Sunday, 31 July 2016

CAUGHT LYIN’: NFL Denies Trump Claim About Debate Schedule
Claims He Turned Down Koch Request. Koch’s: Didn’t Happen
     Sadly, no one cares. The Trumpettes will tell you that he only lies like this during a campaign. Once he is President he will lie much less often

Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts Asked to Take Leave After Gender Comments
Actually guys, you're missing the point, you don't understand: I'm way happier than you.' Their ambition is not a vertical ambition, it's this intrinsic, circular ambition to be happy. So they say: 'We are not judging ourselves by those standards that you idiotic dinosaur-like men judge yourself by'
How dare he tell the truth?  Fire him immediately.
Telling the truth is a far worse crime than lying today.
If people realize that he is right, they will realize that 50-50 equality is actually sexist discrimination against men, since a larger proportion of men than women apply for and want the top jobs
       "Indeed, I'm very proud to be able to say that 65% of our staff are female...:
Did the Saatchi CEO say what he planned to do to redress this institutional sexism?

Donald Trump Telling NBC’s Katy Tur to ‘Be Quiet’
"There’s something about a man telling a woman to be quiet that suggests the inroads we’ve made towards equality could be wiped away in one snappy put down."
And a man telling a man to be quiet suggests what?
What does a woman telling a woman to be quiet suggest?
A woman telling a man?
Please explain yourself, Sara McCorquodale: your whine sounds like rank sexism.

Muslims Refuse To Bury France Priest Killer Adel Kermiche After Brutal Church Attack
Good for them. He is anti-muslim and should expect no consideration. He will go straight to Jahannam

Plastic Bag Charge Has Resulted In Six Billion Fewer Bags Being Used In A Year
If you think a tax on bags reduces their use, and a tax on tobacco cuts smoking, but a tax on employment does not reduce jobs, you could be a Democrat.

Are any other non-EU countries participating in Erasmus?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Slams Coffee Companies Over ‘Recyclable’ Cups
Poor Hugh. He is such a nice guy that he does not realize that no one in Britain gives a sh!t.
We think that convenience trumps the environment every time.
Besides, pollution is ALWAYS somebody else's fault - never, ever our own.

But Jeremy doesn't support intimidation; he just ignores those who intimidate on his behalf.
Like the PACs and SuperPacs said: " Who? Us? Coordinate? We would never!

Dejected Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Still Not Ready For Hillary
Because everyone knows that a face does not really need a nose and that cutting it off is a perfectly rational punishment.

Boycott Byron Protest As 35 Immigrant Workers Arrested At Burger Chain
I have never eaten at a Byron, but i will now - simply to oppose the boycott of a company that is being targeted for have the temerity to defend itself from fraudsters.
Interesting that Huffpo only covers the arrest of fraudsters when there is a boycott.

Western U.S. Saw An Amazing Light Show Last Night
"The object was the second stage of China's Chang Zheng 7 rocket"
Sure it was, that's why it landed in Roswell.

Hillary Has ‘Shrill Tone’, BBC’s Naughtie Says On Today, Triggering Accusations Of Sexism
If he had said Corbyn has a "shrill tone" would that have been sexism?
If a woman said Corbyn has a "shrill tone" would that be sexism?
Or is it only sexist to criticize the tone of a female?

Would Bernie Supporters Vote Trump Over Hillary?
 Of course they would! 
Everyone knows that a face doesn't really need a nose and that cutting it off is a sensible punishment.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

'Treason'? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments

Oh stop whining. True Trumpettes do not care about treason if it helps the Donald win.
If Russia, North Korea, Iran and ISIS can help beat Hillary, Trumpettes are all for working with them.
       The only thing I really worry about is that Donald has said he will stop immigration (and even tourism) from countries infected by terrorism. That means Israelis can't come to the US anymore.

Thank Goodness Nick Clegg Is Brexit Scrutineer-in-Chief
Goodness, Huffpo!      A positive story.       Is there a blue moon this month?
    Okay, a couple of sour whines (e.g. "propped up"), but your heart wasn't really in it.
Have the editors decided to present some balanced news for a change or is this an aberration?
Will we be back to and exclusive diet of bang-bang and lets you-and-him-fight tomorrow?

