Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What ‘white folks who teach in the hood’ get wrong about education
folks say to me "that’s inherently racist.” But no, because it’s a reality."
Gosh, don' he sound jus' like a Jim Crow good ole boy, talkin' 'bout them darkies?

Why a hardline extremist group targeted Lahore in Easter bombing
Because they have been given tacit perrmission and acceptance by the mulism communities in which they live and operate. 
How many of these groups have been declafed koufar: non-believing apostates?
How many have been declared mohareb: enemies of Allah? 
How many have had a fatwa issued against them?
How many are denounced by name in every mosque and madrassa?

Sajid Javid Criticised For Flying To Australia As Tata Steel Decides On Thousands Of British Jobs In India
OH NO! You mean he is not doing the job the way the other party wants? How horrible! 
     Of course Stephen Kinnock is THE Labour expert on doing this job (given that his father was once a Labour Minister and his wife is the PM of Denmark), but even he couldn't explain why Labour's shadow Business Secretary, Angela Eagle, wasn't there either.

Utah Governor Signs Anesthesia Requirement For Some Abortions
That's big government for you - getting between me and my doctor. 
How dare this jerk call himself a Republican?
Fidel Castro to Obama: We don't need your 'presents'
Gosh, doesn't Fidel sound just like a republican politician?

Apple vs. FBI: What Happened?
Actually, what happend was that the FBI finally decided that gettting the data was more important than getting the upper hand in telling businesses what to do. The FBI knew thaat the NSA could crack the phone before they went to court and Apple knew it could hack the phone without endangering other i-phones. This was simply a power play on both sides - another in a long series of them, with more to come. Watch this space.

NHS trust bosses slam £600m hospital fines over patient targets
But what a great idea in principle: if an organization doees not have the resources to achieve the target, take away some of their reosurces. Bleeding the patient was popular for 2000 years and physicians only gave it up 250 years ago. Managers of physicians, apparently, still believe in it.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Microsoft Chat Bot Goes On Racist, Genocidal Twitter Rampage
"the big problem here is that Microsoft apparently failed to set up any meaningful filters on what Tay can tell users. ...maybe the bot could’ve been set up with filters that would have prevented it from deploying the n-word or saying that the Holocaust was “made up.”
      This is what the PC crowd would like done to humans as well. I am certain that the thought-police filters can be developed for TAY and then there willa strong movement to put such filters on social media so that only "acceptable" thoughts can be expressed.
I will leave it to others as to whether this will be a good thing.
        Actually, the headline on this article is pretty scary. It stresses the intentionality of the AI ("goes on rampage") and not the fact that it was people who taught it to produce these messages. Another example of "we're not responsible - it's always someone else's fault."

Donald Trump Dismisses MPs' Attempt To Ban Him From UK

Igoramus! It was not an MP attempt, it was a spontaneous petition that MPs were REQUIRED BY LAW to consider once in had garnered more than 5 time the minimum number of signatures needed to force commons to consider a petition.
   PS: Not sure whether the "ignoramus" applies to Donnie, to Huffpo, or to both in this instance

Bernie Sanders Lays Out His Requirements For Endorsing Hillary Clinton
If my platform does not win the votes of a majority of democrats, my price for party unity is for that majority to adopt my platform anyway - and to heck with what the majority wants.

Is this pay gap actually due to gender pay differential or due to the jobs performed. That is, are women reporters (or janitors or kitchen staff or secretaries) with the same seniority getting less than their male counterparts? Are female sales reps with the same seniority and who bring in the same revenue gettting less than their male colleagues?   If not, there is no pay gap, though there may be a role gap.  The solution may be to change the jobs that people want to apply for: e.g hire more men in lower paid roles.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mr. Castro, tear down these flagpoles
On a recent visit to Havana, some residents told me they were disappointed that Castro has given Obama so much without, in return, getting any concessions on the way that blacks and Hispanics are treated in America.  One can understand why many Cubans are upset about the restoration of diplomatic relations, given that America still denies black people the basic human rights of equality and equal protection under the law. They think Castro is derelict for failing to call for changes in race relations in America.

Gender Pay Gap Battle Is ‘Lost For My Generation Of Women’, MP Jess Phillips Says
Why? Is she paid less than male MPs?
Are the female security, catering and janatorial staff at parliament paid less than men?
Can she name one woman who is paid less for doing the same job as a man of equal seniority?

Raymond Moore, Tournament Director Of BNP Paribas Open, Resigns Over Sexist Comments
As well he should. Like libel in the 16th century: in any negative remark about women, truth exacerbates the offense.
      Of course women's tennis rode in on the coat-trails of men's tennis. Even Billie Jean knows that. It is simply a tactical error to admit it when one is fighting for more money. Of course women are very lucky to get equal prize money, since they are getting more per viewer than the men are, but that should not stop them from trying to keep it. Negotiation is about getting more for your group, not about looking out for some other group - especially one that can look out for themselves quite well, thank you.
     PS: If he said anything sexist, why was it not reported in this article?

Most Americans Think The Senate Should Hold Hearings On The Supreme Court Nominee
Republican legislators, with an eye to their campaign fund donors say: "So What?" 
"Who cares what the American people want, we're talking about my paycheck here."

