lip service but no commitment of the soul, no christian action in daily life, no love of his neighbour, let along his enemy.

Iraq Searching For 'Highly Dangerous' Radioactive Material Stolen Last Year
This should not be responded to in an election year with a term-limited president.
 Let the people have a voice: wait until the next preesident to take any action.

Isis 'beheads teenage boys for listening to pop music and missing Friday prayer
Well, it's something to do on a slow Tuesday.

Kentucky Senate votes to create separate marriage forms for same-sex couples
Seems a perfectly reasonable distinction to me. If the majority wish to be called bride and groom, either the same-sex couples can fall in line or they can have their own form.
     It seems egregious prejudice to force everyone else to use a form that 10% like, because using anything else would be discrimination against that 10%.

English Defence League And British National Party Are As Dangerous As Islamic State, Derbyshire Police Claim
Of course they are right: the EDL and BNP are well known for murdering people, enslaving women and raping anyone who disagrees with them. They have frequently shown their own children holding the severed head of their victims. Thank you, Derb police, for pointing out the similarities. 
      I can't understand how they are still walking the streets after slaughtering the number of Muslims that they have, not to mention any other sect that they do not recognize as human.

Dolphin Dies After Being Lifted From Water By Tourists On Argentine Beach For Selfies
Some me-I-my-mine people took slefies with a fish until it died? Hang everyone one of them!   We can take some comfort in the fact that these were mostly foreigners: we don't give such stories much coverage when they happen here in the UK.

Myrtle Cothill, 92-Year-Old Widow, To Be Deported To South Africa
Outrageous! Any 92-year-old alien should be allowed to flout any law she chooses. 
Once you are 92, obeying any law should be optional, regardless of what citizenship you hold.

BBC Question Time Sees Audience Stunned By Awkward German War Jibe
Sounds like Germanophobia to me. How dare he tell the truth?

Fleeing Into The Unknown: A Journey From Eritrea To England

Graphic Novel Captures What It's Like to Be Gay in Iran
Gosh! Comic books tell us about someone's view of reality SO much better than journalism. 
News stories use such big words that they are impossible to understand. T
Thanks for making the universe stupid enough that I can imbibe your biases witout thinking.

Black Lawmakers Say GOP Supreme Court Obstruction Is Racist
It's true. Obama would probably nominate a Germanic American. Although, larger than any other minority, with over 17% of the country, there is not a single Germanic American on the bench at present. It is long since time that this prejudice was corrected, but that is something the racists in the GOP will not allow.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ronald Reagan Once Urged Senate To Act On Lame-Duck Supreme Court Nomination 
Oh Reagan-Schmegan. We don't listen to no pseudo-conservative RINOs like Reagan. 
In fact, Ronald Reagan's presidence may be like the moon landings: a staged.conspiracy.

A Viral Story Links The Zika Crisis To Monsanto. Don't Believe It
Oh don't confuse us with facts when our minds are already made up. 
     Look, Monsanto is involved in GM crops, so they MUST be guilty of something, musn't they? We made up this story because we know that they have to be guilty of something and microencephaly is something. 
      What? The story has no scientific basis, no evidence and is based in part on ignorant mistakes and deliberate lies - in fact it is totally against all of the existing evidence? So what? Minor matters like these have never stopped us before.
China Sends Missiles To Contested South China Sea Island 
I don't think a term-limited president should respond at all in an important election year, do you? 
The only way to let the people have a voice in this is to do nothing until the next president is elected.

Senate GOP to Obama: Don’t bother nominating to Court
Because we in the Senate do not plan to do our job; the job that citizens elected us to do.
    We find that, although going without a SC justice for over a year will hurt Americans in general and our consitutents in particular, it is good for our campaign donors, so we have decided American citizens and the voting public are just not all that important to us, comparatively speaking.
    After the 2016 election, we may decide that it is still not the proper time to confirm an SC and we may suggest a delay for 4 or 8 more years.
    Of course, if there were a Republican in office, we would also advise that he not nominate anyone and we would block any justice he recommended.