Le Monde Won’t Publish Terrorists’ Pictures: Policy Aimed At Preventing ‘Posthumous Glory’
Quite right, too! And take down any site that posts their picture (you listening, Anonymous?)         
            It is time for ALL media to stop helping these enemies of Allah by calling them IS, thus propagating their two big lies: that these criminals are either Islamic or a state.

LGBT Services Are Facing Meltdown, Disproportionately
Oh. You mean they are being treated like everyone else? That's equality. That will never do.
Unless they get special treatment that no one else gets, we are discriminating against them.

Owen Smith Says He Wants To ‘Smash Theresa May Back On Her Heels’
Of course the comment was sexist: ANY criticism of a female by a male is sexism.
Thought everyone knew that.               
         As Tom Lehrer would say:
        "Let's try not to injure them
         But fight, fight, fight
        (Let's not be rough though)
        Just fight,fight, fight.
        (and DO fight fiercely)
         fight, fi-hi-hight fight.

America once excelled at immigrant integration. Here’s the way back.
Happy to support integration of all LEGAL immigrants. 
The others are scoff-laws who think the laws of their would-be country should be ignored whenever they are inconvenient. This will not make them good citizens.
An open letter from the American voter

Dear Hillary and Donald

Please stop telling us about who you are running against.
We already know who you are running against.
We know you don't like them and we know why you don't like them.
We can make up our own minds about them without your constant whining.

What we want to hear from you is what you stand FOR.
We realize that it is hard for you to tell us, given the negative bias of our media.
We realize that anything nasty that you say about the other side gets headlines.
While anything good you say or do or plan to do gets ignored or buried.
But please try.

We really want to know just three things:
   What positive goods you wish for America
   How you plan to achieve them
   How you will pay for them

Please stop trying to make us afraid.
American voters are not cowards.
We are not intimidated by terrorists, Muslim or otherwise
We are not intimidated by bankers or other big businesses
We are not intimidated by migrants
We are not intimidated by the other party, who are merely fellow Americans with different ideas.
We are not even intimidated by representatives who care more for campaign donors than for us
  (Frustrated yes, intimidated no.)

We are willing to take risks:
We support universal car ownership, even if that kills 33,000 a year
We support universal gun ownership, even if that kills 35,000 a year.
We support offering charity to war-zone refugees, even if 0.3% of them may wish us ill.

So please stop whining about how bad things are.
Instead, tell us how you will make things better.
(And how you will pay for it)

French Army Asks Citizens To Enlist — But No Muslim Headscarves, Please
Headline deliberately mis-represents the French position, which is "no religious symbols at all" and applies equally to Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion.
That is, Jewish men would be asked to remove their yamulkas, Christians would be asked to put any crosses inside their clothes, (not on open display), turbanned Sikhs would not be accepted. The deliberate mis-representation is to try and stir up conflict, as "Muslim girl enlists in military after Nice" is deemed too positive to serve as a headline.
It is interesting that one sister declined to serve without her fashion statement (the Hijab is not required by Islam) that she wears to associate herself with her religious community and distinguish herself from her fellow citizens. The other sister recognized that the French find the Hijab disrespectful and offensive to their local cultural values. (Its the equivalent of a French woman entering a mosque with bare head and a tank top.)
I have much more respect for the sister who will serve. The non-serving sister seems both selfish and ill-mannered.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Women Who Helped Make Misogyny A Hate Crime Subjected To Abuse

Mysogyny is criminalized while misandry is lauded.
Okay, turn about is fair play.
Besides, it can sell Dove haircare products

BBC Presenter’s Two-Day Freud With Tommy Robinson Was Brilliant

Huffpo's sub-editing is as bad as its sense of news: incompetent & selfish.
Why am I reading about a fight between two wannabees?
Niether are news sources, they are both only media inventions
Was it that Huffppo could not find any nastiness among news makers to inflame and report?

