Sunday, 24 May 2015

Eurovision Song Contest Winner Is Sweden's Mans Zelmerlow,Thanks Eurovision, for a great song for the 21st century: 
   We are the heroes of our time, although we have not done anything heroic
   We are entitled be be heroes, so we should not have to do anything heroic to earn it
   We should be called heroes because we are special and want to be called heroes
   If you don't think we are heroes your are discriminating against us 
   If we are not heroes to you, it doesn't matter because we are heroes to ourselves
   We are heroes in our own lunchtime.

The Guardian view on Labour’s leadership race: words aplenty, arguments scarce
Very honest and apt description of the Guardian's coverage

Greece warns it is set to default on debt repayment loans 
Stupid Europe! Why won't they just pay the Greek's taxes for them?
They clearly do not want to pay their own taxes, so why doesn't Europe just pay up?
          This current Greek government asked for, and was granted loans in good faith. Now they say: stuff good faith, we just wanted your money. You want it back? Well go fish, sucker.
          PS: Where I come from borrowing money and refusing to pay it back is called theft.
Greece - once the cradle of democracy, now the cradle of keleptocracy

Jihadi threat requires move into 'private space' of UK Muslims, says police chief
The anti-Islamic moharebeh of ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Haram people of Nigeria are no different than our own politicians in the way they garner support: spread fear and lies to shake the target's faith in humanity, then present yourself as the answer to these false problems and to a bunch of real problems that everyone feels.
         The only difference is that the overwhelming majority of our politicians are not murdering rapist slave traders.

The middle-class malaise that dare not speak its name
Part of the problem is outmoded terms: class used to be upper, class and working class - defined by birth and occupation. Today it is upper class, middle class and under class - defined by income.
    Upper = top 5%
    Middle = next 75%
    Underclas =Bottom 20%

Labour to push for votes for 16-year-olds in EU referendum
Why do they want to discriminate against 14 and 15 year old people?

Bank of England under pressure to publish planned Brexit risks report
One thing is certain: the media hype about this will ensure that the report is less accurate than it would have been had the bank simply been allowed to get on with it.

Clinton's Benghazi emails 'do not change understanding' of embassy attack
Oh so what, Hilary? 
The e-mails help keep the investigation alive, which was the reason for seeking them. 
After all, the Republican classes of 2016, 2018 and 2020 have an right to use the bodies of murdered Americans to get votes too.

Theresa May's plan to censor TV shows condemned by Tory cabinet colleague
Good for him

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why Progressives Should Back a Brexit
What a great idea!  Make everyone worse off, if it is a chance to punish your enemy.   Okay, the poor will be brutally punished, but the rich will be punished even more so let's go for it. (Nobody cares about the poor anyway.)

Bring back self-defence classes for women – it’s the feminist thing to
     It couldn't hurt. It builds confidence and attitude which are good defenses in their own right, and it is also great exercise.
     But remember the caveat of hand-to-hand combat training: Over the next 6 weeks you will learn enough to get the sh!t kicked out of you in any bar in the UK.

6 reasons why David Cameron's relentless pursuit of fewer immigrants is fundamentally flawed
Aw geez, guys. Stop trying to confuse us with facts when our minds are already made up. 
We don't want more immigrants and we don't care that:
1) they make us better off economically
2) they create more jobs for UK natives
3) they have a better taxes-paid to benefits-consumed ratio than we do

States move to pre-approve groceries that can be bought with food stamps
Big government nanny state at it again.
When will these people learn that government meddling is the problem, not the solution.

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen accuses Ryanair of 'social dumping' 
The airline everyone loves to hate, even though more people fly them every year.

The ten most unequal countries in the developed world
The deck is well and truly stacked: 
Capital is taxed only on profit, not on revenue. 
Labour is taxed on revenue, not on profit.

Friday, 15 May 2015

7 Things You Should Know About The Death Penalty, Even If You Support It

1) We're likely putting innocent people to death. 
That's the best argument for the general case, but not a valid one for Mr Tsarnaev.

