Saturday, 30 April 2016

U.S. Military Investigates And Finds Itself Not Guilty Of War Crimes
"Crime" requires mens rea, or intent at thhe very least, which has not been established beyond reasonable doubt. indeed, mens rea was - on balance of probabilities - absent.

Jeremy Corbyn Launches Plan To Tackle Labour’s Anti-Semitism Storm
"He yesterday denied there was a ‘crisis’ in the party... "
If there is a crisis, it is a totally media-created beat-up one - with Huffpo as part of the howling pack. One asks: why are they taking on Labour only, ignoring the anti-semitism in the Tory and Selfish-National parties?

Ken Livingstone Says Everything He Said About Hitler Was ‘True’
And he is right, everything he said about Hitler is, indeed, a fact. 
However, it is very un-PC to tell uncomfortable truths, especially if they involve "minorities".
PS: The worst anti-semitism today is practiced by the state of Israel against the muslim semites of Palestine.

U.S. Foreign Policy Got In The Way Of Helping Greece, Greek Ex-Official Says
Yeah! Greece needed more of other people's money (having spent all of their own on high living) and the US was woefully at fault for not insisting that other people give it to them.

Bakers Who Discriminated Against Same-Sex Couple Just Won’t Admit Defeat
Pretty silly storm in a teacup. If you don't like someone, don't refuse them just make them a really, really bad cake.  What? that would hurt them more than a refusal, so the refusal actually helped the same-sex couple rather than harmed them?  Oh.  Sorry.  Never mind.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


Expats Living Abroad Denied Vote In European Referendum By High Court
No representation without taxation! If their tax domicile is the UK, they should be allowed to vote. 
If they are non-dom, they should not

Ken Livingstone Branded A ‘Nazi Apologist’ In Angry Confrontation With Labour MP
Ken, Ken. A politician should NEVER tell an uncomfortabe truth. Yes, Hitler was a zionist before the final solution was chosen instead - but it is very un-PC of you to mention this fact.

South African CEO’s ‘Bitch-Switch’ Comment Prompts Firestorm
"Women do have a bitch-switch and, boy, if you see two women fighting, it’s worse than two men having an argument.”
        Ooops! It is nice that he is hiring and pomoting women and building a diverse company, but someone should explain to him that it is very un-PC to tell uncomfortable truths.    If he had said" if you see two men fighting it is worse than when women have an argument," that would be okay and no one would have batted an eye - but it is a thought crime to hold that the opposite might be true.

Military Draft May Soon Include Women
About time.

Trump moves to middle in his speech on 'America First'
Go Donnie! Tell 'em what they want to hear.
If they want to hear something different, you've shown how well you can change your tune.
You and I both know that you won't actually do any of it.

Monday, 25 April 2016


The SNP Borrows Margaret Thatcher Slogan For Election Campaign Billboard
Why is anyone surprised that the Selfish National Party plaigerizes (steals) from others?
Did anyone expect them to do anything else?

Anger As Tory MPs Vote Down Plan To Take 3,000 Child Refugees From Europe
The anger should not be directed at the Tories, who want to take kids from refugee camps in the region; kids with much greater need.
   It should be directed at the miserable excuses for human being who want to use these kids as a political football. The fact that the kids in question have already made safety in Europe (in countries that can take afford to care of them without our help) is deliberately burried, so that they can be used as a partisan bludgeon. Sadly, those wielding the bludgeon do not seem to care about the kids in refugee camps back in the region - in their minds only those who have already made it to safety should count and the hell with the kids in real need.

NUS No Platform Policy Prompts Lively Debate On BBC Victoria Derbyshire Programme
But they are right, aren't they? Like those who watch FOX News, these students wish to be protected from any opinions that they don't agree with. Isn't that the modern way? Both the Taliban and Daesh take the same position.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

MoD Should Face Prosecution When Armed Forces Personnel Are Killed During Training
I take it that is code for "persecution."
Still, it would be an effective way to destroy the military: ensuring bad training and building a culture of timidity.

Bernie Sanders: Tax Cigarettes, But Not Soda
If you think that taxing tobacco will reduce smoking, but taxing employment will not reduce jobs, you could be a Democrat.

Michelle Obama Speaks In Mississippi, Slams Its New Anti-LGBT Law
The middle east is an on-going holocaust, the climate is going to hell, the working and middle classes are subsiding the rich, and our top dogs are worrried about the LBGTRF community and who uses which toilet?

Donald Trump’s Changed Tone Doesn’t Mean Policy Change, Top Aide Says
Oh. There was a policy before? I must have missed that.

Islamic State Mass Yazidi Graves Unearthed In Iraq
This is because Daesh are moharebeh and koufar: they are apostates - non-believing enemies of Allah.