Child Migrant Denied Rights
Perhaps the this article missed telling us about a few points of evidence?
1) unless there was evidence this refugee was under 18, he was not a "child migrant"
2) If he was over 17, he was not entitled to any of the benefits (so-called "rights") for under 18s
PS: Non-citizens do not have "rights." Rights are what a society grants its members (citizens).
Refugees are given charity, whether from government or some other agency.

Jeremy Corbyn And 11 Media Outlets That Are ‘Biased’ Against Him
This list is FAR from exhaustive. 
ALL media outlets that do not agree with everything Corbyn says and does are biased against him. (He's like Trump in that.)

These people would never lie, would they? I mean, what incentive would they have for lyng?
Free education and a "family environment" wouldn't be enough to tempt a 19-year-old, would it?
       “We deeply regret the UK Government’s reluctance to relocate migrant children to the UK, in particular those living in terrible conditions in the camps near the Channel ports.” 
Nonsense!   By this logic, we must take in every homeless person in France, since they live "in terrible conditions."
      These kids have reached France, and the French are perfectly capable of caring for them if they chose to. Taking these kids to the UK would only encourage the French authorities to do nothing and make us complicit in their maltreatment and neglect - unless we take ALL of them. 
     We should be helping those kids still in the conflict zone and leave the French to take care of those they have let into France.

Knife-Wielding Men Who Killed Priest in Normandy Proclaimed Allegiance To Isis
Isn't it time for every congregation in the umma to isse a fatwah of taqfir against Daesh and all of its supporters? They are kuffar. They are moharebeh. They are enemies of the ummat al-Islamiyah and they are enemies of Allah. 
     Isn't time for the western media to stop helping their propaganda by calling them IS - spreading the lie that these people are either Islamic or a state?

Another case of Radical Loser Terrorism. 
Why wont they use the words? 
Are they un-American?

Diane Abbott Sat On Panel Hosted By Pfizer Lobbying Company
I don't think you understand, Martha Gill:
If Corbyn supporters pal around with lobbyists or throw bricks, it is okay.
These things are only wrong when Corbyn opponents do them.

Thanks Jeremy!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Trump Says He’s Expanded His Proposed Muslim Ban
“We must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place,” 
So no more Irish, Norwegians, Peruvians, Indians, Colombians, Chinese, Filipinos or Thais then?
Ditto for French, English, German, Belgian and Spanish.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Munich Gunman ‘Obsessed With Shooting Rampages’ But Had No Links To Islamic State
This is clearly more Radical Loser Terrorism. Why won't they use the words?

Jeremy Corbyn Says There’s No Place For Abuse In Leadership Election
Lying little thug, reminds me of Trump
Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I won’t let us be portrayed as brick-throwing thugs’
Just because we are brick-throwing thugs is no reason to portray us that way.

Erasmus scheme may exclude British students after Brexit
Why is there uncertainty?  Are there other non-EU countries in the scheme?

Friday, 22 July 2016

Is The GOP Trying To Destroy The Earth?
Of course they are not. The GOP are people, Americans just as Democrats are. 
Because you disagree with someone is no reason to impugn evil motives to them.
This is like saying: Are Democrats trying to destroy the economy?
It is not only inflammatory, diminishing any chance of improvement or compromise.
It is also just plan stupid.

Cop ‘Accidentally’ Shot Mental Health Therapist Trying To Protect HimSo it was an accident: he wasn't trying to shoot the black man who was compliant and had surrendered, he was trying to shoot the mentally disabled guy who sitting down, but was in possession of a toy truck. Oh, well, that's alright then. 
    The problem seems that we arm police before they are trained enough to handle being armed.

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight and don't bring facts to a Republican convention
One should not bring facts to ANY convention: GOP or Democrat, Tory or Labour, SDP or CDU, AK or....(ooops, there is no other party in Turkey, as we speak any opposition is being fired, arrested, executed and tried - in that order - after a fake coup.)
    Bottom line is politicians HATE facts, particularly facts that don't agree with them. They especially hate fact-checking: it does so dilute the impact of a sound bite and can absolutely ruin a good lie.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

6 Things The Government Buried Today
Let's get this straight: government and politicians cannot "bury" any news. 
Only journalists and publishers can "bury" news.
     Huffpo's headline sounds like Diane Abbott: the only reason our performance was so bad is that it was someone else's fault.