Saturday, 19 March 2016

London’s Feminist Library Faces Shutting Down 30 Years Of HistoryIf feminists care about this library, they will stump up the money to keep it going. If they do not think it worthwhile, they won''t.

Downing Street Indicates Climb Down Over PIP Cuts ‘Proposal’
Is "flounced" Huffpo objective for walked? 
Why do you feel the need to be nasty all the time? 
Does it sell more advertising?
Do you even care that it damages our society?

Friday, 18 March 2016

David Cameron’s Plan To Use Navy Vessels Near Libyan Coast To Deter Migrants
NO! Nothing should be done to encourage Libya to deal with their refugee problem. Lybians should continue to make large profits by risking the lives of their refugees in leaky boats. It would be selfish to stop them earning this money.

BBC Question Time’s David Dimbleby Criticised For ‘Trying To Silence’ SNP MP
Ooooh! Interrupting a Selfish National Party person? That is just not done, Their role is to interrupt and talk over others, not vice vera.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Junk Food Advertising Near Schools Should Be Banned, Says Local Government Association
Too right. That is much simpler than expaccting parents or schools to teach children to handle bad adverTising. What we really need is a society where everything not forbidden is compulsory.

American Says Joining ISIS Was A ‘Bad Decision’
How could he know in advance that joining  koufar moharebeh, who are also murdering, slave-trading rapists, would be a bad idea?

California College Student In Stabbing Spree Was Inspired By ISIS And Acted Alone, FBI Says
People seem to have lost the community spirit of the Ides of March. It is not about just stabbing, it's about coming together in groups to stab.

Harvard To Scrap Controversial Law School Seal Associated With Slavery
Stupid. The shield has stood for more anti-slavery and pro-civil-rights actions than it ever stood for slavery. This is Harvard turning its back on its own centiuries-long record to placate a few students who needed something to do this semester.

I Went Undercover at a Trump Rally, And What I Witnessed Was Horrifying
"as deep as I could get in enemy territory" says it all.
Author Max Jackson is just like a Trump supporter or FOX news addict: anyone who disagrees with him is the enemy.  Both sides of the political aisle now think this way, and hence America is lost.

Harvard To Scrap Controversial Law School Seal Associated With Slavery
Stupid. The shield has stood for more anti-slavery and civil rights actions than it ever stood for slavery. This is Harvard turning its back on its own centiuries-long record to placate a few students who needed something to do this semester.

Pro-Brexit Student Society Barred Because It Has 'Britain' In Its Name
What pseudo-PC idiots: ashamed of their own country's name. And we put these ignoramuses in charge of the education of our children?

The Principle is: "The constitution should be ignored or trashed if there is a chance for partisan gain.
Justice Scallia is turning in his grave.

Maybe The GOP Establishment Should Have Embraced John Kasich Sooner
Ahhh, the three Have brothers enter the race: Could Have, Would Have and Should Have.

Gerry Adams expresses anger after being denied entry to White House
Well, you see Gerry, condoning and ordering murder has consequences.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Apple: DOJ iPhone Request Would 'Appall' U.S. Founders
They would also be appalled by congress stating that it willl not do its constitutional duty. 
     Justice Scalia, a strict constructionist, is turning in his grave as Reid and the Retroblicans reinterpret the constitution for partisan gain.

Donald Trump's Campaign Success Explained -- He's Earned '$2 Billion Of Free Media'True! The Repoublican nprimaries have been a reality TV show and Trump is the only candidate with any experience in this genre.   
The keys for media coverage are:
     Talk about the process - it adds suspense and excitement
     Talk about how the candidates feel - it adds emotion
      Interview citizens about how they feel - it adds community
      Do not talk about issues - that requires research and no one understands them anyway. Too hard.
The best way to understand the American primaries is Runway, Top Chef, Pop Idol and the Apprentice. There is not even the levening intelligence that costing something brings to Dragon's Den. The media have no skin in the game and pandering sells advertising while analysis loses ratings and share.

Animal Conservation Enthusiast, Backs Trophy Killing In Some Circumstances
NO! They should not be killed at all, they should supported in luxury at someone else's expense. We do not care about the people who they compete with for land use, let the people starve. We do not care about managing the game population: let them multiply until they starve to death. We just want someone else to maintain them so that we can look at an occasional picture or documentary about them - as long as we don't have to actually do or pay anything for the privilege.

'Someone is going to die': experts warn lawmakers over self-driving cars
Well of course they are. Human drivers kill 35,000 a yaear in the USA.
If robot cars get that down to 20,000, they still will be blamed for killing people.
Meanwhile, the media wil be there, baying for a return to 35,000 because robots are killing so many.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Ankara bombing: Erdogan seeks to widen terrorism definition
Erdogan has taken the opportunity to redefine "terrorism."  
It now means "anyone who disagrees with me."    How ISIS of him

Boris Johnson Channels Hugh Grant To Slam Barack Obama For 'Hypocrisy' 
Lying Boris is channeling Alex Salmond, saying that UK will not lose influence when he knows that this is not true. 
Like Alex, Boris does not care about his country's influence, so long as his own influence is increased.
Labour Member In Anti-Semitic Rant Let Off With A Warning
Sounds like America: anyone who says anything against Israel is an anti-semite. Her remarks are nothing compared to the anti-semitism that Israel inflicts on the Palestinians, who are also semites.
       Her error was tweeting "Jews" throughout, when she meant "Israelis." Had she said Israeli's there would have been nothing anti-semitic about her tweets at all. Still, the definition of bigotry is to apply the negative characteristics of a minority in a group to the entire group. Thus, concatenating all Jews around the world with Israelis and painting all Jews all with the sins of Israel does fit the definition of bigotry.

