Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tory MP  Steps Down ‘After Saying Homosexuality Was Wrong And Bad For Society’
As well he should step down. Holding any opinion that goes against the mainstream should be a sackable offense. Our country has no room for people who thinking differently than we do.

Three children, 19 years in the US, no criminal record: Meet the man still deported
"The Trump administration has launched an unprecedented attack on the American idea that we should welcome immigrants...."
       No, it has not. The American idea was, is, and will hopefully remain, that we welcome immigrants who apply openly and honestly to come live with us and obey our laws. 
      The American ideal was never to welcome people who thought they did not have to obey our laws but could simply do whatever they felt was convenient at the time.
      Sneaks and cheats are not all that welcome anywhere

Oxford University Apologises After Being Accused Of Calling People With Autism ‘Racist’ People are starving, being deprived of liberty, being killed in multiple conflicts around the world and this is the kind of thing that draws our attention. Aren't we incredibly lucky and incredibly selfish?

Friday, 28 April 2017

Trump Tax Plan Would Shift Trillions From U.S. Coffers to the Richest
And it is practically a fait accompli, since all congress critters who will vote on the plan are the rich who will benefit most from it.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Labour’s Dawn Butler Says Election Is A Tory Plot To ‘Rig Democracy’
A thoroughly modern woman!  
She thinks any election that her own group does not win is rigged.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

U.S. Carl Vinson Carrier Wasn’t on Way to North Korea
Scary thing is: Kim Wrong-un is watching via satellite as the US "armada" runs in the opposite direction and thinks: "This guy is a buffoon and as scared of me as all the west are.  We can do whatever we like.  Trump is just another toothless wonder who doesn't know how to bluff well.

Labour’s Phillips Says ‘Snap’ General Election Shows Westminster Doesn’t Understand People
Of course she is right. Westminster doesn't understand that people want to be TOLD what to do. 
They don't want to have to think or make choices. 
That's too hard.

Monday, 17 April 2017


Teachers Threaten To Boycott Primary School Tests Over ‘Pressure’ Concerns
Seems to me that the teachers are largely at fault for not defusing the stress. In my youth we took standardized tests. The sole preparations were some dummy questions the afternoon before so we knew how to mark the sheets properly. We were then told to go home and get a good night's sleep. On the morning just before the test was handed out, we were told: do you best, but rember it is only a test.      Furthermore, if only 47% meet the standard reading, writing and math levels for their age group, they are not getting quality teaching. For 47% of 11-year-olds to be below 11-year-old level is shocking. Is the proposed boycott really about the students or about teachers covering up their own failings?

Britain Set To Lose EU Banking And Medicine Agencies ‘Within Weeks’
What? You mean just because a country no longer supports and participates in a treaty organization, that is supposed to be a reason to move operations to a country where its treaty members and support are? How is that fair?       Shouldn't the EU be forced to move MORE of their institutions to the UK in recognition to the damage we have done to ourselves with Brexit?  Shouldn't the EU be required to subsidize any and all members who leave them?

Thursday, 13 April 2017

United Airlines Passenger Suffered Broken Teeth, Nose And Concussion
What would a charter have cost to fly their four crew members from Chicago to Louisville? $4k (even $6k) would have been a LOT cheaper than this action.

Jeremy Corbyn Responsible For Most Of Labour’s Popularity
She is probably correct. Labour under Corbyn is so intellectually bankrupt that their very meager 25% is mostly due to Momentum, the comunists, Marxists and socialist worker factions. Still, if they got rid of that shower, including Corbyn and Abbott, they probably could rise to 33%.

Trump says Russia relations may be at ‘all-time low,’
In Donnie, Putin is finding the key problem with American politicians: They just don't stay bought..

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Scotland Would Be ‘Most Welcome’ As Full EU Member, 50 MEPs Say
I can already hear the whining: how dare these Eurocogs try to break up the United Kingdom? 
Just because we are trying to break up the EU is no reason for them to do the same to us!
   (PS: the other 701 MEPs were silent.)

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Syria Strike Puts U.S. Relationship With Russia at Risk
Putin is saying: "This is not why we got you elected, Don." Trump is saying: "You weren't hurt and it makes me look independent, Vlad. You gotta learn how to sell the sizzle"

Scotland could leave the UK, and join Canada instead
That would simply be racism: Scots saying they want to be subservient, just not to the British.
As a sponging nation, receiving more government funds than they pay in, Canada would not want them.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Gingrich: Six ways Congress can make room for tax cuts that will create more jobs
1. Fiddle the books to make it look like we did more than we did, Obama less (yawn)
2. Sell unneeded stuff (Great idea!)
3. Cut fraud (Good idea, as most is committed by business)
4, Encourage economic growth (good idea, but let's see it before we spend it)
5) Cut taxes that yield growth (good idea - make all cuts flat $ amounts, not a %)
         (This generates the maximum boost to our economy economy per $ cut)
6) Increase tariffs (Bad idea when trade unions proposed it, still a bad idea today)

Conservative Split Over Import Tax
Tariffs have been the holy grail of the trades-unions movement for decades now. To date, both Republicans and Democrats have realized this was a bad idea and refused to give them what they wanted. Looks like the lefties have now gotten some Republicans to back them

Good choice. "Amash" is a foreign-sounding name so he will be easier to unseat.
Two things America cannot afford right now are an Independent Judiciary and and Independent Legislative branch. There is only room for one opinion in America today and the sooner the other two branches or government realize this, the less likely a putcsh will be.

Google Reveals It Paid Over £30 Million In UK Corporation Tax In 2016
What! How dare this company pay all the tax that UK laws ask it to, laws written by our parliament?Shouldn't they voluntarily pay more than they owe, just as we all do when we file our returns?

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