2) Death penalty trials are expensive.
Good point - cheaper (although much crueller) to just imprison him for life. Of course, to prevent Mr Tsarnaev radicalizing other prisoners who may later be released, it would need to be life in solitary

3) Executions can be excruciatingly long affairs.   So can the lives of the victims and their families
4) Executions are often botched.                        Not an argument against a specific application: don't botch this one
5) Executions methods often cause physical pain.  So did Mr Tsarnaev's methods
6) Very few countries perform executions.            Very few countries allow LBGTs freedom, so should we stop that too?

Chuka Umunna quits Labour leadership contest due to 'uncomfortable' media attentionYour artcile by HELEN NIANIAS  (Friday 15 May 2015) asks "Was right-wing article about his girlfriend the straw that broke the camel's back?"
      No, it was simply normal predatory media antics that caused this. There will now be a LOT of media space devoted searching Mr Umunna's soul for the reasons he withdrew, but almost none to the media searching their own souls for why their profession tolerates their own despicable behaviour.

New Scotland explained: Could the north of England really break away from Britain?
I love the idea! Speparate into countries by political ideology, which rapidly becoming the new religion: All the Fox News audience to the south and England, all the MSNBC viewers to the north for New Scotland.  Northern Ireland can take the PBS viewers (we'll call it Bangthedish)

Fuel of the future: Research facility in Dresden produces first batch of Audi e-diesel
Two big questions left: what is the cost and what are the emssions profiles of burning e-diesel? The answers determine whether this fuel will ever happen and whether it will do us much good if it does.

School faces backlash after announcing plans to ban girls from wearing skirtsI love the logic: Wear clorthing designed to draw the eye to leg or bosom, then slam those whoose eyes are drawn as one intended.  Shades of the film "Erin Brokovitch".

Do you believe that there is life on other planets?

Statistically, life on other planets is a sure thing. Similarly, intelligent life is certain. What is not certain is whether there is, or ever will be, intelligent life contemporaneous with humans. Intelligent species may be rare and short-lived phenomena.

Still, it is tremendous fun to speculate on - as health of the First Contact genre shows.

Yes, affirmative action policies are racist. They are deliberately designed to be that way. The goal is to have an organization, institution or coprporation that roughly reflects the mix of the general population.

Harvard already offers 21% of its admisssions to Asians, who make up only 5% of the general population. Arguably, Harvards policies are already racist in favour of Asian applicants.

Ultimately, this fight is about what criteria should be used for admission. One can understand Asians wishing to focus on those measures where they do best.

However, it is not in the best interest of Harvard or of our society in general, to be lead by their self-serving argument.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

“Physical activity should be targeted to the same extent as smoking with respect to public health prevention efforts in the elderly,”
A nice idea, but not likely: there is nothing to "ban" so the vindictiveness motive won't fly. Nor is there anyone to "blame" in the case of exercise except the individuals themselves. And everyone knows it is ALWAYS someone else's fault.
      Alas, laws making a behaviour mandatory are less likely to succeed here than they did in the case of smoking
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The latest from the Me-I-My-Mine party, preparing to flounce off to their own little ethnically purer enclave.   Still, it will be a good rehersal of the arguments for those wanting independence from the EU.
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"But nowhere, in signing up for rugged individualism, did I sign up to a world in which lobbying access to ministers was a hereditary perk."
To right! Just because your father or mother was allowed to "lobby" government ministers by sending them letters should be no guarantee that you have a hereditary right to do the same.
All citizens who write to ministers should have their letters published and citizens should not be allowed to "lobby" the government if they come from certain backgrounds. Which backgrounds? Well, royals for one -- and we'll add in others as we think of them.
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The Me-I-My-Mine party at it again:
Manners, what are manners: we dae whit we like.
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It will also have a chilling effect of communication between ministers, politicians and the citizenry: if the Groaniad can force publication of his letters, they can certainly force publication of yours.
    Will this make Britain a worse place to live? Yes
     Does the Guardian Newspaper care that it does ? Nah, not if it helps sell soap flakes.
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Outrageous!   No bank should be allowed to lend to any company I disagree with.
  Let's pass a law to that effect.

Fusion power: Scientists building mini-star to provide electricity of the future
"once known as International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, a name that was dropped because of its potential worrying connotations."

Yes!  Because we ignorati oppose anything with the word 'nuclear' in it. It's like GM food: we don't care how much good it does, or how little harm: it is the name that we are against.