Eamonn Holmes Criticised By ‘This Morning’ Viewers Over Prince Comments
Of course he shoulld be criticised: it is not permitted to have an opinion that disagrees with the herd.

Widowed former Pennsylvania senator will remarry at 90, this time to a man
If it were a girl, we would say "old fool" and "gold digger" but I suppose we cannot say this here, as it would seen as an attack on the sacred LBGTRF community.

No nomination for Donald Trump if he falls short of delegate majority
What? Outrageous! Just because a majority of Republicans have voted against him in the primaries, they want to have an actual ballot at the conventiion? How is that fair? Shouuldn't he just be given the nomination becaue he is one of the 1% and hence entitled?

Friday, 22 April 2016


Obama Says Brexit Would Put UK At ‘Back Of The Queue’ For Trade Deal
What! Does he mean that the US will act in its own best interest?
How dare they!
Why don't they just act in the interest of my opinions?

Trump surrogates say GOP front-runner 'projecting an image' during primaries
That is one definition of a populist politician: one who lies to the would-be voters - telling them whatever they want to hear in order to get their votes. Once elected, the populist simply ignores any promises made. The difficulty is trying to determine what the real agenda of the populist is. As Donnie is one of the 1%, I suspect his agenda will be to continue to stack the deck in favour of the rich at the expense of the middle and working classes.

Boris Johnson Accused Of ‘Racism’ For Calling Obama A ‘Part-Kenyan President’
So this half American half Turkish petty aristocrat is offended by Obama's lowly origins? What an ofay honky thing to say.    PS: "Kenyan" is not a race.

NUS President-Elect Malia Bouattia Disaffiliation Threat 
Did the NUS White Students' Officer also stand for the election? Or just the NUS Black Students' Officer?

What The Government Announced While The Focus Was On The Queen
This is clearly the government's fault because they know that journalists can't both walk and chew gum at the same time. If the herd is stampeding to focus on story A, then story B gets ignored. Once the pack get around to story B they have to be able to blame somone else for their failure to cover it earlier.

LOUD & PROUD: Rufus Wainwright
I Don't mind the Proud part, but i could do without the Loud. The most self-obsessed people on the planet, the LBGTRF crowd will just not stop gibbering on about themselves ad nauseum. And it is not as if they had anything original to say: mostly it seems to be just me, I, my, and mine.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Additional 3,000 Child Refugees To Be Brought To The UK, But No ‘Kindertransport’
"...critics warned it will do nothing for thousands of displaced children already in Europe."
        The government has been very clear from the outset: the UK will accept displaced children directly from refugee camps in the affected region.
        It is Labour that is deliberately trying to "muddy the debate;" implying that the UK has any responsibility for displaced children to whom other European countries have already granted refugee or asylum status

Maine Gov. Paul LePage To Heroin Addicts: Drop Dead
Think of it as evolution in action.

Immigration Detainees Begin Hunger Strike At Georgia Center
Send them home tomorrow.
Then they can make afree choice whether to eat or not.
Of course, this is difficult, since this sis what they asked for too.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Bernie Won't Back Down Despite New York Drubbing

Ain't ego a wonderful thang?

Tesla Suddenly Has A Huge New Competitor
Beware any company who gives you something "free of charge."
They may have other motives.

Populism Was The Real Winner On Tuesday Night
YES! To heck with whatever might be good for the country or for humanity, populism says let's vote for whatever is popular. Can it be done? Will it help or hurt us? Who cares, it's popular!

Ben Carson Hates To See Genocidal Slave Owner Andrew Jackson Replaced On The $20 Bill
Especially if Jackson to be replaced by a piker.
Tubman, as a Union spy, only killed people piecemeal, not in large quantities.

YOU’RE OUT! ESPN Fires Curt Schilling Over Anti-Transgender Rant
Too right, fire him! How dare he hold an opinion I disagree with!

Media Goes Gaga After Trump Takes A Night Off From Jackassery
Well of course they do. The media, Huffpo included, have given him far more mintues/column inches than ANY other candidate. Why? Because he spouts the same kind of hatred of humantity that they do - always looking for someone to say something nasty about.

Life Expectancy Drops For White Women, Increases For Black Men
Are we meant to be pleased that the gender and race gaps are reducing?

Bernie Ecclestone's 'Sexist' Put-Down Just Managed To Offend Women Everywhere
“Women are more competent, and they don’t have massive egos.  The 85-year-old’s remark immediately prompted fierce criticism."
Yes, I can see how that sexist remark would be offensive.

"Prince William Tells Critics He Performs Enough Royal Duties"
Uppity little slave, isn't he?

ESPN’s Curt Schilling Goes On Anti-Transgender RantA trans-intellectual, he identifies with a different intelligence than the one he was born with.

