Thursday, 7 April 2016

Wisconsin Elects A Supreme Court Justice Who Once Mocked ‘Queers’ Who Get AIDSSeveral other justiices have been elected who once believed in Santa Claus

Mexican Nationals Say They Were Deported Without Their IDs, Money And Possessions
Gosh, You mean breaking the law has negative consequences? Whodda thunk it? 
Shouldn't people who break the law be allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains?

Tennessee Legislature Resurrects Discriminatory Transgender Bathroom Bill
Oh no! You mean transgender people will be treated just as everyone else is treated? How discriminatory! The only possible non-discriminatory path is to treat them as if they were special and give them privileges that no one else gets.
     Still, that is the entitlement generation: veryone should bend over backwards to accomodate me and I should not have to do ANYTHING to accomodate others.

David Cameron’s Dad ‘Utterly Disgusting’, Says Labour MP Jess Phillips
Jess Phillips is "utterly disgusting" whether or not she pays the tax man more money than the law requires her to pay. She takes cheap politiclal shots without examining either the facts or her own party's actons.

Janet Jackson Postpones Unbreakable Tour To Plan Her Family
She is planning her parenthood? Won't the US legislature vote to defund her?

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