SNP MP Good Sense Of Humour' Sees Him Post Attack On Sturgeon And His Own Party
Oooh! Someone in the Selfish National Party who is honest?
Sadly, we learn,he is not honest for long.

No. It is NOT okay to criticize women for taking naked selfies. That would be sexist.
It IS okay to criticize a man for taking naked selfies. That would be attemtped rape.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump Even Though The Tycoon Called Him 'Pathological'
Poor Ted Cruz, the Canadian running for US President, shows how little he understands the American political process and what is happening with Trump. He reportedly said to Donnie " "It is not enough to say China bad, Muslims bad........."
    Ted, Ted, Ted: for most Trumpettes "China Bad, Muslim Bad" is about as deep as they can think and any more complex argument just confuses them. If you want to get the nomination Ted, you need to start saying "China Bad, Muslim Bad, Mexican Bad, Arab Bad, Israel Good, Europe Iffy, Tax Cut Good, Deregulation Good, Welfare Bad (except welfare for companies).
      Oh, and if you want campaign funds, you must also say "wealth gap doesn't matter."

Haunting pictures capture London shrouded in dense fog
Oh dear, the problems of getting old. When I was young we called this a "slight haze."
 "Dense Fog" was reserved for when you needed a chain man walking in front of the bus.

BBC Question Time:  Producers Defend Over 'Tory' And 'Brexit' Bias Claims
Oh my. The Selfish National Party was not put front and center? Can't have that can we? 
As we say in Scotland: if you are not one of us, you're against us.

Tory councillor walks free from court after posting 'very stupid' tweet about Sadiq Khan
It was brought to court because you are white and he is not. Had it been he posting the same stupid tweet about you, I gaurentee nothing at all would have happened.

Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated actor challenges the old white dudes
I do like "old white dudes." It has that ageist-racist essence that makes one seem cool and un-PC.
Almost as good as the N word, but requires less courage.

Mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence: Racism still 'quite rife' in Britain
Ya think?
Hey people: racism is genetically coded in every human being.
It takes a lot of software to overcome a hard-wired bais.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Questions to ask the presidential candidates at each debate:
1) What do you see as the three most important issues facing America today?
2) What would you like to see done about these three issues
3) What compromises would you make with the other party in order to get this done?

For those legislative candidates who want to see smaller government:
  So you would be in favor of eliminating the office you are running for?
(But if each state only had one senator, we would save at least 100 million per year. If a congressperson represented around 1.5 million citizens, instead of the current 735,000, we could save at least another 400 million per year:  That is $5 billion off the deficit over the next decade, as Paul Ryan liked to say.)
  So you only are in favor of eliminating someone else's job, but not your own?

The Democratic Debate In Miami Proves That 2016 Comes Down To Immigration
Proves? Proves how? Does the author of this piece know what the word "proves" mean?
      LucĂ­a Quiej bravely wanted to know what the candidates would do to help her and her husband, who think they should only obey laws that are convenient for them and who have no qualms about disobeying any laws they do not like, such as applying for permission to immigrate, paying taxes or having a valid driver's licence to drive.
     Oh, and Ms Quiej seems not to have learned much English although she has been in this country for at least 16 years. That does seem a bit lazy.

'The Sun' Misleads the Nation About the Queen's Views on the EU Referendum
Telling deliberate lies in order to mislead the public?  
Sounds like Alex Salmond and the Selfish National Party during the Scotexit campaign.

Muslim Women Speak Out On English Language Requirements, Integration, And Extremism
Translation: I have no desire to integrate into British society because they once had an empire and the large of proportion of their soldiers were not multilingual. The logic is strong with this one!
                       Lee James Allen · 
Soot on, Lee. Oh, and "Your ancestors behaved badly when they were in my country, so I have the right to behave badly when I come to yours today."

US and Canada promise to lead world to low-carbon economy
"Under the initiative, the US and Canada will work to ratify the Paris agreement as soon as possible..."
Sadly, this will be opposed by the Republicans because it was proposed by the President of the United States of America. (Had it been proposed by a Republican, the Democrats would oppose it.)

Veteran Who Pushed Black Student At Trump Rally Says He's 'Not A Racist'
Had she been white and he pushed her, that would have been rude - perhaps even assault
Had he been black and pushed her, that would have been rude- perhaps even assault
Were he black and she white, it would have been rude, probabale assault, but not racist.
However, because he is white and she is black, anything negative he did to her means he must be a racist. Welcome to modern logic.