Government Borrows More In Three Months Than It Originally Planned For The Whole Year
No worries, the grandkids can't vote yet: let them pay for our current lifestyle.

Even After Republican Backlash, Ted Cruz Won’t Endorse Trump ‘Like A Servile Puppy Dog'
At least Cruz is not a coward.
I still don't like his politics, but my opinion of him as a man just went up significantly. 
He basically said: "You don't get away scot free when you insult my family."
Pity there are not more people in the GOP with cojones.
       PS:  Is it true that the guy who shouted "You've got to get over it, this is politics" has a hooker for a wife and a paedophile for a father? Or is that just a politics rumor??

Angela Eagle Warned By Police To Suspend Constituency Surgerie for her own safety.
But there is no intimidation, is there?
The Talibanization of the labour party: "if you are not for Corbyn, woman, you deserve to die."

Turkey suspends European convention on human rights in wake of failed coup
"Officials insist three-month state of emergency following coup attempt will not affect lives and freedoms of citizens"
This is true, because Erdogan does not consider anyone who disagrees with him to be a citizen.
Turkey is our ally. So we cannot ignore the purge that is now under way
We won't ignore it, we will treat it like the weather: everyone will complain about it but no one will actually do anything. Does Mr Jones actually think that ANYTHING we say or do will have an impact on a man who staged a fake coup against himself so he could mount a purge?

FGM In The UK: Thousands Sought Help Last Year 
Seems like aggravated assault to me. Why aren't the perps in jail?
PS: there is NOTHING religious about this crime. NO religion demands genital mutilation.

Jeremy Corbyn to set out measures tackling discrimination at work
"women are over-represented in the lowest paying sectors: cleaning, catering and caring..."
Is he saying we need to recruit men take these jobs away from women so the wage gap will fall?
Or is he saying we should be sexist and pay these jobs more just because they are held by women.

Diane Abbott Blames ‘Sulking’ Labour MPs For Jeremy Corbyn’s bad PMQs Performance
Of course. To Ms Abbott it is always someone else's fault - and someone else's job to fix it. 
Corbyn's shoddy performance could not possibly be down to Corbyn - who can we can blame for it. 
Aha! People who were not cheering loudly enough.
But why didn't she get out the pom-poms and start her give-me-a-C dance - just too lazy? 
It was clearly Abbott's fault for not cheer-leading enthusiastically enough.

Monday, 18 July 2016

When is Online Abuse Just Banter?
Ils sont Charlie

MacKenzie’s Comments About Manji Called ‘Religious and Racial Hatred’ 
I can see that questioning or criticising ANY aspect of Islam is now called "inciting religious hatred," but where did they think race came into it? 
     And, yes I do appreciate that wearing a garment that is sexist (ever see a man wearing one?) and divisive (designed to emphasize the difference between the wearers and other members of society, rather than their similarities) is an absolute individual right in our society.
       If the head-scarf is the equivalent of the hijab and the hijab is found to be offensive to some people in western cultures, why would a woman not wear a head-scarf instead of a hijab when in western cultures. Is this radically different from expecting that a western woman not go bare-headed when visiting a mosque in the UK or a sharia-law country abroad.  I think it is called "good manners."

3 Officers Dead, 3 Injured In Baton Rouge Shooting
Turn that rhetoric on its head.
Scott:  If someone said: "There are many good black people -- yet GOOD black people have failed to remove the BAD ones and police react the only way they can. We don't TRUST black people any longer. Very sad situation!"     Would that be helpful or inflammatory?
Adetomi: If someone said: "How many good black people have reported bad ones? When good black people keep quiet they are just as bad as the bad ones. Someone needs to tell black people that being a citizen doesn't make you a good guy....its your action"    Would that be helpful or inflammatory?

Trump campaign calls Kasich convention absence 'embarrassing'
It would be much more embarrassing for Kasich to share a podium with Trump.
Remember, this governor has to be able to look himself in the mirror for the rest of his life.
Donald Trump Floats New Conspiracy Theory About Obama
I have noticed that with Trump, too.
Trump's body language goes all funny when Muslims, women, blacks or Mexicans are mentioned.