NUS National Conference Hears Arguments Against Commemorating Holocaust
To which Holocaust are they referring?
One of the big ones, one the small ones or the middle-sized one in Germany from 39-45?

Monday, 18 April 2016

Iain Duncan Smith Tells President Obama To Get US To Join The EU If He Likes It So Much
Yeah, IDS!
The reasons for Scotland and Wales leaving the UK are identical with those for the UK leaving Europe. Why can't Obama see this? Does he HAVE to comment on Brexit from his own country's interest in the relationship with the UK? Why can't he speak from a political view that suits IDS?

In The Calais Jungle, Even Those Granted Passage To Britain Take Matters Into Their own hands
Disgusting! Why are the French not doing something to help these children?
Why do they keep them in the "jungle."
Why do they keep anyoone in the "jungle?"

Pearl Jam Cancels North Carolina Shows Over Transgender Law
Pearl Who?   And what is it that theythink the word "sacrifice" means?

It May Be More Than A Decade Before We See A Woman On A Bill
No! No! Who has that kind of attention span?
If it doesn't happen by tomorrow it doesn't count.

I think the media are confusing us with people who actually give a shit about internal campaign issues

Cops Are Still Killing People, But The Nation Has Stopped Paying Attention
US Cops have always killed more whites than blacks, but no one has ever paid any attention to that.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Kerry hits back at Trump's torture talk
Sorry John, you apparently think that people who have never served in the military understand military logic. 40% of America WANTS to sink to the levels of its adversaries and do not care if that means that American soldiers and civilians are tortured in return. If those guys do it, we should do it too - and to hell with American values, we never believed in American values anyway.

Harvard Alum Says Allowing Women Into Elite Club Could Lead To More Rape
Yeah! Especially if they don't cover their hair

Congressman Wants A ‘National Day Of Reason’ As Atheist Alternative To Day Of Prayer
Sorry Mike, only about 10% would understand what a "day of reason" meanes.

David Cameron Employing More Staff For Benefits Crackdown Than Collecting Tax
Yeah! Because theft (blodging) is much worse if rich people do it than if poor people do it. 
Poor people should be allowed to steal rather than work. Rich people should not

Celebrity Threesome Campaign Very Different From How Press Treated John Whittingdale 
Yeah! How dare they prefer one bit of salacious gossip over another?
Isn't their job to try and bring down everyone we know or might know?

John Whittingdale, Culture Secretary, Admits To Relationship With Sex Worker
"I think it is a bit much to castigate the newspapers for doing the right thing for once.”
    One should ALWAYS castigate the media for doing the right thing. 
    Their job is to tear our country and our politicians down, not to treat them fairly. 
    They should report EVERY male that ever had a relationship with a sex worker.

John Whittingdale Escort Story Leads To Extraordinary Today Show Clash
Good for the BBC, standing up for our right to know salacious gossip and our right to have our representatives' good name trashed for no good reason beyond selling advertising.

John Cleese Tweets His Rage Over John Whittingdale Escort Story ‘Cover Up
"...was not a minister at the time of the relationship, and was not aware the woman was a sex worker. Cleese appears adamant this is clear sign of a cover-up"
Well, yes, I can see how not being a minister and being unaware clearly means there is a cover-up. Can't you?

This Program Is Giving Inmates An Ivy League Education
What? How dare they?
Prisons exist to punish people for revenge, NOT for rehabilitation.
It is more important that prisoners suffer than that they become productive members of society.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sadiq Khan: Goldsmith’s Divisive Campaign Is Putting Muslims Off Taking Part In Politics
Oh boy, playing the Muslim card already? 
If he doesn't win, I'll bet he'll sue for discrimination.

Channel 4’s Dispatches Shows PIP Assessor Mocking Disabled People As ‘Fat’
Horrors! One should not tell the truth about blodgers; it not only offends them, it may make people wonder why we should give them our money to live on without contributing.

Climate Change Is Literally Causing Earth’s Poles To ShiftOh help, help! The pole has never shifted before, what will we do, will the sky fall? What? The poles shift all the time and have always done since the earth began? Oh. Sorry. Never mind.
    Why should we panic about this? Because our panic helps Huffpo sell advertising. Is that good for society or the truth? Who cares? W'e're selling adverts here!

See Where Women Have The Most And Least Political Representation In The U.S.
So, the main thesis is that women can only be repesented by women and (presumably) men only by men?   By extension, the number of blacks, hispanics, germanics, francophones, etc should also equal their porportion of the general population in the state?

Friday, 8 April 2016

In France, It's Now A Crime To Pay For Sex
But only cash, not kind. (You can still buy him or her dinner and a movie.)