Heat street: Louise Mensch to launch new right-wing site for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp
Is this Louise "when the going gets tough, the tough quit" Mensch? That girl is all hat and no cattle. Suspect the website will be the same

British Home Secretary Tells Security Group Extremists Are Exploiting Migration
Did she also say that the sun rises in the east most days and often sets in the west?

What these recommendations propose is that students from overseas who have obtained a UK medical degree will be left until last in line to get a job."
    Gosh! You mean our citizens will be preferred over non-citizens? Why would any country want to favour its own citizens? Citizenship should not entail any benefit, should it?

One third of hot drinks in high-street chains 'as sugary as Coca-Cola'Gosh! You mean that they try to make some of their drinks just as sweet as one of the most popular drinks in the whole world? Why would they do that, do you suppose?
    Because people like them and want to buy them?
Nah. Gotta be something else don't it?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Scalia's death plunges court, national politics into turmoilThe Republicans have said: "Is it good for the American people and our own constitutents to be shy a justice on the Supreme Court for over a year?   Who cares?   It is good for our campaign-fund donors."

SENATE SET ON OBSTRUCTIONThe GOP may be right here: the American people should have the right to decide, so:
   There should be no budget in an election year,
   No new initiatives against terrorism in an election year,
   No new funding for defence or vets in an election year,
   No cuts in spending or the deficit in an election year,
   No ninfrastructure repair (bridges & highways) in an election year,
   No oil depletion allowance in an election year,
   No accelerated depreciation in an election year,
   No Federal Farm Insurance in an election year.

   Citizens United should be suspended in an election year,
   No voter ID laws in an election year,

   No suspension of environmental regulations in an election year,
   Let the people decide

US Navy Finds A Way To Make Its Terrifying Railgun Even Deadlier
and less polluting, with the help of our own BAE systems, Good for the Navy and well done BAE!

Teen Who Wore 'Free Palestine' Badge To School Questioned By Police
Ah, reading the story, it turns out he was NOT interviewed because of the badge. However, pretending that he was creates more mistrust and sells more advertising, so that's what Huffpo went with.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Conservatives Quickly Refuse Any Obama Court Replacement After Antonin Scalia's Death
Constitution? We don't need no effing American constitution.
Not when it don't do what we wants anyways!

Junior Doctors' Contract Negotiations Made 'More Difficult' By Twitter And Facebook
The fact that everyone could see what was going on made a backroom deal more difficult? Gosh, whodda thunk it?

Government Accused Of Using Junior Doctors' Row To 'Bury Bad News' 
They can bury bad news because neither MPs nor journalists are bright enough to read everything they are given and the journalists' herd mentality means they will all cover the same things, regardless of which things are important.

Pub Landlord Ordered 'By Council' To Remove Union Jack Jacket That 'Might Offend People'
Some unnamed and unknown people politely ASK, suggesting that his jacket might be seen as disprespectful to our flag and this becomes an "order by the council." I can understand this egotist trying to blow up the story to make himself feel more important and to market his pub to the tasteless, but why is Huffpo running with this guy's self-serving lie as if it were news?
       What? Because it fits their campaign to convince us that our society is a nasty place to live? Oh. Sorry. Never mind?

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Says West And Russia Heading For 'New Cold War'
The west objects to Russia invading neighbours it swore to defend, annexing territory and bombng civilians. How provocative! They haven;t objected to these kind of things since the cold war.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bernard Hogan-Howe Is Wrong on Police 'Believing' Rape Victims
Absolutely correct. And outrageous cases like those against Lord Brittan and Lord Bramall where there was no credible evidence that the people had ever met, much less had a sexual encounter (the Dorset police whitewash of Met police errors notwithstanding) simply make it worse. 
       When the public sees such rank injustice arising from false claims by annonymous complainants, it makes getting justice for women who were actually raped much harder.

Cryogenically Frozen Rabbit Brain Hailed As Scientific First

-135 degrees C     Wow, that's really cool.