Trident renewal: would £205bn be a price worth paying?
The UK, sans EU, is no longer a global force and so needs no nuclear deterrent. Face it: no one would want to take us over anyway. In addition to scrapping Trident, we should leave NATO and reduce our army, navy and air force to half their current sizes. Budget deficit solved.
    PS: when figuring costs, add in the cost of re-homing the subs after Scotland leaves the UK.

Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire Releases Damning Statement Criticising Jeremy Corbyn
"What is the implication here supposed to be? That Corbyn 'sacked' her because she had cancer?
Or that he should somehow have acted differently because she did?"

I think the implication is that he should have treated her like a human being, regardless of whether she had cancer. The cancer just made her a little more vulnerable than usual to the hurtful lack of normal human consideration and the incredibly bad manners shown by Corbyn in this incident.
Labour Meetings Shouldn’t Be Cancelled Because Of A ‘Perception’ Of Intimidation
True. Just because victims perceive themselves as harassed and intimidated is no reason to limit the opportunity for Corbyn supporters to harass and intimidate them more.

Nigel Farage Tripped Up By LBC Caller Over Integration
Oh boy! Another chance to make people disrespect politicians. Of course we don't mind if the politician in questtion is one we do not support, as in this case, but Huffpo is an equal-opprtunity disser. Apparently, Huffpo sees its job as belittling all politicians; making them look bad and making us lose faith and confidence in our public servants.
    On the one hand, this makes life less worth living for the British people
    On the other hand, it sells advertising for Verizon and Ariana Stephanopoulos
    Guess who loses that one.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Authorities Say Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel Was Radicalised Recently
Nonsense. He wasn't radicalized at all. 
He is just a mass murderer of the type that shoot up schools and movies in America.

Why was there an attempted coup in Turkey?
Why? Because Erdogan wanted one.
it gives him a chance to get rid of all who disagree with him.
If you don't think he staged this: please explain how he just happened to have a list of 2700 judges to arrest sitting in his pocket?

Why Is A Cleric In The Poconos Accused Of Fomenting Turkey's Coup Attempt?
Because he has disagreed with Erdogan, and anyone who does not support Erdogan 100% is viewed as a subversive revolutionary who should be arrested and, preferably, executed.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Theresa May’s New Cabinet: Boris Johnson Given Top Job
A clown as foreign secretary? I can think of no one less qualified. Stupid, stupid woman.

One Year on From Arriving In Britain as a Syrian Refugee
Nice to know that Britain will give charity to take care of people who refused to fix their own country. And they let his entire family join him here. Great advert for getting to Britain any way you can.

David Cameron Final PMQs Receives Standing Ovation
I noticed that the Selfish National Party did not stand. Well of course not: it wasn't about them

Labour Suspends Local Party Meetings To Prevent Intimidation
Wise move. One doesn't know who will be shot or bricked next. 
All Labour MPs that do not support Corbyn would be wise to stay indoors until the leadership vote - or at least only venture out when accompanied by bodyguards.

Labour Executive’s Johanna Baxter Tearily Recounts Tense NEC Meeting 
The lead-in headline show Huffo's agenda quite clearly: 
"Labour Executive Breaks Down Criticising Corbyn For 'Endorsing Bulling'"
She actually said "bullying" but Huffpo quotes it as "bulling", as a way to do her down, because it supports the bullying by thuggish Corbyn supporters.

Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany And Lived In Paraguay Until His Death In 1971
6 years later, Elvis took over his house in Paraguay and still lives there today.

Racist, xenophobic and anti-intellectual: Academics threaten to quit Brexit Britain 
"The Brexit vote is now this really horrible outcome of all this ill-will towards government."
 All this ill-will has been created by our media (The Independent and the BBC included) that spend most of their time on let's-you-and-him-fight stories, on attempts to "expose" weakness in any politician and on interviews that are designed as confrontations.
      After years of reading and hearing that our government and our politicians are mean, petty, stupid and wrong, the surprise is that the ill-will is so muted.

