Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tory MP  Steps Down ‘After Saying Homosexuality Was Wrong And Bad For Society’
As well he should step down. Holding any opinion that goes against the mainstream should be a sackable offense. Our country has no room for people who thinking differently than we do.

Three children, 19 years in the US, no criminal record: Meet the man still deported
"The Trump administration has launched an unprecedented attack on the American idea that we should welcome immigrants...."
       No, it has not. The American idea was, is, and will hopefully remain, that we welcome immigrants who apply openly and honestly to come live with us and obey our laws. 
      The American ideal was never to welcome people who thought they did not have to obey our laws but could simply do whatever they felt was convenient at the time.
      Sneaks and cheats are not all that welcome anywhere

Oxford University Apologises After Being Accused Of Calling People With Autism ‘Racist’ People are starving, being deprived of liberty, being killed in multiple conflicts around the world and this is the kind of thing that draws our attention. Aren't we incredibly lucky and incredibly selfish?

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