Monday, 1 February 2016

In Iowa, Campaign Season Finds Muslims Caught In A Harsh Spotlight
After WWII many people felt unsafe around Germans. Many Germans felt as the Imam: 'I just want to live my life without having to explain myself. I want to go out there and have normal conversations with people.' American whites had - may still have - similar problems  
The reasons are the same: The Holocaust was done in the name of the German State and the German people, the KKK acted in the name of whites, just as the Jihadis commit their attrocities in the name of Islam and of Muslims.
Muslims must do as Germans did and whites still do: publicly and repeatedly denounce the actions and reputdiate the actors.
PS: it would help if the attrocities stopped - it sure made things easier for Germans and whites.
PPS: Muslims should NOT apologise - unless they were actually involved in the attrocities or unless they are apologising for the jihadis being considered as if they were Muslims.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Calls Out Hollywood's Other Diversity Issue
True. In addidtion to women in their forties, two other under-represented groups are women in their 70s and Germanic Americans. When will this horrible discrimination stop?
When will Hollywood finally reflect the precentage of all sub-groups in society with perfect accuracy?

Facebook Applauded After Britain First 'Christian March' Video Removed

Good for facebook: No one should be allowed to post things that I disagree with!

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