Super PAC And Dark Money Spending Tops $100 Million In Fight For Senate
Does any sensible person believe that folks put up all this money (for either party) and expect nothing in return?

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Dallas Doctor Says Treating Wounded Cops ‘Doesn’t Mean That I Do Not Fear’ Them
Treating Treating Wounded Cops ‘Doesn’t Mean That I Do Not Fear’ Them
Protecting BLM folk with our own lives doesn't mean we cops do not fear them.
         These two statements, although both probably true, do not seem particularly helpful.

Racial profiling is a serious problem. Police profiling is becoming one.

David Cameron’s Ditty Analysed By Classical Music Buffs: ‘It’s Disconcerting
Oh jeez. Let's find something wrong with people humming.
Especially if they are politicians.
NEVER miss a chance to make people disrespect politicians.
If you can just sow enough mistrust, then everyone will be in conflict with everyone else and you can write ALL your stories from the pub instead of just half of them.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Leadsom's Apology Prompts Questions Over 'Gutter Journalism' Claim

Hey, no one said that gutter journalism wasn't effective. Let's-you-and-him-fight stories like this one run for a week, can be written by cheap hacks, generate lots of heat and no light at all, reduce trust in politicians and increase anomie, apathy and the sense that Britain is a bad place to live.
Gutter journalism can ruin reputations and make innocent people squirm like a bug stuck on a pin.

In short - it is everything a publisher needs to sell advertising.
It may be as sleazy as sleazy can be, but it works

Odd to see Yoda (Abbott) supporting Emperor Palpatine (Corbyn)
"he has offered us a good honest compassionate alternative"
But, sadly, a completely impractical one that will lose elections.

However, with the Liberals reduced to irrelevance as a consequence of finding that, even in power, they could not deliver their "conscience of the nation" programmes, a political niche is now open.
Labour can become the new "conscience of the nation" under Corbyn, with a consistent 11-14% of the vote. Nothing wrong with that.

A moharebeh enemy of Allah following in his father's footsteps.
They will meet in Jahannam.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Obama Says Anti-Cop Rhetoric Can Hurt Black Lives Matter
If you view "them" (whichever them) as the enemy, they will treat you as the enemy.
If you view "them" as your friends and as members of your own community, you can help each other get rid of the bad elements that are poisoning the relationship.

Here is a tip: try turning any bit of anti-police rhetoric on its head: replacing "police" with "black people" and "blacks" with "police." If the black community would find the resulting statement offensive, then the rhetoric is not helpful, it is part of the problem.

eg: Police need to stop killing black people
      Black people need to stop killing police

      Police are racists who target the black community for being black
      Blacks are racists who target white police for being white

      We need to arrest all the bad apples on the police force and put them in jail
      We need to arrest all the bad apples in the black community and put them in jail.

This is not to say any of the statements are untrue - they may or may not be, that is not the point - it is merely a test of whether the statements are helpful in building a better relationship between police and the black community.

If large numbers of the black community disrespect and stereotype police, particularly white police, meeting them with non-cooperation and fear, there can be no end to police stereotyping and fearing the black community. The only hope for a better relationship is for the black community (including Black Lives Matter) to work WITH police rather than against them.  And vice versa: the police need to work WITH the black community, including BLM.

Sir Cliff Richard To Sue BBC And Police Over Raid On His Home

Good for him! It is about time the police and the news media got some hefty fines for ruining peoples' reputations with no credible evidence of wrong-doing.

The police-BBC relationship in this case was just plain sick: the police and the BBC were both simply trying to boost their own public image at the expense of someone whose only crime was to be famous. Just as they did with Leon Brittan.

Bunch of sick f*cks, but it is part and parcel of the Brexit vote: people are fed up with politicians. They view them as more self-serving than public servant and give them no respect.
They particularly dislike anyone who will not give them more of other people's money.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: We Can Grieve For Dallas And Still Demand Accountability
Of course she is correct in everything she says. It is not possible to disagree with such a simple and reasonable position so intelligently argued
       There is one more step in this process (or the root causes) that she left out: the disregard and disrespect of police that is so common in inner-city communities - both black and white. 
        As long as people disrespect and disregard either blacks or police, both groups are likely to react with disregard and disrespect.