Bill Clinton Spars With Black Lives Matter Heckler
It is always difficult to take on a racist movement

Free People Accused Of ‘Disgusting Cultural Appropriation’ Absolutely.It is time to stop ALL cultural appropriation. 
No more pajamas, unless they are made by Urdus. 
No more panchos, unless they are made by Peruvians. 
No more pizzas, unless they are made by Italians. 
No more hamburgers or frankfurters, unless made by Germans. 
No more bue jeans unless they are made by Americans. 
No more math, unless taught by Greeks. 
No more reading and writing, unless taught by Mesoptamians.

David Cameron Admits He Did Own A Stake In Father’s Offshore Trust
Did he "confess" to doing anything else that was perfectly legal?
Was there any other income that he paid all UK taxes on?

Puerto Rico Activists Crash Federal Reserve Panel With Creative Protest
In looking for a bailout, they sound like Greece: 
"Give us more of other people's money so we can blow it on our currrent lifestyle again."

Senior Afghan Taliban proposes US talks
Why would western countries want to talk with these koufar mohareb? 
They are apostates and enemies of Allah.

'I was fined £20 on train for writing a birthday card in first class carriage'
Outrageous! People should not have to pay for things they use. 
The entitlement generation should be able to just take things without paying for them. Shouldn't they?
He was NOT fired for his faith.  
He was fired for trying to sell his faith when he was on the job.  
Most people would not want to be proseletysed at the barrel of a gun

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Wisconsin Elects A Supreme Court Justice Who Once Mocked ‘Queers’ Who Get AIDSSeveral other justiices have been elected who once believed in Santa Claus

Mexican Nationals Say They Were Deported Without Their IDs, Money And Possessions
Gosh, You mean breaking the law has negative consequences? Whodda thunk it? 
Shouldn't people who break the law be allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains?

Tennessee Legislature Resurrects Discriminatory Transgender Bathroom Bill
Oh no! You mean transgender people will be treated just as everyone else is treated? How discriminatory! The only possible non-discriminatory path is to treat them as if they were special and give them privileges that no one else gets.
     Still, that is the entitlement generation: veryone should bend over backwards to accomodate me and I should not have to do ANYTHING to accomodate others.

David Cameron’s Dad ‘Utterly Disgusting’, Says Labour MP Jess Phillips
Jess Phillips is "utterly disgusting" whether or not she pays the tax man more money than the law requires her to pay. She takes cheap politiclal shots without examining either the facts or her own party's actons.

Janet Jackson Postpones Unbreakable Tour To Plan Her Family
She is planning her parenthood? Won't the US legislature vote to defund her?

Monday, 4 April 2016

Why is doping in sport becoming too common?
Because they have ALWAYS used performance-enchancing drugs, since sports began.
At professional level some 25% of players, regardless of the sport, play hurt.
Injured players tape up and take a pain-reliever.
The pain-reliever allows them to perform better than they could without it.
This is considered acceptable by all bodies that regulate sports
Still wonder why sportsters see the phrase "performance enhanciing drugs" as a hypocritical joke?

Supreme Court Deals A Blow To Conservatives In Major Voting Rights Case
"State legislators should be responsive to the concerns of all of their constituents, not just those who can vote."    Dream on: National legislators do not even feel the need to represent constituents from other political parties, much less non-citizens, felons or kids too young to vote. 
      Justice Scalia, a strict constructionist, would have laughed the appellants out of the court. He would have argued that "whole number of persons" meant "whole number of persons" and not "the number of persons who meet certain ctiteria."

There's Going To Be An Inquiry Into The Chilcot Inquiry Process
Well done, Sir Humphrey.

Trump And Cruz Find Common Ground — Kasich Should Go
The reason no one cares is that Kasich only seems sane by comparison to the whack jobs. 
Anyone who looks at his website closely knows he is still a very scary dude. 
Whatever happens, the media have already decided to give him no coverage.

So - Go, Stay: irrelevant.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Greece Demands IMF Explain ‘Disaster’ Remarks In Explosive Leak
Oh dear. Some IMF people were caught telling the truth about Greece.
Can't have that. Honesty just gets in the way of negotiations. AND, 
they should not being plotting how to make Greece keep its word.

Jeremy Corbyn Letting Labour Members ‘Get Away’ With Being Anti-Semitic
And Jews are not the only semites that some Labour party members harbour hostility for.

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘May Be Banned From Indonesia Over Palm Oil Comments
Indonesia sounds like a modern University: ban anyone who disagrees with you from coming to campus.

Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale Praised For Coming Out In Interview
Dugdale said: “I have a female partner. I don’t talk about it very much.."
And we are extremely grateful. People who talk about their sexuality when it is not relevant to their role at the time are self-obsessed over-sharers. We wish they would, occasionally, just shut up.
PS: Would she be "praised" if she "came out" as hetero-sexual?

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