Friday, 10 September 2010

Colonel fired for his sniping will not go quietly
"Throughout my career I have walked a fine line between good taste and unemployment," 
Never actually reaching either, we see.

Lobbyists Rush To Hire Republicans Ahead Of Midterms
Warning to lobbyists: Retroblican representatives are like Dumbocrat representative: they don't stay bought.
Prince Charles 'baffled' by climate change sceptics
People of one faith are often "baffled" by the beliefs of a  different faith.

  • No pupils turn up for first day at school "The county council's policy is to support small rural schools and we will be offering guidance to the governing body."
          Yes, I mean a simple lack of any pupils is no reason to stop the gravy train and cut off all those bureaucrats' reason for having a job. Perhaps we could transfer 40 or 50 really bad teachers there, so their union couldn't say they were fired. Even if they argued constructive dismissal and got the employment tribunal to mandate a payout, we'd be better off.
  •     This is a tough call, single the single example cited is of the children of a criminal (Ssentongo) who violated the law quite deliberately.
    Would it be better to remove these kids from their parents and put them into care?  I don't think so.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

“Sorry, Jeffrey, you are living in the past. With camera phones, anything you say or do in any public place is now, potentially, in the public domain forever.
If you don't want it coming back to bite you in future, don't say or do it.”

Would they have violently demonstrated if the knife-wielding perp was a gringo and the cop an Hispanic? If not, this demonstration sounds like a racially motivated hate crime.”

  • Depends on what one thinks the purpose is. If the purpose is to take money from Peter and give it to Paul, while letting bureaucrats skim off a significant percentage for their own pockets - then it is working pretty well.

    How is this for a response: you said that I owed X pounds in tax, now you say I owe Y pounds. Clearly one of these statements is untrue. Sounds like fraud to me. If not fraud, certainly gross negligence, violating their duty of care to the taxpayer.
  • That's a step in the right direction then. No press outlet should be allowed to report on the private lives of celebrities unless the private lives of editors and reporters are given equal coverage.
  • "I am heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from American religious leaders of all faiths,"

    Would that we had equal outpourings of horror and condemnation from the religious leaders of Islam for the burning of people by the Taliban and other jihadis.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Speaking in Yellow: The Crisis in Our Politics
What is evil about this is that the journalists and politicians using yellow tactics KNOW that they are damaging our society and our country, but just do not care. As long as they can advance their own personal careers or line their pockets, they are happy to see America burn.
Sally Bercow attacks William Hague's 'duff PR advice'
Oh good, the Independent has an "attack" to report.
How does casting the world in this way help your readers, our society or the country?
Your world view is sad and sick.
Glenn Beck Admits Lying: 'I Thought It Would Be A Little Easier'
Okay, the guy exaggerates a little - entertainers do that. All. the. time.
In fact, exaggeration and contra-factual stories are the essence of an entertainer's repertoire
That this entertainer's audience is dumb enough to accept his word as gospel is their problem, not his.
Pakistan Taliban Claim Suicide Bombing Killing 43 Shiite Muslims
Taliban: "Shiites are also our target because they too are our enemies"
Hundreds of thousands of Shiites have been flooded out and are destitute - Oh goody!
Tell us where the refugee camps are so we can blow them up too.
Let us drill – or we may not have cash to pay Gulf claims
Right. Like a mob baying for a lynching or the public demanding longer prison sentences: America does not want justice or rehabilitation, it wants revenge.
If science has not actually killed God, it has rendered Him unrecognisable
"there are still millions of people who do believe in the literal truth of Genesis, Noah's Ark and all."
It should be everyone's mission to educate these poor misfortunates, but then 18% of Americans believe Obama is a muslim, so education may not help. 

It seems a simple choice, you can have a personal god who cares about humanity but didn't create the universe, or you can have a creator that is not a personal god who cares about you. Can't have your cake and eat it too.
Snap! Why public figures are continually getting caught out by Steve Back
Taking the snaps - and showing them around parliament and whitehall - is an excellent public service. Publishing them when they interfere with secret operations in the national interest, is an evil treason.

Well, we might rephrase this:  "In a strong [self-serving] attack, [designed to advance his career and his party but devoid of any positive suggestion that might actually help women] the shadow Home Secretary Alan Johnson said...."

Unless, of course, Alan actually thinks that only men should bear the brunt of cuts and women should be exempt from any pain as the national debt is addressed..
Traumatized Passenger, Sues American Airlines
So if I get the shoot scared out of me by a near miss on the turnpike when there is a pile up - in which I am not hurt but am traumatised - who do I sue: the state, the private toll company or the other drivers?   And I do I sue the driver of the car in which I was a passenger, or thank him for overcoming a dangerous situation and preventing me from getting hurt

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Many may disagree, says Blair, but you sense that he doesn't greatly care
Good for him. If one sets being certain that "many do not disagree" as a criterion for action and living, one is a sad sack indeed.

Blair's flawed and self-serving analysis
Thank you, Independent, for your flawed and self-serving leader.
Many may disagree, says Blair, but you sense that he doesn't greatly care
Good for him. If one sets being certain that "many do not disagree" as a criterion for action and living, one is a sad sack indeed.
Survey reveals level of complaints against police
How many complaints were made (or should have been made) by police against members of the public for rudeness, assault or failure of duty?