No, We Are Not In The Midst Of A Race War
The lead in picture shows a woman with sign "unapologetically black." Good for her!
If a white woman held a sign "unapologetically white" would she get the same reaction?
      Both sides need to show tolerance and stop stereotyping each other. In this regard, it is true, blacks have been less guilty than whites (as a generalization), showing more tolerance and less steroetyping. But that seem to be changing as divisions deepen. 
      We need to stop guilt-tripping each other and see that we are in the same boat and, both black and white, are equally damaged by New Orleans, Minnesota and Dallas.

Congressional Black Caucus Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Police Shootings
They are absolutely right! 
Enough is enough and it must stop! We should all be outraged! 
What did the congressional white caucus say?

Andrea Leadsom Slams Times For Article About Her Comments On Motherhood
Just another Let's-you-and-him fight story - the refuge of lazy journalists. 
(So much easier than covering a substantive issue.) 
      Do the publishers know that these kinds of stores create anomie, apathy and make Britain a worse place to live? Yes they do, but they do not care, as long as it sells advertising and can be written by really cheap hacks.

Friday, 8 July 2016

President Obama On Police Shootings: ‘Change Has Been Too Slow’
Calm and reasoned, in the face of severe provocation. Not bad, Obama.

I would like to see a study of the 509 police shootings this year to determine definitively: When a white cop shoots a suspect, is there is racism involved.
1. What % of the 123 police shootings of blacks were righteous?
2. What % of the 386 police shootings of non-blacks were righteous?
When a non-white cop shoots a suspect, is there racism involved?
1. What % of the 123 police shootings of blacks were by non-white officers?
2. What % of those were righteous?
3. What % of the 386 non-black police shootings were by non-white officers?
4. What % of those were righteous?
        It will not be easy, since our officers will maintain that all of their shootings are righteous, but we can at least divide the cases into the categories: righteous, not righteous, arguable. That should still give us an incontestable indication of whether the perception of black Americans is correct.

Black America may think such a study unnecessary - maintaining that they already KNOW that racism is involved - but it would a big help help to swaying the fence-sitting Americans who are not yet outraged because they question the premise.

Congressional Black Caucus Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Police Shootings
They are absolutely right! Enough is enough and it must stop! We should all be outraged. 
What did the congressional white caucus say?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

“Black Lives Matter” is still an issue because “All Lives Matter” isn’t a reality.I have intellectual sympathy for "All Lives Matter," (ALM), in that we should be concerned when our police kiill anyone and outraged if that killing is not defensible.

The point of "Black Lives Matter" is that the black community feels that police are killing folks BECAUSE of their blackness, which should outrage us all. Yes, police also kill white people, but the white community does not feel they do this because those killed are white, nor even that police take less care or are more likely to shoot if the perp is white.

Until police can convince us that they treat black perps the
 same as white perps, we should support Black Lives Matter (BLM).

On the other hand, when there is a righteous shoot of a black perp, BLM should publicly acknowledge that it was the right thing to do in that case - to keep the focus on the practices we abhor and not spread abhorance to all police activity. If BLM were to take the position that blacks should never be shot by police, regardless of what they are doing at the time, then it would be just more racism piled on top of racism. Although there may be a few racists in BLM who take that position, it is NOT the position of the overwhelming majority of BLM

Thus Black Lives Matter deserves the support of all of us - including the folks in ALM

Canadian Company Turns Air Into Fuel In Climate Change Fight
Not sure it iss practical, but an interesting idea.

