Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Chilcot report live: families call for Tony Blair to face trial over Iraq war
They haven't read the report yet, but their minds were already made up anyway
       Goebbels said: "if you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating often enough, eventually the people will come to believe it."
       People have been telling the big lie about Blair (that he deliberately mislead the UK into war) for so long, that the people have come to believe it.
The report finds clearly:
- That there was no falsification or improper use of Intelligence (para 876 vol 4)
- No deception of Cabinet (para 953 vol 5)
- No secret commitment to war whether at Crawford Texas in April 2002 or elsewhere (para 572 vol 1)”

This Chilcot Front Page Shows Tony Blair In A Chilling Light

     Evidence? We don't need no effing evidence. Everyone knows he's guilty. Lynch him
Caroline Lucas Call Tony Blair A ‘War Criminal’
Since a majority of the country was in favour of the invasion of Iraq, I suppose that makes most of us "war criminals" in her mind.

The report also found: 
1) "Mr Blair had been warned, however, that military action would increase the threat from Al Qaida to the UK and to UK interests"
     Similarly, Churchill and Roosevelt were both warned, in the strongest terms, that opposing Hitler would increase the risk to the UK and the US and their interests.

2) "The UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted. Military action at that time was not a last resort." 
     We clearly had not sent enough stiff notes from the UK or the UN, because we all know that stiff notes from these bodies almost always stop tyrants who do not demur from gassing their own citizens.

3 ) "the invasion, in which more than 150,000 Iraqis died..."
The report does not mentions that less than 1/10th of that was from action by the Allied Forces, the other 90% being local Iraqi Muslims killing Iraqi Muslims for sectarian and internal political reasons of their own.

Bereaved families call for Tony Blair to be 'put in the dock'I can't remember: did grieving families ask for Churchill to be put in the dock when our troops went out in our "death trap" tanks or failed to respond quickly enough to the overwhelming superiority of the German tank over ours?   Did they threaten to sue the government?
     Was Roosevelt criticised for entering the European Theatre before all diplomatic options had been tried, especially considering that Germany was no direct threat to the USA?

Donald Trump Slams ‘Rigged’ System After FBI Announcement On Clinton Emails
Yep, the system is rigged.  Trump is not prosecuted for defrauding our veterans and Clinton is not prosecuted for endangering national security.  
Those at the top do not get no penalty for things that would put you and me in jail.

Liz Kendall Isn’t Impressed Ken Clarke Called Theresa May ‘A Very Difficult Woman’
And if the had said that Gove was "a bloody difficult man," would that have been sexist? 
    Seems that Liz Kendall is the sexist in this exchange, turning the conversation from May's gender-free characteristics to into an argument about gender.

Corbyn Blasted For New Shadow Cabinet Gender Balance By Labour’s Women’s Network
Of course they are right! 
We should be picking people based on their gender, not on their merit. It's the sexist thing to do.

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