Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mr. Castro, tear down these flagpoles
On a recent visit to Havana, some residents told me they were disappointed that Castro has given Obama so much without, in return, getting any concessions on the way that blacks and Hispanics are treated in America.  One can understand why many Cubans are upset about the restoration of diplomatic relations, given that America still denies black people the basic human rights of equality and equal protection under the law. They think Castro is derelict for failing to call for changes in race relations in America.

Gender Pay Gap Battle Is ‘Lost For My Generation Of Women’, MP Jess Phillips Says
Why? Is she paid less than male MPs?
Are the female security, catering and janatorial staff at parliament paid less than men?
Can she name one woman who is paid less for doing the same job as a man of equal seniority?

Raymond Moore, Tournament Director Of BNP Paribas Open, Resigns Over Sexist Comments
As well he should. Like libel in the 16th century: in any negative remark about women, truth exacerbates the offense.
      Of course women's tennis rode in on the coat-trails of men's tennis. Even Billie Jean knows that. It is simply a tactical error to admit it when one is fighting for more money. Of course women are very lucky to get equal prize money, since they are getting more per viewer than the men are, but that should not stop them from trying to keep it. Negotiation is about getting more for your group, not about looking out for some other group - especially one that can look out for themselves quite well, thank you.
     PS: If he said anything sexist, why was it not reported in this article?

Most Americans Think The Senate Should Hold Hearings On The Supreme Court Nominee
Republican legislators, with an eye to their campaign fund donors say: "So What?" 
"Who cares what the American people want, we're talking about my paycheck here."

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