Donald Trump Now Apparently Supports North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law
More big government, trying to dictate our lives. 
     I admit that I do not see how the only way not to discriminate against a group of people is to treat them differently from all others, allowing them to do things that all others are forbidden from doing. 
     But I don't see what the government has to do with where someone goes to the toilet. Let people sort this out on their own: they usually know how to run their lives better than big government does
Chilcot report live: families call for Tony Blair to face trial over Iraq war
They haven't read the report yet, but their minds were already made up anyway
       Goebbels said: "if you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating often enough, eventually the people will come to believe it."
       People have been telling the big lie about Blair (that he deliberately mislead the UK into war) for so long, that the people have come to believe it.
The report finds clearly:
- That there was no falsification or improper use of Intelligence (para 876 vol 4)
- No deception of Cabinet (para 953 vol 5)
- No secret commitment to war whether at Crawford Texas in April 2002 or elsewhere (para 572 vol 1)”

This Chilcot Front Page Shows Tony Blair In A Chilling Light

     Evidence? We don't need no effing evidence. Everyone knows he's guilty. Lynch him
Caroline Lucas Call Tony Blair A ‘War Criminal’
Since a majority of the country was in favour of the invasion of Iraq, I suppose that makes most of us "war criminals" in her mind.

The report also found: 
1) "Mr Blair had been warned, however, that military action would increase the threat from Al Qaida to the UK and to UK interests"
     Similarly, Churchill and Roosevelt were both warned, in the strongest terms, that opposing Hitler would increase the risk to the UK and the US and their interests.

2) "The UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted. Military action at that time was not a last resort." 
     We clearly had not sent enough stiff notes from the UK or the UN, because we all know that stiff notes from these bodies almost always stop tyrants who do not demur from gassing their own citizens.

3 ) "the invasion, in which more than 150,000 Iraqis died..."
The report does not mentions that less than 1/10th of that was from action by the Allied Forces, the other 90% being local Iraqi Muslims killing Iraqi Muslims for sectarian and internal political reasons of their own.

Bereaved families call for Tony Blair to be 'put in the dock'I can't remember: did grieving families ask for Churchill to be put in the dock when our troops went out in our "death trap" tanks or failed to respond quickly enough to the overwhelming superiority of the German tank over ours?   Did they threaten to sue the government?
     Was Roosevelt criticised for entering the European Theatre before all diplomatic options had been tried, especially considering that Germany was no direct threat to the USA?

Donald Trump Slams ‘Rigged’ System After FBI Announcement On Clinton Emails
Yep, the system is rigged.  Trump is not prosecuted for defrauding our veterans and Clinton is not prosecuted for endangering national security.  
Those at the top do not get no penalty for things that would put you and me in jail.

Liz Kendall Isn’t Impressed Ken Clarke Called Theresa May ‘A Very Difficult Woman’
And if the had said that Gove was "a bloody difficult man," would that have been sexist? 
    Seems that Liz Kendall is the sexist in this exchange, turning the conversation from May's gender-free characteristics to into an argument about gender.

Corbyn Blasted For New Shadow Cabinet Gender Balance By Labour’s Women’s Network
Of course they are right! 
We should be picking people based on their gender, not on their merit. It's the sexist thing to do.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Trump Ups His Call For Torture: ‘We’re Going To Have To Do Things That Are Unthinkable’
Trump is spouting the logic of his supporters: we can be just as much a barbaric excuse for human scum as ISIS can be. In fact we can be even more beast-like than they. We can sink to a depth of depravity that is so low, it would horrify the devil, let alone a radical muslim terrorist. No one, they say, should be able to beat America at being evil.

The establishment still does not get it. 
If the establishment is against Brexit, the majority of England is for it. 
If the Labour establishment is against Corbyn, the majority of England will be for him. 
On any serious referendum topic, this would be the result. 
If the establishment were to campaign against legalizing drugs, England would be for it. 
If the establishment were against capital punishment, England would be for it.
        England, quite simply, is fed up with the establishment; no longer seeing them as government and public servants but as parasites who serve only themselves and make things worse for the general public.

Michael Gove Should Be Disqualified From Leadership Race
Of course he should be disqualified. A person who thinks that any expert who disagrees with him must be a a paid stooge is unfit to be prime minister.

If you think Britain is angry and divided, look at the continent
Another member of the elite trying to deflect the disappointment and disgust that the English electorate have expressed for the establishment.
      There seem to be a lot of dreamers who think the UK will change its mind on Brexit or the EU will negotiate on free-movement.  Both are about as likely as America negotiating on the second amendment.