Jess Phillip, Labour MP, Came To Expect 'Having My Arse Felt While Walking Around'I would go even further. I would says that men and women of all cultures should eschew all forms of assault, whether physical or psychological.
          However, I do recognize the Birmingham she describes. Glascow, Newcastle, Liverpool and London were not a lot better in the 60s and 70s. As my wife, who worked at the EOC said: we didn't report these yoiks to anyone, we just kneed them where they needed it most.

ACLU Sues Obama For Targeting Muslims After He Decried Targeting Muslims
Muslims have to come to grips with the fact that attrocities are being committed in their name, just as Germans had to come to grips with the fact that NAZI attrocities were commiited in theirs.
   If they cannot stop the attrocities, Muslims must fequently, loudly and publicly abhor them and abjure those who commit them. Each Muslim congregation that does not support the attrocities should issue a fatwa against the prepetrators, declaring them kuffar.

Mark Zuckerberg chides board member over 'deeply upsetting' India comment
“Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?”
If that is the correct quote, he did NOT support colonialism, He said that anti-colonialism movement has been a disaster. He may think that colonialism was also a disaster.
     He did not say the Independence movement was a disaster.  The independence and anti-colonialist movements are different.  One says: we are our own people and can manage by ourselves thanks, the other says: we are victims and it is all someone else's fault.
 The Independence movement has been a crowning boon a vibrant to India, the anti-colonialist movement has been a cringing disaster since the colonialists left..
     Either way, Anderson deserves the censure he got: it is not good business to offend a billion customers.

MPs Pay Rises By Almost £1,000 As They Deny Public Sector Staff Same Salary Increase
The reason their wage rise is not capped at 1% is because they are not public employees - they are working for themselves, not for us.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Donald
Why is anyone surprised about Donald Duck's Mexico wall and his ban on all Muslims?  
The 1% think it normal to live in a gated community where the riff-raff are kept at bay, except for those needed to do the maintenance.   Donnie would just like to turn all of America into a gated community, preferably with the workforce living outside of it.  How would he get rid of the workers currently living here?  Deport the illegals and buy the rest out using emininent domain.

Some of the Duck's other positions are just what one would expect from the 1%. The majority of the Trump Tax Plan benefits go to the richest 1% and eliminating the "death tax" helps only the richest 10%.The plan also says that some loopholes and deductions will remain for the very rich, but does not specify which ones.

Oddly for a small-government guy, his immigration position depends not just on a huge Public Works project, but on three more BIg Government interventions: 
                Have the Federal government set the prevailing wage for H-1B visas
                Have the Federal Government set up a Nationwide E-Verify system 
                Triple the number of ICE officers
Presumably, these officers will be allowed to live inside the newly gated America

Sunday, 7 February 2016

David Cameron Pressured By Liberal Democrat Peers To Take In More Child RefugeesIt is absolutely "outrageous" for Liberal MPs to suggest that children who are already in European countries that can take good care of them, should enter Britiain ahead of much more at-risk children in Turkish, Jordanian and Lebanese refugee camps

Beyoncé Is Back And Unapologetically Black
What would we think if a singer, say a C&W artist, was advertised as "unapologetically white"?

Will Young Says Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, 'Doesn't Give A Sh*t'
Singers are, of course, the best source of informed opinion about ministers feelings, government policy and the LBGTRF community.

Ain't super-pacs wonderful: Citizens's United has led to attacks on 90-year-old women. Why? Because they can.   Asked if this makes our America a worse place to live, the donors said: "who cares?" 

Chicago Policeman Who Shot Quintonio LeGrier Sues Estate
What? No! 
If our police are called to in to help in a domestic violence dispute, teens should be ALLOWED to attack them with baseball bats. There should not be any consequences, particularly if the officer and the perp are of different races.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Martin Lewis Accuses David Cameron Of 'Snubbing' Millions Of Students' Over Loans Hike
I did not realise that "Martin Lewis" was actually "millions of students" and that having the reponsible minister reply to a letter that these millions sent to the PM was a "snub" of them. Thanks for clearing that up, Huffpo.

