Thursday, 6 August 2015

Federal Appeals Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act
"600,000 Texans lacked a valid form of government-issued photo identification."
Forget discriminatory impact. Who thinks it is American to disenfranchise 3.5% of the citizens who are eligible to vote?

Should More Of Us Earn As Much As London Underground Drivers?The STARTING salary is on par with that of a top specialty doctor- who has to train for a bit longer than 12-16 weeks. It is 3 times the pay of a soldier and more than twice that of a nurse, teacher or policeman, who all have to train for longer than 12-16 weeks.
      So Mr Sommers' editorial  is correct: collective extortion works.  Indeed, it may be the only effective tactic in a relationship where power is highly asymetrical.

Angry Students Are Boycotting Tesco After Minimum Delivery Spend Raised To £40
Well of course they are angry: many students and young people think that they should be subsidized by others. After all, that is what their life has been like so far.  When the world does not and simply hand over money and services, as their parents did, they get angry.

Thanks Gwyneth, But We'll Stick With Scientific Consensus On GMOsThere are two different issues:
        1) "Are current GM foods harmful?" is easy: only climate-change-denier types or teach-the-controversy types say yes
        2) "Should GM foods be lablled?" is harder, since so many foods now contain GMOs and since it may not be poossible to determine whether a food contains GMO's. Perhaps the labelling should be "This product contains no GMOs" or "...less than 1% GMOs." Then people could refuse to buy anything that does not carry the label.
Question: since most wine now comes from grapes that are various clones, is all wine now GMO?

Man Wielding Hatchet, Airsoft Gun At Nashville Theater Shot Dead 
Police have identified the suspect as 29-year-old Vincente Montano.

The suspect? Sorry? Do Murdock, Bellware and McLaughlin suspect that he is dead, or do they think the dead person may be an innocent bystander?

A Little-Noticed Supreme Court Case Could Deny Justice for Sandra BlandWhen the court immunized prison offficials, which diseases did that mean they will not now catch? What is Huffpo's 1st language?
  "This failure to properly screen Barkes and take steps to prevent his suicide, his family charged, amounted to cruel and unusual punishment -- a violation of his Eighth Amendment rights. .... In other words, Barkes had no right to be kept alive while in custody."
      No, in other words, he had no right to be FORCED to stay alive. If such a right is granted, then ALL people in custody should be tied down or straight-jacketed as soon as they are arrested, as the authorities have no way of knowing which peson in custody may commit suicide.