Thursday, 14 May 2015

“Physical activity should be targeted to the same extent as smoking with respect to public health prevention efforts in the elderly,”
A nice idea, but not likely: there is nothing to "ban" so the vindictiveness motive won't fly. Nor is there anyone to "blame" in the case of exercise except the individuals themselves. And everyone knows it is ALWAYS someone else's fault.
      Alas, laws making a behaviour mandatory are less likely to succeed here than they did in the case of smoking
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The latest from the Me-I-My-Mine party, preparing to flounce off to their own little ethnically purer enclave.   Still, it will be a good rehersal of the arguments for those wanting independence from the EU.
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"But nowhere, in signing up for rugged individualism, did I sign up to a world in which lobbying access to ministers was a hereditary perk."
To right! Just because your father or mother was allowed to "lobby" government ministers by sending them letters should be no guarantee that you have a hereditary right to do the same.
All citizens who write to ministers should have their letters published and citizens should not be allowed to "lobby" the government if they come from certain backgrounds. Which backgrounds? Well, royals for one -- and we'll add in others as we think of them.
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The Me-I-My-Mine party at it again:
Manners, what are manners: we dae whit we like.
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It will also have a chilling effect of communication between ministers, politicians and the citizenry: if the Groaniad can force publication of his letters, they can certainly force publication of yours.
    Will this make Britain a worse place to live? Yes
     Does the Guardian Newspaper care that it does ? Nah, not if it helps sell soap flakes.
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Outrageous!   No bank should be allowed to lend to any company I disagree with.
  Let's pass a law to that effect.

Fusion power: Scientists building mini-star to provide electricity of the future
"once known as International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, a name that was dropped because of its potential worrying connotations."

Yes!  Because we ignorati oppose anything with the word 'nuclear' in it. It's like GM food: we don't care how much good it does, or how little harm: it is the name that we are against.

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