Pentagon Continues To Block Release Of Bush-Era Torture PhotosOh darn. Here we at Huffpo were hoping to be able to use these photos in our daily campaign to convince our readers that America (and the world) is a terrible place to live and that everyone is both evil and in mortal danger.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Oh Joy! The media have a fight they can report to convince us that the world is a nasty place where people almost never get along.

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice used private accounts for classified emails
Sensible people: as Snowden and Manning showed, these private accounts were a lot safer than govenment ones.
The changes, which have caused uproar on French Twitter, were first approved by the prestigious guardians of the French language, the Academie Française, in 1990"
About right. It usually takes the twits on twitter about 25 years to catch on to anything important.

People Have A 'Fundamental Right' To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules
A semi-automatic assault rfle differs from the average hunting rifle only in style not in form or function. Hard to see how one can constitutionally discriminate over a fashion statement. 
     (Okay, such discrimination might make sense in human terms: the kind of guy who wants a weapon because he thinks it makes him look cool might not own a gun if he was limited to a stodgy old hunting rifle, but that is not a constitutional argument.)

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange To Demand Freedom After Backing From UN Panel
Freedom from what?
Freedom from obeying the law? 
Freedom from facing the women who accuse him of sexual assault?

And 3 days is only because of logisitcs.  When I served in Germany in the 1960s, general scuttlebut was that Russia would take just 3 days to reach the Rhine, over-running several German and American divisions along the way.
And that is only because of logisitvcs.  When I served in Germany in the 60s, the general scuttlebut was that Russia would take just 3 days to reach the Rhine, over-running several German and American divisions along the way.And that is only because of logisitvcs.  When I served in Germany in the 60s, the general scuttlebut was that Russia would take just 3 days to reach the Rhine, over-running several German and American divisions along the way.
And that is only because of logisitvcs.  When I served in Germany in the 60s, the general scuttlebut was that Russia would take just 3 days to reach the Rhine, over-running several German and American divisions along the way.
And that is only because of logisitvcs.  When I served in Germany in the 60s, the general scuttlebut was that Russia would take just 3 days to reach the Rhine, over-running several German and American divisions along the way.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Films With Smoking Need Adult Rating To 'Protect Children From Tobacco Addiction'
Ditto films witth fizzy drinks, which kill far more people than smoking does.

Donald Trump Blames 'Unfair Media' For Iowa Defeat A man of his times: it is ALWAYS someone else's fault.

Paul Ryan Hosts Budget Meeting With House Freedom Caucus. It Didn't Go Well.How could it go well? These folks think a compromise is capitulation to an enemy. 
Yep. They see their fellow Americans who hold different views as the enemy. Scary, is't it.

'New Hampshire' Episode 4: Not Just For Old, White People
Young people are more engaged in this year’s primary than what the popular image might suggest.
Dear Scott and Huffpo. Is it your view that the word "what" must always follow "than" regardless of whether it adds any meaning or just clutters up a sentence with dross. Ya know?
PS: thanks for the tips about younger voters.

Monday, 1 February 2016

In Iowa, Campaign Season Finds Muslims Caught In A Harsh Spotlight
After WWII many people felt unsafe around Germans. Many Germans felt as the Imam: 'I just want to live my life without having to explain myself. I want to go out there and have normal conversations with people.' American whites had - may still have - similar problems  
The reasons are the same: The Holocaust was done in the name of the German State and the German people, the KKK acted in the name of whites, just as the Jihadis commit their attrocities in the name of Islam and of Muslims.
Muslims must do as Germans did and whites still do: publicly and repeatedly denounce the actions and reputdiate the actors.
PS: it would help if the attrocities stopped - it sure made things easier for Germans and whites.
PPS: Muslims should NOT apologise - unless they were actually involved in the attrocities or unless they are apologising for the jihadis being considered as if they were Muslims.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Calls Out Hollywood's Other Diversity Issue
True. In addidtion to women in their forties, two other under-represented groups are women in their 70s and Germanic Americans. When will this horrible discrimination stop?
When will Hollywood finally reflect the precentage of all sub-groups in society with perfect accuracy?

Facebook Applauded After Britain First 'Christian March' Video Removed

Good for facebook: No one should be allowed to post things that I disagree with!